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Gemstone Engagement Ring

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

A Fusion of Personalisation & Style by GIOIA Fine Jewellery

In Singapore, gemstone engagement ring customised with unique coloured birthstone redefine tradition. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we’re embracing this shift from the classic solitaire to rings that resonate with personal stories. Our clients increasingly seek bespoke, non-traditional engagement ring, and the cluster gemstone design stands out as a favoured choice. These gemstone rings, customised to symbolise love and commitment, are personalised narratives crafted in exquisite detail. At the same time offering a blend of individuality, meaning, and exceptional style.

Customised Gemstone Engagement Ring Featuring a vivid blue sapphire gem with cluster blue spinel and marquise shaped diamond design. Exceptional Sapphire engagement ring customised unique design.
Sapphire Engagement Ring

Can a Gemstone Ring Be Engagement Ring?

Explore the World of Coloured Gemstones

Why Choose a Gemstone Engagement Ring?
Moving beyond the classic diamond, gemstone rings bring a splash of colour and personal significance to your engagement. Birthstones, in particular, are a profound choice, infusing your ring with layers of meaning and a connection to your personal story.

The Traditional vs The Contemporary Cut
While round-cut diamonds have long been celebrated for their universal appeal, rare precious gemstones often retain a shape closer to their natural form. This unique trait underlines the individuality of each stone. However, in the realm of semi-precious stones like topaz, amethyst, and citrine, exceptional cutting techniques enhance both the appearance and value.

Selecting a Ring That Suits Your Lifestyle
Your engagement ring should resonate with your personal style and daily life. Softer gemstones, such as opal, turquoise, and pearl, require extra care due to their vulnerability to scratches and damage. Conversely, more durable stones like sapphires and rubies withstand daily wear, making them popular choices for gemstone engagement rings.

Understanding Gemstone Certification
A crucial aspect when selecting a gemstone is understanding its certification. This report not only confirms the gem’s authenticity but also reveals any treatments it may have undergone. For some gemstones, you can even trace their geographical origins, adding another layer of intrigue to your choice. Whether it is an international certification or local, an independent gemologist certification is as important than in-house one.

Unique lifetime proposal with customised Purple Spinel Aquamarine Cluster Gemstone Engagement Ring
Purple Spinel Aquamarine Cluster Gemstone Engagement Ring

Embracing the Elegance of Cluster Gemstone Engagement Rings

Budget-Friendly Yet Luxurious
Cluster gemstone engagement rings offer a cost-effective yet stunning alternative to traditional solitaire rings. These designs incorporate multiple smaller gems, delivering a visually striking impact without the steep price tag of a large central stone.

A Symbol of Unity
The essence of a cluster gemstone ring – a harmonious assembly of various stones – beautifully symbolises the union of two souls. Personalising these rings with the birthstones of both partners weaves an intimate narrative into the ring’s design.

Diverse Designs for Every Taste
The versatility of cluster gemstone engagement ring is unmatched. Whether you’re drawn to the romanticism of floral motifs, the sleekness of modern geometric patterns, or the timeless charm of vintage Art Deco styles. These engagement rings cater to an array of preferences, that certainly making them as unique as your love story.

From Engagement to Everyday: The Versatility of Cluster Designs

Beyond engagement rings, gemstone designs are also perfect for wedding bands or everyday wear jewellery. Their adaptability means they can be styled for any occasion, offering a chic and stylish way to wear meaningful gemstones daily.

Unique Natural Flora Wedding Band Singapore customised engagement ring with gemstone
Unique Gemstone Floral Wedding Bands

Creating Your Personalised Gemstone Engagement Ring

Are you intrigued by the idea of a gemstone engagement ring but unsure how to start creating your own? At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, the process of designing your dream gemstone engagement ring for a lifetime proposal is straightforward, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding.

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

The first step in crafting your unique gemstone engagement ring is to schedule an appointment with us. This personal consultation is where your vision begins to take shape. Here, you have the opportunity to share your preferences, from your favourite colours and gemstones to specific design inspirations.

