Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone
Sapphire Engagement Ring

Extraordinary Blue Sapphire Ring with Cluster Diamonds

This is one of the extraordinary sapphire rings which we have designed that you seldom encounter in retail jewellery stores. We put in extra efforts to customise the design for our beloved clients. This design features an unheated, fine cut unheated blue sapphire gemstone. The gemstone featured in this ring is uniquely cut sapphire with utter precision exercised during polish and ensuring symmetry. It was love at first sight when this gemstone was presented to the couple, we had multiple discussion sessions before finalising the design for their engagement ring. We wanted to make sure that we are working on exactly what the couple had envisioned.

Customised Sapphire Ring

This customised sapphire ring was designed with cluster diamond and detailing on the ring bands to create a sharp look on the sides. We have a knife-edge finished at the tip of the bigger diamond used in the band design. This has rendered the overall band looks truly modern and unique. This sublime unheated blue sapphire ring featuring a velvety sapphire and surrounded by pair of brilliant diamonds truly makes this design gorgeous. This extraordinary sapphire ring is all you need for an unusual wedding proposal and showcasing your unique taste. This sparkling engagement ring is bound to attract a lot of attention while gracing any occasion.    

Heated & Unheated Blue Sapphire

Certainly a tough and challenging task to source unheated blue sapphire. Fine quality sapphires is not common as they are naturally mined. They could be uneven colours with secondary colour shades in the rough. Inclusion in the sapphire is commonly found, from needle-like, crystal to cluster inclusion. The heating process which is a common practice in the gemstone trade helps to even out the colour zoning and remove the unwanted secondary colour.

During the heated, it also helps minimise the larger size of inclusion or even dissolve the smaller ones. However, the heat process does not necessarily improve the sapphire quality and colour. At times the sapphire rough might just remain in its existing condition.

Unheated sapphire by rough they are in good colour condition and minimum inclusion. It does not require any enhanced treatment, which is known as an unheated sapphire. These are cut and polished to facets in their optimum shapes for customised fine jewellery. Similar to this unheated blue sapphire ring, that is considered natural and is definitely a rare piece of precious sapphire gem.

Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone
Wedding Proposal – Unheated Blue Sapphire

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