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No Oil Emerald – No indication of resin, coat or dyeing presence in the emerald.

Emerald with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, it has durability issue. The dynamic forces in emerald formation underground, frequently results in inclusion and fissures. Small pockets of fluid or other minerals are “trapped” within the emerald as it grows. In fact inclusion can be easily pick up by naked-eye, without microscopic assistance.

It is treated with processes to eliminate the natural inclusions to transform the strength of the gemstone. It enhances the appearance and makes it more durable to use in jewellery. Cedar oil or synthetic oils like “opticon” with the similar refractive index is used to treat the emerald to enhance its clarity. 95% of emerald in the market undergo additional treatment.

Non-oil treated emeralds are extremely hard to come-by in the commercial market. Most emeralds available for sale have undergone some degree of treatment to improve their appearance and marketability.

This unique oil with heat treatment, allow resin or other materials to fill up the internal gap to make them less obvious. Enhancement to emerald range from “None”, “insignificant”, “minor”, “Minor to Moderate”, “Moderate” and “Significant”.

No Oil Emerald – Treatment

Non oil treated emeralds are usually more expensive than their treated counterparts, reflecting their rarity and often superior quality. With no oil and minor emerald, as the rarest of rare.

The Natural of Emerald

Emerald is the precious gemstone that is a part of the beryl family. It is green in colour due to vanadium and chromium presence. The Persian word meaning green gem is one the oldest gemstones discovered. The gemstone embraced by several civilizations like Aztecs, Incas, Romans, etc. allow love to flow freely.

Green Emerald

For a green gemstone to be called as emerald, it must possess a distinct green colour hue that falls into the bluish green or yellowish green colour category. It must also deeply possess a rich emerald colour. A gemstone that possesses light tones or weak saturation should never be called as an emerald but a green beryl. Intense vivid green jade are usually associate with emerald green hue. There are range of different gemstone in green shade, it can be Tsavorite (green garnet), green Tourmaline, or even Paraiba Tourmaline!

Emerald & Tsavorite Green Garnet

Tsavorite green garnet is highly sought after not primarily because of its extreme rarity. Rather because it possesses a colour shade that is exceptionally close to the vivid, vibrant green colour that many people desire in fine quality emerald. This unique quality sets tsavorite apart from other green gemstones and contributes to its desirability in the world of jewelry and gem collecting.

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