Share Your Ideas and Inspirations

During your consultation, we invite you to share your ideas, whether it’s a particular colour theme, a cherished birthstone, or a unique design concept. Our experienced designers are skilled at translating your thoughts and preferences into tangible design elements, ensuring that your ring reflects your personal story and style.

Guidance from Expert Designers

Our team of designers will guide you through each step of the design process. They’ll help you select the perfect gemstones, choose the ideal setting, and decide on the overall style of your engagement ring. Whether you have a clear vision or are looking for guidance, our designers are there to assist you in making informed decisions.

A Memorable and Fun Experience

Design a gemstone engagement ring with GIOIA is more than just a consultation; it’s an experience. We strive to make the process as memorable and enjoyable as possible. From seeing your ideas come to life to the final reveal of your proposal ring, we ensure that each moment is filled with excitement and anticipation.

Your Dream Ring Comes to Life

Once the design is finalised, our skilled artisans begin the meticulous process of crafting your ring. We take great care in ensuring that every detail is perfected, from the precise placement of each gemstone to the final polish. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that not only symbolises your love but also reflects your individuality and taste.

Begin Your Journey with GIOIA

Embarking on the journey of creating a customised gemstone engagement ring with GIOIA is a step towards owning a piece of engagement jewellery that is truly yours in every sense. Personalised ring reflection of your unique love story, crafted with care and passion. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start the exciting journey of creating your personalised cluster engagement ring.

Gemstone Engagement Ring with padparadscha sapphire designed with twisted diamond ring in champagne gold
Padparadscha Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring
Gemstone Engagement Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline Gem
Customised Wedding Proposal with Six Prongs unheated Sapphire coloured gemstone customised Proposal Ring | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in bespoke wedding jewellery with coloured sapphire gemstone

Customised Sapphire Proposal Ring

Customised Sapphire Proposal Ring with Six Prongs unheated Sapphire coloured gemstone customised Proposal Ring | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in bespoke wedding jewellery with coloured sapphire gemstone
Customised Sapphire Proposal Ring

Essence of Customised Sapphire Proposal Rings

Elegant Simplicity in Design

This uniquely crafted customised sapphire proposal ring featured its minimalist design, standout by its classic solitaire setting. Whether it’s a six-prong or a four-prong arrangement, this solitaire ring gracefully places the sapphire in the limelight. Naturally ensure all attention is drawn to the centre sapphire captivating beauty. The solitaire custom setting is not just about holding the gemstone, it’s about enhancing its presence, making it the undeniable focal point of the jewellery piece.

Exceptionally Rare Unheated Blue Sapphire

The Unparalleled Charm of Blue Sapphire

This narrative brings us to the heart-stirring story of a blue sapphire proposal ring that stands out with its natural, unheated blue sapphire. Set against the backdrop of solid platinum, the proposal ring’s centrepiece is an oval-shaped sapphire that radiates unmatched brilliance. The choice of an unheated sapphire not only ensures the gemstone’s most natural state but also its rarity, setting this solitaire ring apart as a statement piece.

A Symbol of Deep Commitment

Our clients’ engagement story, graced by this exquisite customised sapphire proposal ring, reflects the profound connection and the journey ahead for the couple. Their choice of a customised, elegant six-prong design that tapers to accentuate the sapphire’s allure. The design also speaks volumes of their taste and the thoughtfulness that went into selecting their symbol of love.

Personalised Bands with a Unique Touch

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, customisation bespoke design extends beyond the choice of gemstone or standard ready made design. We look into every possible and finest detail allowing for a creative play with the ring’s band to supporting frame in customised a customised sapphire proposal ring. From the gentle curve of a rounded tapered band to the sharp, contemporary lines of a geometric knife-edge, the possibilities are endless. Adding a personal touch, such as a handcrafted initial, can imbue the ring with sentimental value, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Stacking for Added Brilliance

The beauty of a solitaire sapphire ring lies in its versatility. Designed to complement, it pairs seamlessly with eternity diamond wedding bands, adding layers of brilliance and sparkle. This combination not only elevates the overall aesthetic but also allows for personal expression through wedding jewellery.

