Customised Bangle Jewellery

If you have been longing to flaunt customised jewellery from the finest artisans, you might want to look closer at this pair of intricately designed bangles. Clearly the best of both worlds, these dazzling wrist bangle jewellery represent both water and earth elements. Bespoke bangle jewellery created to treasure as heirloom jewellery and passed down to generations. 

Bangle Jewellery Customised Design with Unique Ocean undersea & Natual Floral Garden Creation & Rare Gems Brazil Paraiba, Padparadscha sapphire heirloom jewelry
Brazil Paraiba Ocean Undersea Bangle

Ocean Undersea Bangle Jewellery

Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Bangle, Customised with Ocean Marine Creatures

Adorned with cool blue oceanic elements feature in this white gold bangle. The Brazil Paraiba tourmaline in neon, the starry ornamentation representing the marine fauna and the superb shimmery detailing makes this bangle a bespoke statement piece.

The subtle yellow starfish, the seahorse for good luck, the rare marine coral, the spiral seashell. The Atlantic ocean fish mould these fantastic underwater creatures into a stellar ornament. The luxurious classic bracelet can complement any outfit and occasion. The finesse of this ornament translates this wrist ornament into a fine piece of jewellery. 

Flora Garden Bangle Jewellery

Padparadscha Sapphire Bangle, Customised with Mother Natural Inspiration

This elegant rose gold bangle dotted with precious stones breaks the metal monotone. Resemblance the lotus flower, Padparadscha sapphire is known for its unique colour shade . Sprinkle of rose gold combined with a pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire, this piece of jewellery is one of the finest designs that epitomises creativity and craftsmanship.

The honey bee engraved in golden yellow and the butterfly perched on the graceful lotus flower balance the bold and beautiful elements of the bangle. The rose-gold band, the artistic detailing and the cluster of diamonds elevate the refinement of this creation.

Are you looking for a suitable bangle to accessorise your best friend’s wedding attire, or do you want to gift your beloved versatile fine jewelry? The overwhelming floral detailing in the ornate garden theme is a sure eye-catcher.

Bangle jewellery created with rare unique coloured gemstones Paraiba Tourmaline and Padparadscha Sapphire. Are just one of the many creation by us, it can be designed with modern geometric to art deco inspiration. In additional, personalised design customised with family birthstone bangle makes a unique and sentimental jewellery.

Bangle Jewellery Customised Design with Unique Ocean undersea & Natual Floral Garden Creation & Rare Gems Brazil Paraiba, Padparadscha sapphire heirloom jewelry
Padparadscha Sapphire Garden Bangle

Miligree Yuan Yang Bangle

Exquisite Miligree Yuan Yang Bangle, a true masterpiece that merges the ethereal beauty of Neon Blue Green Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline and the vibrant allure of orange mandarin garnet. This enchanting piece features these captivating gemstones delicately encased in a meticulously crafted filigree design.

The intricate miligree work gracefully embraces each gemstone, forming an intricate tapestry that showcases the utmost attention to detail. Each gem captured in a vintage compass’s timeless embrace, symbolizing a harmonious balance. Prepare to be captivated by the unique fusion of colour, elegance, and historical charm embodied within this extraordinary bangle jewellery.

Customised Bangle Yuan Yang Design with Brazil Paraiba and mandarin garnet

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