Spinel Birthstone Ring Jewellery

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring – Birthstone Spinel Tanzanite Moonstone Tsavorite Emerald

Blue Spinel Ring with Diamond and Tanzanite Halo, Designed with Family Birthstone Tsavorite, Emerald, Moonstone

If you are looking for a signature birthstone ring that look stunning for your loved one and family. This bespoke spinel birthstone ring is sure to add a sparkle to your family. Featuring a spectacular hue in a rare violet and blue combination, the vivid saturation of the spinel gem. Offers a mysterious façade to this elegant piece of heirloom fine jewelry.

The centrepiece blue spinel is true to its characteristic, refracting shades of ruby and sapphire while holding on to its unique identity. Perfect to crown your fine jewel collection, this blue spinel can make a gorgeous ring to dress you for any occasion. Featuring an alluring spectrum, the cushion shaped spinel is surrounded by a string of diamonds and tanzanite mounts arranged with milgrain detailed on its edges. This non-traditional halo design is exceptional and give a touch of vintage style in this modern world.

The cathedral frame flaunting an intricate filigree work engraved on it exhibits eternal grace. Accompanied with skilfully set round bezel moonstone between the round diamonds in marquises shape. This family birthstone ring not only shine from the top of the ring, it has many fine details and intricate design all over. While the fascinating colour play of the different birthstones establish a deep aural connection.

Family Birthstone Ring

Statement Jewellery that tell a family story

Get a customised look on this stunning ring design with your family birthstone studded for a statement look. For our August born customer, we have Spinel as your birthstone. You can choose a gemstone specific to your birth month and our experienced craftsmen can give it a soul with a select design. A vivid green tsavorite garnet birthstone for the month of January, Moonstone for the June birth, Emerald for the May bloomers and Tanzanite for our December stars, you can get a personalised birthstone capped with a bedazzling halo.

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Family Birthstone Ring
Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring with Filigree Details
Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery

Catholic Pendant

Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery
Catholic Pendant – None Oil Emerald

None Oil Emerald Catholic Pendant

Catholic religious jewellery plays a crucial role in our spiritual lives. They are a unique way of expressing our faith and our ardent devotion to God. This bespoke catholic pendant was customised with a personalised touch. It serves as a reminder to put our faith in all our actions and to share the love of God with everyone around us. This exquisite pendant is an amalgamation of precious rare none oil emerald gem with faith. Undoubtedly a magnificent fine jewelry piece to treasure for decades of years to come.

This catholic religious pendant is certainly one of a kind and signifies Devotion, Love, and Faith. A lot of brainstorming has been done to design this piece of jewellery that celebrates faith and spirituality. The oval shape mimics the original image of Mother Mary revealed to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830. The Heavenly Mother revealed her true form within an oval frame standing upon the world emitting rays of light. Crafted in classic yellow gold, this pendant consists of dual pave diamond in an oval-shaped structure. In addition, the center emerald was surrounded with four princess cut diamonds in a cross position resembling a crucifix.

Catholic Religious Pendant

This catholic pendant bears with it a promise of blessings of both the Holy Father and Heavenly Mother Mary to those who wear it with utmost faith. The bespoke design has a unique flair with a sparkling emerald at the centre with composites of diamonds shimmering along the edges. Emerald known for its exceptional vivd green with a tint of blue. Emerald is the birthstone gem for month of May, which is also birth month of the wearer.

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery customised with the bride birthstone of Tanzanite in the month of December. Local Singapore Private Jeweller in Customised Wedding Jewellery with Necklace, Bangle and Ring unique crafted with fairytale story and gemstone jewellery.

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery customised December birthstone Tanzanite. Wedding Jewellery with Necklace, Bangle & Ring with fairytale story and gemstone jewelry.
Fairytale Tanzanite Pendant

This fairytale wedding jewellery set is for your once in a lifetime moment and for the happiest day of your life. Everybody waits for their happily ever after whether they are vocal about it or not. Regardless of religion and culture in every wedding ceremony, the wedding jewellery holds significant emotion and blessing from the bride’s family to the beautiful bride. From the groom’s family the sidianjin(Four touches of gold), symbolises the bride being welcomed to the family wholeheartedly.

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery customised December birthstone Tanzanite. Wedding Jewellery with Necklace, Bangle & Ring with fairytale story and gemstone jewelry.
Fairytale Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite Wedding Jewellery

This wedding jewellery has been customised by the mother of the bride. She came up with a unique idea and wanted a fairytale theme design that is elegant at the same time. This customised jewellery set is not just any classic wedding jewellery, it symbolises the love and care that the mother has for her beloved daughter. The set has been handcrafted to perfection and the theme has rendered an alluring touch to the design.