Timeless Style in Proposal Ring

A customised sapphire proposal ring is a testament to enduring style. Its understated elegance ensures it remains a cherished piece through the ever-changing tides of fashion, perfectly complementing any outfit.

Spotlight Feature: A Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Ring

Concluding with a highlight on a yellow sapphire solitaire ring, we’re reminded of the symbolic depth such a gemstone holds. Central to the design, the yellow sapphire represents love, commitment, and the strength of the bond between two people, making it an ideal emblem for a proposal.

The Sapphire Gemstone: A Rare Find

In the realm of sapphires, the distinction between heated and unheated is significant. With only a fraction available in its unheated form, such sapphires are treasures of nature. GIOIA Fine Jewellery prides itself on offering a curated selection of these rare gemstones, ensuring that each piece not only tells a story but also embodies a legacy of natural beauty.

Customised Jewellery

In the journey of love, a customised sapphire proposal ring is not just about customised jewellery. It’s a marker of moments, a bearer of memories, and a promise of a future filled with beauty and grace. Whether you’re drawn to the serene blue of a sapphire or the vibrant yellow sapphire that symbolises joy and warmth, the perfect wedding ring awaits to become a part of your love story.

Lavender Violet cushion Spinel, Coloured Gemstone customised with halo round brilliant diamond Ring Customised Jeweller - Singapore | Local Jewellery in bespoke customization fine jewellery with coloured gemstone

Lavender Violet Spinel Ring

Lavender Violet cushion Spinel, Coloured Gemstone customised with halo round brilliant diamond Ring Customised Jeweller - Singapore | Local Jewellery in bespoke customization fine jewellery with coloured gemstone
Lavender Violet Spinel Ring

Lavender Violet Spinel

Featuring a lavender violet spinel ring not only for its unique hue but also in the sophisticated charm it brings to any ensemble. Unlike the fiery vibrance of Mahenge Spinel in hot pink or red, Lavender Spinel offers a more subdued elegance. Its colour, softer and more subtle than the intense shades of grey spinel. At the same time exudes an energy and mindfulness that make it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

The versatility of lavender spinel’s colour palette ensures it pairs seamlessly with a wide range of outfits. Perfect as an enhancing gemstone engagement ring and also complementing your personal style. Allowing your jewellery to speak for your unique personality with this bespoke gemstone jewellery.

Halo Diamond Ring Design

Central to the design of this lavender violet spinel ring is the customised setting, dedicatedly designed halo of micro-pavé diamonds. This setting not only accentuates the central lavender spinel but also adds a scintillating brilliance to the piece. The pavé diamonds serve a dual purpose: they draw the eye to the center gemstone and create an illusion of a larger central stone.

This combination not only highlights the central gemstone’s delicate hue but also infuses the piece with a luminous quality that captures the eye. Customization plays a pivotal role in the creation of such a ring, allowing for a personal expression that resonates with the wearer’s individual style and preferences. The choice of a lavender spinel, set amidst a constellation of fine diamonds, reflects a discerning taste for unique beauty and a penchant for pieces that tell a story.

Lavender Violet Spinel Ring

This Lavender violet Spinel ring is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and design. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we design each ring that tells a story of bespoke luxury, where the wearer’s personal taste and style are paramount. The option to customise allows for a truly personal touch, offering the chance to create a unique heirloom jewellery that was designed from sketch to the final creation. The gentle Lavender violet hue, associated with elegance and femininity, radiates a unique sparkle and brilliance. Making this gemstone ring a standout piece in any jewellery collection.

Custom Jewellery Masterpiece

Commissioning a custom lavender violet spinel ring is more than just acquiring a piece of gemstone jewellery; it’s an intimate journey into the world of bespoke design. The process allows for a personal connection between the creator and the wearer, resulting in a masterpiece that reflects a vision of coastal hues and personal narratives. The ring becomes an emblem of brilliant artistry, with countless hours dedicated to perfecting its design and ensuring it enhances the wearer’s style for any occasion.

Explore Jewellery Collection

In essence, this lavender violet spinel ring, with its halo diamond setting, is not just an accessory but a piece of art that elevates everyday elegance. Its unique colour and the option for customisation make it a cherished addition to any jewellery collection, symbolising the wearer’s refined taste and appreciation for bespoke craftsmanship.

