Infinity Wedding Bands

On the eve of union, there are sweet words, kissing hands, loving eyes. There is ring that couples exchange as a testimony of eternal love. It is crafted with the unique jewels, precious gemstones, which symbolises the marriage to be initiated and become the construction of a whole life. The wedding bands and the stones adorning it become the completion of the couple who wears them. For the ladies ring, diamonds are among the popular choice to create a touch of blink and sparkle in the wedding bands.  

A thousand and one wedding bands are honoured by the offering of different precious gemstone: sapphire, for example, or vivid hot pink spinel. It can be a single gypsy set coloured gemstone, or a mixed of gemstones and round brilliant diamonds.

Customised Wedding Bands

The choice to make for any couple who is about to get married is important. So let’s go to the basics and define the most unmissable wedding band chosen by the couple. Here goes that unique handcrafted wedding bands. We had customised this beautiful pair of rings, which is different from the classic bands. Featuring infinity design as a symbol of love, the bands are composed of precious platinum. The men’s band is embellished in a matt finishing, whereas the ladies band is one side polished and festooned with a strip of diamond setting for an elegant look. Doesn’t it look amazing? So, leave all your worries, come to us, we will customise your wedding rings with intricate detailing by lending it a touch of sophistication.

Wedding bands in Platinum, not the usual 18k 750 gold. Custom made Wedding bands

Platinum Wedding Bands

These wedding bands in platinum, are embellished with round brilliant diamonds, and a touch of fine polishing. The ring display elegance and beauty, making them the best choice for many. It features a sparkling row of diamonds which make it more unique and gorgeous. These wedding bands are appealing and eye-catching.

Wedding bands in Platinum, not the usual 18k 750 gold. Custom made Wedding bands

Platinum PT950

Platinum rings are the obvious choice for many, from platinum engagement ring to platinum wedding bands. Not just because of its durability and sheer elegance but also because of its purity especially when compared to its perceived counterpart—”white gold.” The white gold is only 75% gold(maximum gold content with a well balance in strength), Platinum rings, on the other hand, have about 95% purity. The advantages of these are:

Platinum are in silver-white colour, usually with scratches you do not notice the obvious difference in colour shade. As compared to white gold which is pale yellow in colour, when the rhodium plated is off, the yellow shade become visible. Especially on the bottom part of your ring, where its prone to wear and tear.

Platinum does not tarnish, which makes it the perfect metal for a wedding ring which is intended to be worn every day for a lifetime.

Platinum is not only pure and durable, but it is also one of the rarest metals which assures that the value would not be depreciating any time soon, which will probably increase shortly. As compared to 18k (750) white gold, platinum is usually priced at a premium of 20% – 30%, as they are much durable and tougher to work on.

Platinum is more dense as compared to gold ring. You will feel an obvious difference in weight comparing the both metal. Giving you are much solid and heavier feel on your finger. This additional weight contributed to the premium in price too.

Customised Wedding Bands

Could not make up your mind in platinum or white gold ring? In GIOIA, all design of wedding bands is made possible, explore yourself to the wide range of possible designs. It can be a non traditional wedding band, with coloured gemstones or a mixture of gold colour shade, black gold? Custom made your own perfect wedding bands with your story today!