Heartfelt congratulation to both Shahrul and Seleena! May everyday be happy and beautiful for the sweet couple. 

This is a proposal ring featuring a yellow sapphire in the centre and a halo of diamonds surrounding the centre gemstone. There is also a yellow diamond embedded with milgrain design; initial of the couple Shahrul and Seleena, on each side of the ring. The 18k (750) white gold surface of the ring enriches the overall look. The design almost resembles a sunflower that blooms during throughout the day.

Customised Halo Diamond

This customised halo ring provides a traditional round shaped diamonds, that was especially sought after in the customisation. Due to the romantic and vintage-inspired look, these pavé gems flare a light as well as draws attention to the yellow diamond. The band acts a point of interest, pulling many eyes on you.

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