Exploring the unique charm and design intricacies of this lavender violet spinel ring. It’s a testament to the artistry of customised jewellery design, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural beauty of this gemstone and to reflect the wearer’s personality. Certainly an addition to one’s jewellery collection that accentuates personal style and elegance on every occasion.

Lavender Violet cushion Spinel, Coloured Gemstone customised with halo round brilliant diamond Ring Customised Jeweller - Singapore | Local Jewellery in bespoke customization fine jewellery with coloured gemstone
Lavender Violet Spinel Ring Halo Diamond Design
art deco milgrain vintage ring with morganite

Milgrain Filigree Morganite Ring

Morganite round brilliance milgrain vintage art deco detailing design in modern timeless elegant look. Local Singapore custom jeweller in morganite ring
Morganite Engagement Ring
Morganite round brilliance milgrain vintage art deco detailing design in modern timeless elegant look. Local Singapore custom jeweller in morganite ring
Milgrain Filigree Morganite Ring

Milgrain Filigree Art-Deco inspired design

Milgrain filigree morganite ring with antique inspired design customised engagement ring. First look at this morganite ring, it has round brilliance micro-pave diamond on its sides. A timeless and elegant design proposal ring. On the side, there are intricate milgrain art-deco works that make this ring a modern aesthetic with antique statement jewellery.

Customised Engagement Ring

We customised this morganite ring in rose gold to impart an overall vintage look to this design. Polished to a bright shine, you will love the look that we have given to the overall ring. We have set both sides of the bands with round brilliance diamonds, and fine heart-shaped crawls securing the round morganite firmly from the top view.

Viewing this vintage ring from the side, you will notice a round brilliant diamond, skillfully set in the centre of the heart shape just below the gem. Bold and beguiling, this vintage ring is certainly going to captivate the heart of the lady and onlookers with the meticulously designed art deco and milgrain detailing.

Morganite round brilliance milgrain vintage art deco detailing design in modern timeless elegant look. Local Singapore custom jeweller in morganite ring
Vintage Morganite Ring

Morganite Gem

Morganite is a pink to orange-pink gemstone belonging to the beryl family. It is similar to emerald and aquamarine gemstones. Morganite pockets are found in abundance in Brazil, Mozambique and Madagascar. In recent years, Morganite has turned into a sought after gemstone especially in wedding engagement rings.

If you are looking for something unique but not too far from a colourless diamond, then Morganite would be the best choice for you. If you are not fond of vivid red pigeon blood ruby or an intense royal blue sapphire, then the light pastel shade of Morganite would certainly appeal to you.

If we look into geological terms, coloured gemstones like Morganite are rare than diamonds. These gemstones possess durability, brilliance, lustre and good hardness which make them suitable for daily wear. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, you can spend some time selecting the gemstone as you would naturally do by looking into the symmetry, polish and cut in a diamond. This will help you pick a gemstone that exudes a brilliant shine.

Morganite round brilliance milgrain vintage art deco detailing design in modern timeless elegant look. Local Singapore custom jeweller in morganite ring
Art Deco with Milgrain Design
Anniversary Ring customised with Blue sapphire and round brilliance diamond. Customised for a couple keen on wanting a unique design for their wedding anniversary rings | Local Singapore Customised Wedding Anniversary Ring with Sapphire and Diamond

Blue Sapphire Anniversary Ring

Blue sapphire Anniversary ring with brilliance diamond. Wedding anniversary rings fine Jewelry | Singapore Customised Wedding Anniversary Ring with Sapphire.
Blue sapphire Anniversary Ring

The Art of Customised Anniversary Ring

In the realm of bespoke elegance and timeless design, GIOIA Fine Jewellery stands as a paragon in crafting wedding jewellery. This blue sapphire anniversary ring that beautifully encapsulate the essence of love and commitment. Our ethos revolves around creating customised jewellery that marries sophistication with attainability, ensuring that every piece resonates with the individuality of its wearer without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

A Blue Sapphire Anniversary Ring: A Symbol of Unwavering Commitment

Among our bespoke treasures is a blue sapphire anniversary ring, epitomizing elegance and simplicity. Crafted for a couple desiring a distinctive symbol of their love. These anniversary rings features an unheated sapphire of unparalleled beauty, chosen for its ability to capture the heart and imagination.