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery customised December birthstone Tanzanite. Wedding Jewellery with Necklace, Bangle & Ring with fairytale story and gemstone jewelry.
Fairytale Tanzanite Bangle

Wedding Jewellery


The jewellery set consists of a ring, a bangle and a pendant. The pendant features a unique trilliant shape tanzanite gemstone which resembles a heart-shape, crafted in rose gold with fairytale flora detailing surrounding the main gem.


The intricately designed bangle has round tanzanite set in the centre of the heart-shaped tiara design. Handcrafted with a touch of colour to the fine matt polished. In certain culture, they represent safety and luck to the couple, wishes the couple happiness, prosperity and harmony


This wedding jewellery is completed with a fairytale ring crafted with flora detailing on the sideband and a round-shaped tanzanite gem. This priceless ornament represents the love and presence of the family that are within reach at any time and any moment.

The wedding jewellery set features the birthstone of the bride who is in the month of December. The overall look of the set is just timeless and elegant. This contemporary design has been fashioned to be worn on a daily basis. This customised jewellery set is an intriguing choice indeed.       

Fairytale Wedding Jewellery customised December birthstone Tanzanite. Wedding Jewellery with Necklace, Bangle & Ring with fairytale story and gemstone jewelry.
Fairytale Wedding Jewellery
Family Cluster Ring with Birthstone sapphire, moonstone, amethyst and diamond

Birthstone Jewellery

Family Cluster Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery designed with special gemstone of each family member

By opting for customised jewellery, you gain absolute control over the design, enabling you to infuse your deepest thoughts and creative ideas into a masterpiece that truly reflects your unique style. This bespoke birthstone jewellery holds more than just aesthetic appeal; it carries an extraordinary message, conveying a profound connection to your innermost self.

If you find yourself uncertain about the perfect birthday gift for your dearest family member, consider the exquisite option of a personalised family birth month stone pendant or earring. These one-of-a-kind pieces possess an undeniable charm and can serve as the most treasured gift you bestow upon your beloved, encapsulating the depth of your love and the significance of your shared family bonds.

Personalised pendant make a memorable gift with birthstone jewellery from ruby, mandarin garent, topaz, tanzanite and spinel
Family Birthstone Pendant

Personalised Birthstone Jewellery

Modern contemporary birthstone jewellery gift for your love ones

Stringed neatly with a cluster of birthstones, this personalised pendant and pair of earrings can make a memorable gift. The stunning jewellery piece encases precious coloured gems such as Ruby for the July born, Mandarin Garnet for January, Spinel for those born in August, Tanzanite for the December born and Topaz for November. A customisable ornament, the individual birthstones can elevate the aura of anyone who adorns herself with these glistening beauties. The vibrant gemstones in vivid hues sitting on the solid rose gold metal piece can complement any outfit.

The variation in the cuts and the size of the precious gems render a flowing charm to the pendant and earrings, thus breaking the monotony of the ensemble. The circular drop pendant and the S-shaped earring can be worn separately or worn together to match your attire. A befitting embellishment for any occasion, it adds an element of chic and trend to the wearer’s style. Your recipient family member will love it and can pass it down for generations to come.

Personalised jewellery with additional thoughts, isn’t that more special than any other gift for your loved ones? 

Personalised Earring stud with birthstone jewellery from ruby, mandarin garent, topaz, tanzanite and spinel.
Family Birthstone Earring

Birthstone Gems 

Undoubtedly, the popularity of birthstone jewelry has skyrocketed. People of all ages, genders, and races show a strong preference for these exquisite pieces. Each month boasts its own unique gemstone, adding to the allure. Take, for instance, the captivating sapphire, emerald, and amethyst cluster earring, meticulously crafted for a lady who seeks to personalize her family members’ birthstone heirlooms. If you’re new to this fascinating concept, simply explore the gemstone linked to your birth month. Let’s unveil the twelve distinct gemstones, as officially listed by the esteemed National Association of Jewelers.

When searching for a proposal ring, one active factor to consider is the birthstone. However, it’s important to note that certain limitations may arise, such as the possibility that the specific gemstone might not align with her preferred color or may not possess the necessary durability for everyday use. Explore the array of gemstones, categorised by birth month, and discover the diverse range of captivating hues they offer.

  • January – Garnet

Garnet is the gemstone that represents the month of January. It symbolizes trust and friendship. Though it is not the rarest gemstone available in the market, it does come in unique colour shades. Malaya Garnet (Pinkish Orange) is one of the rarest shades of this gemstone. Tsavorite garnet (Green) and mandarin garnet (Orange) are also desirable for their unique shades.   

