Diamond colour chart

Diamond Colour

Diamond colour chart

Colour of the diamond, is the second most important factor after carat size, as it has a more significant impact on its appearance. It is known that diamond closest to colourless, with better light absorption, has an optimum visible sparkle.

D colour being the highest colour grade. Extremely rare, as such command the highest price.

E – F both near to colourless. They can be detected, side by side by expert gemologist. Relatively cheaper option compared to D colour.

G – H slight trace of colour detectable, only when comparing side by side with higher grade diamond. Excellent value for money in price.

I – J usually detectable from naked eyes with slight warmth colour. Common in the market where prices and discount are much attractive.

K – Z as the yellow intensity increases, prices escalate as the diamond are much more brilliance and with fire. Such fancy diamonds are known as yellow diamond.

The colour grade range from F & G, are close to colourless. These are better value diamonds, as there are more discount, compared to D colour.

Diamond of lower colour grade such as H, I, J with fluorescence tends to look whiter. If you are deciding for a wedding proposal ring, with a priority on carat size. Consider the option of of H, I, J with medium blue fluorescence, this balance the light yellow in the diamond.

Right Diamond Colour for Setting

The fact that, colour of diamonds with one level grade difference are difficult to tell, unless comparing them next to each. The setting of the jewellery affect the colour of your diamond too. If you are a person, who preferred rose gold or natural white gold for your wedding engagement ring. The colour of your diamond might not be as colourless as you thought, because the based of the ring is yellowish.

Knowing that your are getting a diamond on a lower grade colour. You might consider to customized it with a natural or yellow gold ring setting. This would further intense the diamond colour, to yellow diamond shade, as some preferred to have a warmer look on their jewellery. What’s your choice? Or do you prefer other colour shade like coloured gemstone?


none Fluorescence and medium blue what's the difference

Diamond Fluorescence


none Fluorescence and medium blue what's the differenceFluorescence – Fifth criteria you need to consider other than the 4Cs

What is Fluorescence in a Diamond?

Diamond with fluorescence, contain particles that emit a soft coloured glow when exposed to ultra-violet lighting (UV-Light). There is a tendency to emit such glow, under ultraviolet (UV) rays from natural sunlight and fluorescent lamps. Such glow could emit a bluish or yellowish light. In certain cases, strong blue fluorescence can cause the diamond to appear milky or hazy. Fluorescence in the diamond are categorise to faint, medium, strong blue and very strong blue.

Does Fluorescence affect Diamond’s value?

Nearly 30% of the diamond in the market, exhibit fluorescent properties under ultraviolet light source. Prices of diamond varies from the 4Cs(Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut), and from the degree of fluorescent. Some consider fluorescent as a negative characteristic, as such they command a lower price as compared to non-fluorescent diamonds.

Fluorescent can be an advantage or disadvantage to different colour grade of diamonds. In the colourless (D, E, F, G, etc), the diamond tends to look blur or milky. As for lower colours (I, J, K, L, etc.), they appear more colourless to white.

Purchase a Diamond with Fluorescence?

  • Verify the diamond GIA certification and physical diamond under UV-light source.
  • Same as coloured gemstones, view the diamond under natural daylight, as sunlight contains UV rays.
  • Some fluorescence might exhibit yellow, which might further intense the lower colour (H, I, J) grade diamonds.
  • If price of the diamond is the top priority, compare both fluorescence and non-fluorescent, of similar quality in order to decide whether you can see any difference in colour or clarity.

Customised a Diamond ring for a proposal?

Looking for an customised engagement ring? Whether is the 4Cs(Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut), or fluorescence in the diamond. It boil down to your main priority of an ideal diamond you have in mind. With a lower grade colour (H, I, J), we   custom made  the ring in natural white gold, as we take into consideration on the yellow in the diamond. This is one of the many details we look into in every bespoke jewellery.