The Essence of Anniversary Ring

Anniversary rings are a beautiful tradition that celebrate the milestones of your shared journey. It also symbolising the enduring nature of your bond. Distinct from wedding bands that mark the beginning of your life together, anniversary rings are gifted in recognition of the path you’ve traveled as a couple. Significant memento jewellery celebrating both your togetherness and the individual moments that have strengthened your relationship. The beauty of this blue sapphire anniversary ring lies in its versatility; it can be worn on any hand or finger, reflecting your personal style and the unique narrative of your love.

The Lure of the Round Sapphire

The journey to crafting a round sapphire is one of precision and care, as the natural form of sapphire rough typically presents in irregular shapes. Opting for a round cut involves a considered choice, embracing the inherent wastage for the sake of achieving unmatched brilliance. This commitment to excellence is evident in the round sapphire’s vibrant facets, which reflect light in a mesmerising dance, akin to the desired effect of a brilliantly cut diamond.

Bespoke Bands: A Testament to a Shared Life

The narrative of love and commitment is further woven into the bespoke bands designed for the couple. The ladies ring, with its innovative twist design and diamond accents, exudes timeless sophistication. while the central round sapphire, nestled within a full eternity band, serves as the focal point of this exquisite piece.

For the gentleman, a design that mirrors his strength yet complements his partner’s elegance was paramount. The choice of a princess cut blue sapphire set against a brushed matte finish and polished tapered sides culminates in a ring. That not only symbolises a promise of everlasting love but also reflects the unique journey of the couple it represents.

A Symphony of Gemstones

Our curated collection boasts an exquisite array of coloured gemstones, each with its own narrative and charm. From the serene depths of Sapphires to the fiery spirit of Rubies, the lush allure of Emeralds, the captivating Spinel, and the electrifying Paraiba Tourmaline, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery. Whether you’re drawn to the idea of a bespoke engagement ring or wish to commemorate your union with uniquely crafted wedding bands, our creations are tailored to encapsulate your personal love story.

GIOIA Fine Jewellery

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we’re dedicated to bringing your personal visions of love and commitment to life through our bespoke creations. Let us craft a personalised anniversary ring that not only celebrates your significant milestones but also becomes a cherished emblem of your journey together.

Blue sapphire Anniversary ring with brilliance diamond. Wedding anniversary rings fine Jewelry | Singapore Customised Wedding Anniversary Ring with Sapphire.
Anniversary Blue Sapphire Ring
Teal Sapphire with art deco vintage design

Teal Sapphire Ring

Gemstone Engagement Teal Sapphire Ring

Bespoke elegant teal sapphire ring, where unique customised jewellery meets timeless sophistication. This exquisite gemstone engagement ring, crafted by the artisans at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, showcases a mesmerising bluish-green sapphire, set amidst with captivating side cluster of bluish spinel and marquise diamonds. The entire creation is elegantly framed in understated champagne gold, offering a subtle yet luxurious backdrop to the vibrant hues of the gemstones.

A Symbol of Harmonious Love and Innovative Elegance

At the core of this stunning piece is the sapphire, a gemstone renowned for its serene beauty and remarkable durability. Teal sapphires, with their harmonious blend of blue and green, evoke images of tranquil seas and lush landscapes, making them a perfect centrepiece for those seeking a connection with nature in their symbol of love.

Complementing the teal sapphire are the bluish spinels, gems cherished for their brilliance and captivating hues. These spinels, along with the elegantly cut marquise diamonds, form a side cluster that enhances the central sapphire’s glow. At the same time adding depth and dimension to this gemstone engagement ring’s overall design.

Teal Sapphire

Exceptional Beauty in Blue Green Sapphire 

1. Symbolism and Meaning: Teal sapphire, a fusion of stability and emotional balance, symbolise harmonious relationships. Perfect for gemstone engagement rings, they represent the melding of tradition with modern innovation. Their unique colour symbolises the wearer’s commitment to both enduring love and a forward-thinking outlook.

