Art deco Proposal Ring with colour change sapphire, surrounded with diamonds to impart a floral and feminine look to this design. This design exudes an overall vintage art deco look with its mil-grain design | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised proposal ring.
Art Deco Sapphire Ring

Art Deco Sapphire Proposal Ring

This customised proposal ring was opted for by a couple who were looking for an interesting touch in their design. This colour change sapphire was shortlisted after hours of brainstorming and discussions. having said that we came out with an art deco sapphire design for the proposal ring.

The main sapphire was surrounded by diamonds to impart a floral and feminine look to this design. Wrapped in a frame of sparkling diamonds, this design exudes an overall vintage art deco look with its milgrain design. The sideband is also unique in its design. It has a combination of marquise and rounded bands.

This mesmerising design features an unheated colour change sapphire which exhibits different colour in different lighting conditions. This terrific design was artfully enhanced making it a bold style statement proposal ring. 

Customised Proposal Ring

This show-stopping art deco sapphire design with its resplendent style is for those who love adorning themselves artfully thereby redefining elegance. The sparkling accents impart a touch of shimmer to this marvellously designed proposal ring. The elegant styling of this customised ring would certainly captivate the hearts of the onlookers and definitely the beautiful bride.   

Those who have apprehensions about combining sapphire gem with rose gold should take a look at this design. It will put a rest to all your queries regarding setting sapphire in rose gold metal. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery we have options of champagne gold for customised jewellery, instead of white gold or rose gold to complement sapphire gem.

Art Deco Sapphire Ring - Customised Proposal Ring colour change vintage art deco look with milgrain design | Singapore Jeweller in customised proposal ring.
Art Deco Colour Change Sapphire

Vintage Art Deco Design Jewellery

Art deco sapphire with vintage design, or contemporary modern look proposal ring. Customised design of each jewellery piece to your style. You do not have to be worried about what surprise birthday gift or wedding anniversary this year. We can custom design a meaningful jewellery piece or family birthstone jewellery for your loved one.

Fine Jewelry Design

This stunning ring features a magnificent teal sapphire at its center, surrounded by a vintage-inspired diamond deco that beautifully complements the gem colour. Outer additional of bluish-green spinel accents a touch of unique elegance to the design, making it a true masterpiece of fine jewelry.

Teal Sapphire Art Deco Vintage Design Ring

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