Minor oil Emerald Colombian origin vivid green shade. Emerald from none oil, insignificant to minor oil quality, custom engagement ring to fine jewelry emerald.
Minor Oil Emerald

Fine Quality Minor Oil Emerald

This bespoke ring features one such rare and exquisite minor oil from Colombian emerald. Its exceptionally bright vivid green hue stands out. We set the emerald gem in 18K (750) white gold to beautifully contrast the gem. The micro-pave diamonds set on the ring band glimmer stunningly.

This minor oil emerald ring design has been chosen by a couple together specifically for it unique Colombian origin too. It is in fact a present from a loving husband to his dearest wife. The warm and innovative design of this gemstone ring is simply spellbinding. Celebrate everlasting emotions with this exceptional Colombian emerald ring. It is truly an elegant representation of the timeless bond of affection and love that bonds two people together.        

If you are planning to mark a special occasion with a piece of bespoke jewellery that represents uniqueness and finest quality, then this exquisite emerald ring is all you need to consider. It is one of the most valuable big gems mined from South America; Colombia.

Colombian Emerald Gems

Prices of Colombian emeralds vary from $1,000 to $15,000 per carat. The value of an emerald is influenced by various parameters such as its origin, carat, colour shade, and the oil treatment it receives.

Bluish-green colour is the most sought after emerald shade. It is also popular for its vivid saturation. Known as Vivid Green with Muzo Green Emerald being the legendary colour shade found in the world renowned Muzo mines.

Oil treatment of emeralds is a common enhancement on emerald gemstone. Emeralds contain natural inclusions or fractures like embedded crystals and veils, which can make them appear opaque or cloudy. Emeralds are oiled for enhancing their overall appearance. Primarily, cedarwood oil is used for filling tiny fissures from the surface to internal inclusion. This process significantly enhances the colour and clarity of the emerald.

Oil Treatment

Usually, high-pressure oil is forced into the emerald based on the degree of filling. Getting quality emeralds that have not undergone any treatment is simply next to impossible. About 98% and above of emeralds available in the market are oil-treated. Small percentage of emeralds are insignificant to minor oil as they have less surface-reaching fissures and natural inclusion.

We at GIOIA Fine Jewellery actively source the finest emeralds available in the world, which undergo minor to no oil treatment.

Minor oil Emerald Colombian origin vivid green shade. Emerald from none oil, insignificant to minor oil quality, custom engagement ring to fine jewelry emerald.
Emerald Ring – Minor Oil

Colombian Emeralds to Zambian Emeralds

Colombian Emeralds: A Legacy of Unparalleled Green

Colombian emeralds are celebrated worldwide for their unmatched quality and the vibrant, fine vivid green colour they exhibit. Sourced from the rich mines of Colombia, including the legendary Muzo mines, these gemstones are the epitome of luxury and elegance in the world of coloured gemstones. The Muzo colour, in particular, is renowned for its exceptionally vivid green shade, making these emeralds highly sought after by collectors and jewellers.

Zambian Emeralds: Deep Green Elegance with Clarity

In contrast, Zambian emeralds offer a unique appeal with their deep green hue and greater clarity. The gemstones from Zambia are known for having fewer inclusions, which enhances their overall appearance. At the same time makes them a preferred choice for those seeking both beauty and durability in their jewellery. The richness of the Zambian emerald’s green has a distinct allure, providing an elegant alternative to its Colombian counterparts.

The Muzo Colour: A Vivid Green Legacy

The Muzo colour stands out as a hallmark of the finest emeralds. This shade of green is not just vivid; it’s imbued with a depth and saturation that seems to capture the very essence of the gemstone. It is this unique colouration that sets Muzo emeralds apart, making them a coveted gem for bespoke, high jewellery pieces.

Choosing Between Colombia and Zambia Emeralds

When selecting an emerald, the choice between Colombian and Zambian origins often comes down to personal preference and the specific qualities one values in a gemstone. Colombian emeralds are prized for their vibrant colour and historical significance. Whereas Zambian emeralds appeal to those looking for a gem with deep green colouration and fewer internal flaws.


Whether your preference leans towards the vivid hues of Colombian emeralds or the clear, deep green of Zambian emerald, both varieties offer their own unique beauty and charm. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we specialise in sourcing and incorporating the finest emeralds into bespoke jewellery pieces. Ensuring that each creation reflects the exquisite natural beauty of these cherished gemstones.

Non Oil Zambian Emerald Gemstone High Jewellery Design
Zambian Emerald Non Oil – High Jewelry

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