On the eve of union, there are sweet words, kissing hands, loving eyes. There is ring that couples exchange as a testimony of eternal love. It is crafted with the unique jewels, precious gemstones, which symbolises the marriage to be initiated and become the construction of a whole life. The wedding bands and the stones adorning it become the completion of the couple who wears them. For the ladies ring, diamonds are among the popular choice to create a touch of blink and sparkle in the wedding bands.  

A thousand and one wedding bands are honoured by the offering of different precious gemstone: sapphire, for example, or vivid hot pink spinel. It can be a single gypsy set coloured gemstone, or a mixed of gemstones and round brilliant diamonds.

Customised Wedding Bands

The choice to make for any couple who is about to get married is important. So let’s go to the basics and define the most unmissable wedding band chosen by the couple. Here goes that unique handcrafted wedding bands. We had customised this beautiful pair of rings, which is different from the classic bands. Featuring infinity design as a symbol of love, the bands are composed of precious platinum. The men’s band is embellished in a matt finishing, whereas the ladies band is one side polished and festooned with a strip of diamond setting for an elegant look. Doesn’t it look amazing? So, leave all your worries, come to us, we will customise your wedding rings with intricate detailing by lending it a touch of sophistication.

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