Natural Leaves wedding bands - unique wedding bands

Unique Wedding Bands

Unique Wedding Bands – Natural Leave

Natural Leaves Inspired Design

Unique Wedding Bands with One of a Kind Design

Is your wedding on the cards? It’s time for you to pamper yourself with a precious pair of unique wedding bands that you can treasure for a lifetime. These uniquely designed natural leaves inspired wedding bands has been perfectly crafted to beautify your hand for any occasion. Crafted with a strong band in unique champagne gold, the wedding band makes a statement of love and eternal bond.

The men’s ring is designed with bold pave lines to give an overall muscular look with leaves details between. This personalised wedding band can be integrated into a matching engagement ring with the main coloured gemstone being featured at its centre.

Unique Natural Flora Wedding Band Singapore
Unique Wedding Bands – Natural Floral

Natural Wedding Bands Design

Unique Wedding Bands with Personalised constellation & Natural Floral

If you admire radiant fine jewelry, you can consider this stunning design of white and champagne gold-hued gold contrast. Designed with fine bluish green tourmaline, imbues an exquisite aura with its subtle colour. The personalised wedding bands, exuding exceptional vibrance, sparkle with a smooth finish.

Natural floral-inspired ladies’ ring customised with gemstones and round brilliance diamond exude brilliance with all the attractive colours. Men’s wedding band was designed with personalised constellation men’s ring, both pieces of jewellery acquire a unique gleam.

The splendid diamonds add incredible flair to the flora ring. In addition, the tourmaline birthstones elevate the elan of this arty jewellery twosome. Our highly-skilled master craftsmen create a memorable piece, making the beautiful ornament perfect to embellish your special occasion. They infuse meticulous craftsmanship and mold minute details into an artistic creation, resulting in chic and modish unique wedding bands.

Unique Wedding Bands Customised with vintage art-deco Filigree Milgrain Natural Leaves detail. Uniquely designed with personalised Gemstone - Wedding Bands SG
Vivid Blue Sapphire with Floral Wedding Bands

The ladies’ wedding band showcases an open-end design that seamlessly nestles alongside the sapphire engagement ring. Delicate leaf-inspired marquise diamonds grace both ends of the band, infusing it with a touch of nature-inspired charm. Carefully arrangement of the round brilliant diamonds enhances the band’s brilliance and sparkle. These fancy diamond shapes combine to create a captivating visual appeal.

Personalised Wedding Bands

Personalised wedding bands are for a lifetime and it is best to invest in a piece of ornament that lasts forever and does not lose its sheen too soon. With a signature ornament, not only will you treasure the moments of exchanging a ring, but also cherish it as a symbol of love and eternity.

Morganite Wedding Bands with Filigree Design unique
Unique Wedding Bands – Morganite Filigree

Morganite Filigree Wedding Bands

Intricate filigree design wedding bands for a lifetime

The filigree works on the wedding bands is representative of fine vintage jewellery and can be passed on as an heirloom piece for generations ahead. The elaborate design dribbles grace in every inch of its lace-like filigree design. Twining your rings with each other can make a piece of perfect complementing jewellery. The wedding band’s nifty and sleek design provides a minimalistic look, allowing you to wear it every day.

Coordinate the unique wedding bands design seamlessly by pairing it with a similar tone and design. Additionally, you can get the same vine-like filigree or opt for a custom design in floral lattice, hearts, or other creative detailing. Furthermore, the design forsakes milgrain beads, allowing the natural design to take center stage and enabling the floral filigree vines to resplendently integrate into the broad and solid band.

Customised unique Wedding Bands with personalised design - floral leaves, vintage art-deco, unique geometric hammer mark handcrafted design.
Teal Sapphire Wedding Ring

Teal Sapphire & Spinel Wedding Rings

Rustic wedding rings design

The teal sapphire solitaire design with a unique handcrafted hammer mark is truly remarkable. A bluish green gemstone adorns the men’s wedding band, which also showcases a similar hammer style. Together, these rustic fashion-style wedding bands create a timeless wedding ring that is both distinctive and elegant.

Overall customised wedding bands is designed with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing fine quality and elegant craftsmanship. It is sure to symbolise the love and commitment shared by the couple, while also serving as a timeless and stunning reminder of their special day.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands with Personalised gemstone and design

Modern Geometric Wedding Bands Design

Classical and modern elements in the extraordinary pieces

Step into a world of distinctive elegance with these unique wedding bands, crafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail.

Both crafted in timeless yellow gold, ladies band designed with a blend of classical and modern elements. Alternating marquise and round brilliance diamonds, each securely cradled in a bezel design, inspired by the engagement ring.

Men’s band featuring irregular brush matt geometric facets. At the heart of this remarkable ring lies a personalised touch, with an exquisite imperial topaz birthstone taking center stage.

How the Process Works?

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you along the process

Couples seeking ways to immortalise their wedding with a coordinating jewelry piece can opt for unique wedding bands that create a stylish ensemble. Does customising wedding bands seem complicated and tedious? Not to worry, at GIOIA we’ll guide you along the process and promised that it’ll be a great experience for both of you. We can strategise the bespoke design process, guide both you and your beloved partner to your ideal design. After finalising the design, the delivery of your exquisite jewellery pieces typically takes around 10-12 weeks.