2. Unique and Captivating Hues: Renowned for their enchanting blend of blue and green, reminiscent of tropical waters, teal sapphires stand out in the gemstone world. Their distinct hue appeals to those who value individuality and sophistication in their jewellery.

3. Distinctive Beauty and Personal Expression: In an era valuing self-expression, blue green sapphires offer a canvas for couples to showcase their unique style. More affordable than traditional blue sapphires, they provide a stylish yet budget-conscious choice, without sacrificing significance or style.

4. Cut and Shape: Enhancing the Gem’s Natural Beauty The brilliance of a teal sapphire is amplified by its cut. Round or oval cuts are recommended to evenly display its blue and green hues. However, round shaped is not as common due to its massive wastage during the process of cutting and polish. Meanwhile, geometric modern and shapes in precise asscher-cut to emerald-cut are increasingly popular among gem enthusiasts.

5. Investment Potential: Each sapphire gem is unique, reflecting its own personality through colour variations. Currently more affordable than padparadscha sapphire, they offer a potential investment opportunity, especially considering their rising popularity. Especially when we are looking into unheated sapphire gemstone.

6. The Growing Popularity: Teal sapphires are gaining immense popularity for their unique beauty, and versatile design. They are an ideal choice for modern couples, blending modernity and tradition in gemstone engagement rings.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Spotlight

Exceptional Bluish Green Sapphire Ring

The natural teal sapphire, set in elegant rose gold, brings out a feminine charm. Its unique coloration, with possible zones of green or blue, adds character to the gemstone. This particular bluish green sapphire showcases a more evenly blended hue, enhanced by skilful cutting. Set on a gold band, this teal sapphire ring exemplifies brilliance and regality.

Vintage Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring

Vintage solitaire teal sapphire engagement ring feature side round brilliance diamond with thin bezel frame. Moderately thick band with sleek knife-edge finishes for elegant style and comfort. Bluish-green sapphire shade, a lush companion to the bright yellow gold band.

Teal Sapphire - Customised Jewellery Wedding Engagement Ring
Blue Green Sapphire Vintage Ring

Are Parti Sapphire Valuable?

Do not be mislead by the term of “Parti Sapphire” commonly exhibit a zoning of blue and green or even additional yellow shade. This uneven colour shade in the gemstone is common for many inferior quality gemstone. The price of such gem is generally lowered compared to a natural blue-green teal sapphire with even colour. Heat treatment not only helps to improve the colour, it minimise the unevenness in the gem.

Similarly, Salt and Pepper Diamonds, characterized by their black and white inclusions, often fall into a niche market category. Traditionally, diamonds are valued for their clarity, with the least amount of visible inclusions equating to higher quality and value. Salt and Pepper Diamonds prominent with inclusions, affecting the stone’s transparency and brilliance, which are critical factors in diamond valuation.

While marketing strategies have positioned Salt and Pepper Diamonds as unique and desirable for their distinctive appearances. It is essential to approach them with a clear understanding that these inclusions are typically viewed as flaws within the industry. These diamonds generally command lower prices in comparison to high-clarity diamonds. The sales and marketing method leverages their uniqueness, similar to how Parti Sapphire are marketed, but does not change the fact that from a gemological standpoint, such features are considered detriments to the gem’s overall value.

Teal sapphires possess the degree of colour depth whether it is greenish blue or bluish green. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a selection of sapphire gemstone that will certainly be one that best suit you. Last but not least, let us share with you more in depth details on how you can choose the right sapphire gemstone today!

