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We would like to extend our warmest appreciation to Tatler Jewels & Time for featuring us in their latest issue “The Special Mention: Three unique local jewelers, who have caught our eyes and should catch yours too”

Special thanks to all our clients and friends who supported and placed their trust in us!

Tatler Top 10 Local Singapore Jeweler | Customised Jeweler - GIOIA Fine Jewellery


GIOIA Fine Jewellery featured on thenewpaper, Valentine’s Day Special. Bespoke jewellery and customised wedding engagement ring, are very common these days. Be involved in the process of each jewellery creation, start creating your very own luxury unique piece.

A Local Trusted Brand

Custom made Jeweller in Tanjong Pagar - Customised Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands with diamonds and coloured gemstones

All right here in GIOIA Fine Jewellery, located in Tanjong Pagar, International Plaza! Featured in The Cleo “Non-Traditional Engagement Ring” and Honeycombers “Where to shop for engagement ring“!

We have a wide range of diamond selection, nevertheless if you are looking to custom made an engagement with coloured gemstones or from a heirloom jewellery. Need not be the rarest gemstone or biggest carat diamond ring. The perfect wedding ring just need to be one that suit her most!

Enjoy The Process Here

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. The process of custom made jewellery should be stress-free and enjoyable one! WhatsApp us here today!

Highlights Customised jewellery bespoke diamond gemstone jadeite in The New Paper

Singapore Jewellery Design Award 2009

“It is a great honour for me to be selected for the Singapore Jewellery Design Award 2009, a good beginning to start my journey as a jewellery designer. I have learnt and gained a lot of confidence while participating in this competition.

I hope to become a successful and famous jewellery designer in the future. Thank you.”


highlights Customised jewellery bespoke diamond gemstone jadeite in Newspaper


Cluster Star Diamond Earring - customised pearl shape diamond earring | Local Singapore Trusted Bespoke Jeweller
Cluster Starburst Diamond Earring
Bored of wearing classic design earrings? Finest-quality diamond, with remarkable brilliance. Cut in pear and marquise shape with perfection to create
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Flora Blue Sapphire Ring - Customised Engagement Ring for wedding proposal | Local Singapore bespoke Jeweller
Flora Blue Sapphire Ring
Every love story is unique, get on one knee with a romantic design that is not available elsewhere. Pop the
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Unheated Tanzanite studded with round brilliant diamonds in 18k (750) white gold. The diamonds invites focus on the intriguing colour of
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Reddish Orange Spinel Engagement Ring - Customised Engagement Ring with spinel coloured gemstone | Local Trusted custom made Jeweller
Spinel Engagement Ring
Congratulation to Aaron & Gloria! Wishes you both a blissful marriage and everlasting love. Thanks for having us part of your
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custom made pink sapphire gemstone as gift - customised ring jewellery | Local Singapore Trusted Custom made Jeweller
Pink Sapphire Gift
Customised Pink Sapphire Ring  Shared prong on five round brilliant pink sapphire, custom set in 18k (750) white gold. Surprise
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custom made wedding engagement ring with blue sapphire and pearls. Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweller
Sapphire Pearl Wedding Ring
Congratulation to Yasin and Blessilda, a blissful marriage and everlasting love. Best wishes from Singapore to Brunei. Thank you for having
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Blue Sapphire Diamond Wedding Ring - Custom made Wedding Ring | Local Singapore Custom made Jeweller
Sapphire Wedding Ring
Congratulations and warmest wishes for your engagement! We wish both, Benny and Li Shi, lots of love and happiness on
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custom made a personalised pendant in 18k gold with necklace chain | local Singapore custom made jeweller
Personalised Pendant
Timeless and memorable Personalised Jewellery Looking for a personalised gift with sentimental value in them? A personal touch to a
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