While waiting, you can anticipate and feel the excitement of witnessing your personalised wedding bands come to life.

Above all, rest assured that we invest additional time in customising your bands to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that perfectly symbolises your love and commitment.

wedding bands customised to flora design with teal spinel

Wedding Rings – Teal Spinel

Wedding Rings customised with teal coloured shade of spinel and flora detailing design for the ladies wedding ring | Exception Craftsmanship Wedding Rings.
Teal Spinel – Floral Wedding Rings

Unique Flora Design

Wedding signify love and fidelity, it is the beginning of an eternal journey for the couple. It is also a sign of a commitment to one another and represents love, honour and faithfulness. Wedding rings are one piece of fine jewelry that you need to have in your life even if you are not a jewellery person.

Who doesn’t desire to own something rare and beautiful, especially for wedding jewellery which symbolises both commitment and love? This pair of wedding rings features a bluish-green spinel gemstone, a unique teal colour shade on each of the band. Having the wedding rings customised to both styles is a unique bond of love. The coloured theme of natural white and white gold imparts a subtle look to the ladies’ ring.

Natural Floral Inspired Design

The overall design creates a natural floral arrangement which is one of a kind. The lovely couple has chosen this unique design as their wedding band. They have surrounded the central teal spinel gem, which matches the men’s ring, with white and gold petals. The tiny, round brilliant diamonds impart a touch of sparkle to this organic natural design. The natural floral inspired design appears like a flora band that the lady would adorn on her finger for a lifetime.   

Customised Wedding Rings

Sophisticated and one of a kind, this uniquely crafted pair of wedding rings are perfect for the modern millennial couple in every sense. This thoughtful design will surely capture a lot of attention from friends and relatives. This compelling design with its regal with its beautiful design would be appreciated and treasured by the couple for years to come. These exuberant rings can be used to mark the new chapter of their journey of love. Timeless and elegant, this pair of unique wedding rings embedded with teal spinel would make a glimmering look and envious eyes around them.

Wedding Rings customised with teal coloured shade of spinel and flora detailing design for the ladies wedding ring | Exception Craftsmanship Wedding Rings.
Flora Inspired Ladies Band
Customised morganite wedding proposal ring with customised wedding bands in natural white gold bands. A pair of uniquely crafted wedding bands, the ring for the bride is perfectly coordinated with wedding band sets designed in white gold. | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in customised wedding engagement ring and wedding bands.

Morganite & Wedding Band

Morganite Wedding Ring

The wedding band sets designed in champagne gold perfectly coordinate with the bride’s morganite ring. The wedding bands is indeed beautifully designed and polished. This wedding ring set serves as a remarkable reminder of the love between the couple. Morganite wedding band set jewellery symbol of a marriage commitment. Each time the couple will glance at their polished bands, their thoughts will certainly turn towards each other. These exquisitely crafted wedding rings in natural white gold will certainly remind each other of the unforgettable moments of their life.

Customised morganite wedding proposal ring with customised wedding bands in natural white gold bands. A pair of uniquely crafted wedding bands, the ring for the bride is perfectly coordinated with wedding band sets designed in white gold. | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in customised wedding engagement ring and wedding bands.
Morganite Wedding Band Set

Classic Champagne Wedding Band

The lovely couple, who chose to customise the design in champagne gold, actively participated in the customisation of these wedding rings. The shade of gold is quite unusual just like their unique love story. People usually opt for white gold or rose gold while customising their wedding rings. However, the champagne gold in the 750 18k exudes a smoothing look overall. The ring designed for the bride is simply radiantly featuring a glamorous gemstone that will allow you to stand out in many ways.

Customised Morganite Wedding Rings

A wedding is a remarkable event in one’s life and it marks the union of two souls. Such a memorable event should be accompanied by a unique wedding ring set that tells a tale of your journey together. It features a brilliant-cut and polished Morganite with defining facets. The cluster birthstone design accented with diamonds on the sides is captivating. Marquise Aquamarine (the birthstone for March), along with round brilliance spinel for August. We designed the proposal ring with both couples’ birthstones to add a personalised touch. The rare shade of the gemstone imparts a luxurious look to the ring designed for the lady. Hence this design is certain to be cherished.

Customised morganite proposal ring with wedding bands in natural white gold or rose gold. Uniquely crafted stackable wedding bands with personalised touch.
Morganite with Cluster Birthstone Proposal Ring

Stackable Design

Customised Wedding bands were designed to stack with the morganite proposal ring. The intricate design required skillful and dedicated craftsmanship. At the same time, Men’s band was inspired by the ladies wedding band with handcrafted filigree vintage detailing.

We finished this impeccable pair of wedding bands with astonishing filigree outlines. Ladies’ band featuring a purplish spinel birthstone, accompanied with round brilliance diamonds. Complementing the morganite ring by stacking both the rings, make these mesmerising wedding rings a statement jewellery.

Morganite proposal ring with wedding bands in natural white or rose gold. Uniquely crafted stackable wedding bands with personalised touch | Singapore Jewelry
Morganite Proposal Ring with Stackable Wedding Bands