Violet Sapphire with halo round brilliant diamonds, coloured gemstone in violet and purplish shade. Unique customised sapphire ring from husband to wife | Local Singapore Jeweller in Customised Jewellery, design from sketch design jeweller - Private Jeweller

Violet Sapphire Halo Diamond

Violet Sapphire with halo round brilliant diamonds, coloured gemstone in violet and purplish shade. Unique customised sapphire ring from husband to wife | Local Singapore Jeweller in Customised Jewellery, design from sketch design jeweller - Private Jeweller

Violet Sapphire – A Symphony of Rare Elegance & Durability

Unique Charm of Coloured Sapphires

When we think of sapphires, the immediate image is often a deep, mesmerising royal blue sapphire. However, the world of sapphire is rich with a spectrum of colours, each bringing its own unique charm and rarity. Among these, the natural violet sapphire stands out as a captivating choice for those seeking something truly unique in their fine jewellery. Unlike the more common blue sapphire, it offers a blend of purple and blue tones, resulting in a gemstone that is both eye-catching and full of character.

The Diverse Palette of Purple Sapphires

Violet sapphires are a testament to nature’s artistry, with hues ranging from light, ethereal lavender to the deeper, more intense shades of plum. This versatility makes them a perfect centrepiece for a range of jewellery designs, from delicate engagement rings to bold statement pieces. Their durability, almost matching that of diamonds, ensures that these gemstones are not only beautiful but also resilient enough for everyday wear.

Affordability & Rarity: Violet Sapphire Advantage

What sets violet sapphire apart in the realm of coloured gemstones is their unique position in terms of rarity and affordability. While they are rarer than some of their sapphire counterparts, such as yellow or teal sapphires, violet sapphires are often more accessible in price than the highly sought-after blue sapphires. This makes them an exceptional choice for those looking to own a piece of rare gemstone jewellery without venturing into the price range of blue sapphires.

Understanding the Shades: Violet vs Purple Sapphires

The distinction between purple and violet sapphires lies in their undertones: purple sapphires are a blend of red and blue tones, resulting in a rich, warm hue, while violet sapphires are predominantly blue with subtle purple undertones. This nuanced interplay of colours can also be seen in colour change sapphires, which exhibit a captivating shift from bluish-violet in daylight to purplish-violet under incandescent light. At the same time, reminiscent of the magnificent royal blue sapphires that often display a hint of violet.

The Brilliance and Durability of Sapphires

When considering a violet sapphire, it’s essential to be aware of its superior qualities compared to similar-looking semi-precious stones, such as amethysts. With a higher refractive index, sapphire exhibit more brilliance and lustre than amethysts. In term of rarity, sapphire is definitely much rarer to come by in comparison to the semi-precious stone. Moreover, their greater hardness and density make them a more durable and lasting choice for fine jewelry.

Art deco Proposal Ring with colour change sapphire, surrounded with diamonds to impart a floral and feminine look to this design. This design exudes an overall vintage art deco look with its mil-grain design | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised proposal ring.

Violet Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring: A Testament to Timeless Elegance

The allure of a violet sapphire halo diamond ring lies in its exquisite blend of rarity, beauty, and durability. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we set in 18K white gold, showcases an unheated sapphire that radiates unmatched sparkle and vibrant colour. Surrounded by a halo of micropavé diamonds, this proposal ring is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, symbolising calm, romance, and luxury.

This bespoke piece, created as a cherished gift, embodies the essence of personalised luxury. Its rich colour and elegant design make it a timeless addition to any jewellery collection, celebrating the unique beauty and enduring charm of violet sapphires.

A Vibrant Alternative to Sapphire

Beyond the luminous allure of violet sapphires lies another gemstone treasure, often celebrated for its captivating range of colours and affordability: the spinel. For those enchanted by the unique shades of violet and purple but seeking alternatives to sapphire, spinel offers a compelling choice, with its own spectrum of violet to purplish hues.

Purple Spinel Aquamarine Cluster Gemstone Engagement Ring

In Conclusion

Violet sapphire, with their unique hues and rare beauty, offer a distinctive choice for fine jewelry enthusiasts. Their blend of durability, affordability, and sheer elegance makes them a compelling alternative to more traditional gemstones. Whether set in a halo of sparkling diamonds or showcased in a bespoke design. Certainly is a symbol of individuality and timeless style, perfect for those who seek to express their personal narrative through the art of fine jewelry.

