Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone

One of the most cherished gemstones by all gem connoisseurs is Paraiba tourmaline. The most charismatic feature of a Paraiba tourmaline is indefinitely its electric hue. It is easy to understand why the gemstone is popular for its vivid colour. The shades comprise of a blend of a mild, light blue and sea green. The shades of Paraiba tourmaline are a reminiscence of the ocean. The wedding engagement ring offers this brilliant gemstone as a stone in focus.

Congratulation to Anh and Andrea on the engagement! Wishing you both a wonderful journey filled with love and happiness.

Customised Wedding Ring

The ring was customised under the supervision of proficient experts in jewellery designing and crafting. It was settled that the ring should be in rose gold, for a tender and gentle appearance. The Paraiba tourmaline is placed in a classic four-prong setting for a refined look. The simplicity of this composition is eye-catching. This wedding ring also features a spinel and a diamond on either side of the Paraiba tourmaline. Parallel to each other, these five stones are conspicuously striking. In essence, this oceanic wedding engagement ring is gloriously timeless.

Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone

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