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We would like to extend our warmest appreciation to Tatler Jewels & Time for featuring us in their latest issue “The Special Mention: Three unique local jewelers, who have caught our eyes and should catch yours too”. We are honoured to be featured and interviewed by the Expat Living and Her World Brides, on “Design a bespoke ring” and “Customise engagement ring with coloured gemstone”.

Special thanks to all our clients and friends who supported and placed their trust in us!

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All here in GIOIA Fine Jewellery, located in Tanjong Pagar, International Plaza!

We have a wide range of diamond selection, nevertheless if you are looking to custom made an engagement with coloured gemstones or from a heirloom jewellery. Need not be the rarest gemstone or biggest carat diamond ring. The perfect wedding ring just need to be one that suit her most!

Enjoy The Process Here

It is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. The process of custom made jewellery should be stress-free and enjoyable one! WhatsApp us here today!

GIOIA Fine Jewellery featured on thenewpaper, Valentine’s Day Special. Bespoke jewellery and customised wedding engagement ring, are very common these days. Be involved in the process of each jewellery creation, start creating your very own luxury unique piece.

Highlights Customised jewellery bespoke diamond gemstone jadeite in The New Paper

Singapore Jewellery Design Award 2009

“It is a great honour for me to be selected for the Singapore Jewellery Design Award 2009, a good beginning to start my journey as a jewellery designer. I have learnt and gained a lot of confidence while participating in this competition.

I hope to become a successful and famous jewellery designer in the future. Thank you.”

highlights Customised jewellery bespoke diamond gemstone jadeite in Newspaper

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Padparadscha Sapphire Wedding Ring, customised unique design for wedding proposal - Customised Engagement Ring with orangy pink coloured gemstone, padparadscha sapphire | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery.
Padparadscha Sapphire Wedding Ring
If you have a fascination towards owning a jewellery that is rare and beautiful, then you should consider adding this
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Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone
Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands
If you are fond of subtle details and want it to be included in your wedding bands, you may probably
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Mandarin Garnet in a pair customised to Pendant with unique Trilliant shape, customised in a non traditional bespoke setting - bespoke Jewellery | Local Bespoke Jewellery in fine jewellery with coloured gemstone.
Mandarin Garnet Pendant
Coloured gemstones are in vogues these days. You see them a wide range of exclusive shapes and cuts. Trilliant is
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Customised earring with Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone, orangy pink colour gemstone - Customised Gemstone Jewellery | Local Singapore Designer Jeweller in fine jewelry with Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone
Padparadscha Sapphire Earring
If owning one of the rarest gemstones is your deepest desire, then you would not be disappointed by this unique
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Violet Sapphire with halo round brilliant diamonds, coloured gemstone in violet and purplish shade. Unique customised sapphire ring from husband to wife | Local Singapore Jeweller in Customised Jewellery, design from sketch design jeweller - Private Jeweller
Violet Sapphire Halo Diamond
Can you think of any other colour when you hear the word sapphire gemstone? Sapphire and the word blue have
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Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone, rare deep royal blue sapphire gemstone unheated without heat treatment - bespoke Gemstone Jewellery custom set in white gold in half bezel setting | Local Singapore bespoke jewellery in Natural Coloured Gemstone Jewellery
Burma Blue Sapphire Ring
A statement-making ring is all you need to take your accessory game to the next level. If you are looking
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Emerald with
Emerald no oil
Emerald has been a prized jewel of the royal family since ancient time. Gemologists and collectors spend years for sourcing
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Ruby Pendant with Paraiba Diamond customised unique fine jewellery with ruby gemstone for pendant, earring, engagement ring for proposal | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in fine jewellery with ruby and paraiba tourmaline gemstone
Ruby Pendant
Flirty, fresh and fun, this exquisite necklace celebrate ones personality with charm. This clever look features a beautifully crafted pendant
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Customised Sapphire Wedding Bands, custom made to your style with unique design. Customised Wedding Bands with Blue Sapphire Gemstone | Local Jewellery in Customised Wedding Jewellery and Wedding Bands
Customised Sapphire Wedding Bands
Wedding bands of the groom and bride do not necessarily be the same to be called a couple ring. We
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