The rarest and most valuable, among the sapphire, known as Padparadscha Sapphire. Name after the colour of lotus blossom, an unusual colour between pink and orange. A unique colour tone, of orangy-pink or pinkish-orange gemstone. The exact colour is debatable, as it exhibit different colour shade at certain angle.

Value in Padparadscha Sapphire

Value and price of padparadscha, varies on the size and quality of the gemstone. Inclusions can be easily identified in a padparascha with pastel colour tone. Cloudiness in a padparadscha will look dull in colour and loss in its brilliance. They are commonly heated due to the extremely scarcity from the mines of Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania. Heat enhancement, improve the colour saturation and minimise inclusion in the gemstone. However, do take note that other enhancement to achieve a padparadscha-like colour, such as diffusion treatment with beryllium are not regarded as natural padparadscha.

Padparadscha Jewellery

A combination of both Pink sapphire (Romance and Passionate love) and Orange sapphire (Sunshine and Joy). This exotic gemstone, is popularly custom made to many red carpet fine jewellery worn by celebrities, source by many gemstone collectors and jewellery lovers. Customised an engagement ring with this beautiful gemstone is something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.

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