Red Spinel Engagement Ring with round brilliant diamond and spinel setting | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Congratulation to Mallory and Ing Kerng on the Engagement! Wishing you both a wonderful journey filled with love and happiness.

The customised ring featuring a refined setting allows the beauty of the Red Spinel to flow freely. Round brilliant diamond spread around the center gem, an unique halo ring design, while pink spinel and diamond setting on the ring bands. Separated by delicately handcrafted milgrain texture on both the side bands, giving it a vintage look in the wedding ring.

Red Spinel

No colour captures the joie de vivre as red. For years, Ruby (Pigeon Blood) has ruled as the ultimate red gemstone. However, of late, the Red Spinel is getting increasingly popular and is offering the reigning red gem a good competition.

The vivid red colour of the gemstone in this wedding engagement ring resembles Ruby. The stunning design symbolizes the everlasting love between two souls and the centre stone is a bold proclamation of your intense emotion. Love sparkles with this intensely coloured emerald-cut Spinel.

The red jewel takes centre stage in this clean, contemporary design with an eternal classic appeal, the passionate red immediately draws your attention. 

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