Whether drawn to the regal shades of violet sapphire or the dynamic hues of spinel, the world of coloured gemstones offers endless possibilities. Each gemstone, with its unique character and beauty, invites us to explore and celebrate the diversity of nature’s creations.

Tanzanite Gemstone with bluish violet colour shade customised with Diamond Eternity bands, requested by the mother to custom made with her daughter's birthstone tanzanite in December | Local Singapore customised jewellery in bespoke jewellery and coloured birthstone gemstone.

Tanzanite Diamond Band

Tanzanite Gemstone with bluish violet colour shade customised with Diamond Eternity bands, requested by the mother to custom made with her daughter's birthstone tanzanite in December | Local Singapore customised jewellery in bespoke jewellery and coloured birthstone gemstone.

Incomparable natural colour gemstones certainly impart a personal touch to any look. Coloured gemstone rings are certainly in vogue these days. It is quite evident by the demand for the gemstone rings especially the customised design ones. Brilliant and delicate, this tanzanite and diamond alternating ring sparkles from every angle. The dramatically set gemstone tanzanite is a December gemstone. This ring has been customised by a mother for her son born in December. This can make an excellent family heirloom that can be passed down for generation and can also make a gift with significant meaning.

Tanzanite Ring

Elegant in form and delicate in design, this masterfully crafted ring set in enduring platform appears nothing less than a dream. This classic eternity band is a symbol of timeless design. This ring showcases brilliant cut diamonds amidst dazzling tanzanite and is sure to grab the attention of the onlookers for long. The endless sparkle of this refined style makes it a perfect as an anniversary or wedding ring. This band is a brilliant symbol of virtuous love of a mother for her son.  

Paraiba & blue and pink Coloured Sapphire Gemstone Ring, unique anniversary gift - Local Singapore customised jeweler

Paraiba Sapphire Ring

Paraiba & blue and pink Coloured Sapphire Gemstone Ring, unique anniversary gift | Local Singapore customised jeweler

GIOIA honors love with a flawless setting and an elegant design. The perfect crafting of the princess-cut Paraiba in a vintage style ring is a symbol of passion and emotion. This unique ring is custom made with round brilliant diamond, blue and pink sapphire and the boldly centered main precious gem.

This exclusively designed ring emanates elegance and style, allowing the true beauty of these beautiful gemstones to shine through. The vividly coloured Paraiba in its perfect setting is an ultimate expression of skilled craftsmanship encapsulating delicacy and finesse.

Customised Design Ring

This customised ring celebrates 8 golden years of togetherness and affection. The design of this bluish-green neon Paraiba ring draws inspiration from the glorious tradition of wedding. The rose gold band sets just the right tone to commemorate the bonding of the two people deeply in love with each other.

Reminiscent of the best moments in life, this ring glows with the radiance of love that fills your heart. The soft, cool tones of the jewel are equally suitable for a workplace or to step out in style for a date night!

Natural unheated Padparadscha Diamond Ring - Customised with brilliant round diamond | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Padparadscha Diamond Ring

Natural unheated Padparadscha Diamond Ring - Customised with brilliant round diamond | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Padparadscha Sapphire

Unheated natural Padparadscha sapphires are the most coveted stones due to their unique pinkish orange colour. Padparadscha means Aquatic Lotus in Sanskrit, named so because the gem colour resembles the mesmerising pink hue of the holy flower. The rarest colour shade in sapphire gemstone.

Unique Customised Ring

The flow design is a beautiful merger of east meets west. The trendy silhouette allows the dazzling stone to shine through in all its galore. This ring featuring clean lines and elegant curves is an epitome of imperial elegance. Inspired by the delicacy of flowers, this ring is an aesthetic, sensual pleasure.

The brilliant orangy-pink sapphire will add timeless sparkle to your life and will make you feel like the heroine who takes center stage. Padparadscha is the stone of dreamers and inventors. Step into the ethereal world of dreams and broaden the horizons of your imagination with the soft yet intense Padparadscha sapphire ring.

Slip on the delicately twined split rings set with pave diamonds to add a modern twist to your look. Prong setting in rose gold, which compliment the warm colour of the padparadscha. This unique customised ring is a sure way to oomph up your style statement.