  • February – Amethyst

Amethyst is the gemstone representing the month of February. It symbolises mystery and royalty. This is basically a quartz crystal and has its origins tracing back to Greek mythology. It is a common crystal and features a purple hue. Believed to increase one’s wealth.    

  • March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine (Blue) gemstone represents the month of March. It symbolises purity. It basically belongs to the Beryl mineral species which is the same as Morganite(Pink). The best thing about this gemstone is that the pastel shade would blend well with your everyday outfit.  

  • April – Diamond

Those who are fond of jewelleries are very well aware of what diamond gemstone is. It is one of the most loved gemstones and is known for its hardness. It is available in both colourless and coloured form. Occurs naturally in shades of green, yellow, blue and pink.

  • May – Emerald

This gemstone represents intelligence. It is believed to be a royal jewel and is known for its vivid green colour. There are a few stones that feature a tint of blue. Emerald also belongs to the family of beryl mineral species which is the same as aquamarine.  

  • June – Pearl & Alexandrite

Pearl and Alexandrite are gemstones associated with the month of June. Alexandrite is known for changing its colour under different lights. It appears green in daylight and purplish-red when subjected to incandescent light. It appears like emerald by the day and ruby by night. One of the rarest gemstones and even 1 carat can cost a premium. Though pearls are usually common, Akoya pearl and Southsea pearl are organic gems and are quite rare.   

  • July – Ruby

The most exotic gemstone Ruby is associated with the month of July. It is known for wisdom, love and passion. It was preferred by royalty. Ruby belongs to the corundum mineral species which is the same as sapphire. Well known for its vivid pigeon blood ruby red shade.  

  • August – Spinel & Peridot

Spinel and Peridot are the two gemstones that are associated with the month of August. Peridot features a lime green shade. Spinel is the birthstone for August. Mahenge Spinel has a vivid pinkish red shade and this unique gem have a variety of colour shade range from red, pink, blue to grey.  

  • September – Sapphire

Sapphire is the gemstone associated with the month of September. It belongs to the Corundum mineral species and is available in a variety of colour shades. The orange-pink Padparadscha Sapphire is the rarest shade of sapphire and resembles salmon colour.  Not forgetting the most desired and popular Royal Blue Sapphire shade. 

  • October – Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the most colourful gemstones available today. It is popular for its wide scale of rainbow colours. The neon greenish blue shade of Paraiba tourmaline is one-of-a-kind with Brazil Paraiba being the most sought after shades.  

  • November – Topaz & Citrine

Topaz and Citrine are the two shades associated with this month. These represent energy and healing. Topaz is commonly available in shades of blue. The imperial topaz (Pinkish-Orange to Golden-Yellow) is the most sought after colour.  

  • December – Tanzanite

Tanzanite is known for its unique shade. It basically features blue, violet and greyish shades. It is slightly softer in comparison to other gemstones and hence it is prone to scratches.  

Birthstone on the day

Alternatively, if you aren’t fond of your birthstone on that particular month, it is not necessary to customise a jewellery piece with your birthstone. perhaps you can look into alternative birthday gemstones based on the day of the week on which you were born.  

  • Monday – Pearl
  • Tuesday – Ruby & Emerald 
  • Wednesday – Amethyst
  • Thursday – Sapphire
  • Friday – emerald 
  • Saturday – Diamond 
  • Sunday – Topaz & Diamond

Family Birthstone Ring

Contemporary Family Birthstone Jewellery, crafted in white gold, adorned with the distinct birthstones representing each family member. The captivating Sapphire, symbolising September, the enchanting Amethyst, representing February, and the ethereal Moonstone, embodying the spirit of June. This remarkable jewellery piece is meticulously crafted to honor the lady’s customised request, resulting in a birthstone ring that is truly one-of-a-kind.

This unique bespoke jewellery holds immense sentimental value, akin to a cherished family heirloom. It serves as a tangible reminder of the special bond shared by the family, symbolising love, unity, and the timeless connection between its members. The choice of birthstones adds a personalised touch, signifying the individuality and significance of each family member’s birth month.

Family Cluster Ring with Birthstone sapphire, moonstone, amethyst and diamond
Family Birthstone Ring

Design to your style, the birthstone jewellery is custom made to daily wear ring and gold preference. This family cluster birthstone ring representing the special birth month of each member and their newborn child.

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring customised birthstone jewellery with spinel, tanzanite, mandarin garnet.
Family Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Wedding Bands

Create a personalised wedding bands with cross over birthstones of each other. It can even add colours to your existing engagement ring! Definitely make it one of a kind wedding band that both of you own.

Constellation Wedding Bands stackable with Pink Sapphire Ring
Customised Wedding Bands