Violet Sapphire with halo round brilliant diamonds, coloured gemstone in violet and purplish shade. Unique customised sapphire ring from husband to wife | Local Singapore Jeweller in Customised Jewellery, design from sketch design jeweller - Private Jeweller

Can you think of any other colour when you hear the word sapphire gemstone? Sapphire and the word blue have become synonymous to each other. Delicate in design, this beautiful sapphire ring features sparkling micropavé diamonds custom set in 18k (750) white gold. The center gemstone is an unheated violet sapphire emanating a significant sparkle and vibrant colour. 

Violet Sapphire

Sapphires are not just available in blue but also in padparadscha, pink and violet shades. This sapphire ring features a lively violet shade. Purple symbolises calm and romance. It is also associated with ambition, nobility and luxury. Elegantly refined, this gemstone ring is complemented by the round brilliant diamonds surrounding it.    

This sultry violet sapphire ring featured in a beautiful halo setting of diamonds, was presented as a gift by a gentleman to his wife. The couple joined the team for a discussion on the designing of the ring which led to the designing of this graceful, gorgeous sapphire ring. Sparkling and rich in colour, this customised ring is a classic example of brilliant craftsmanship. The richly hued gemstone clearly steals the show in this classic, timeless ring design.    

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