Customised blue sapphire engagement with halo round diamond surrounding the coloured gemstone | Local Singapore Bespoke jewellery

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Blue Sapphire Gemstone in Halo Brilliant Diamond Customised Engagement Ring

This proposal ring is composed of blue sapphire in an octagon shape. The rich ocean-blue shade is bound to elevate the intimacy in your relationship. The composition of this proposal ring is brilliant, is further magnifies with surrounded halo brilliant diamonds. Blue sapphires are immensely valued as the perfect gem for heirlooms; you will be compelled to treasure this ring for seven lives.

Congratulation to Yang & Suyi!

Wishing both a wonderful journey and eternity love in your new life together. 

Customised Proposal Ring

A halo diamonds setting around the sapphire heightens the ring’s capability to glisten. This halo of diamonds also assure a bright and positive mood throughout your wedding ceremony. Customised by Yang as a surprise proposal, the composition is made ideal to the bride’s liking and the gem is picked out to be a flawless choice. The significant 3.8ct size of the gem makes the ring seem grand and royal. This regal look is further brought out by the unique cut of blue sapphire. The surrounding four prongs lock the gem like they are a safe haven. This celestial ring is the absolute example for intimacy.

Bi Tourmaline coloured gemstone jewel custom set with Halo Diamond Ring | Local customised Jeweller

Bi-Tourmaline Halo Diamond Ring

Bi Tourmaline coloured gemstone jewel custom set with Halo Diamond Ring | Local customised Jeweller


The royalty of this ring can be seen through a number of its features. The gemstone is a bi-coloured tourmaline in a step-cut(emerald), a combination of pink and green colour shade in the gem. Tourmaline is renowned for “Bi-coloured”, “Tri-colour” tourmaline and “Paraiba” with copper and manganese. The rose-gold 18k (750) of the ring flawlessly pair with the gem’s pink colour. The ring is also customised with an elegant halo setting of round brilliant diamonds. This setting provides grace as the ring’s size becomes substantial and strengthens a petite hand.

Bi Tourmaline coloured gemstone jewel custom set with Halo Diamond Ring | Local customised Jeweller

Customised ring does not necessarily be custom made for a special event, it can be a ring for daily wear. The ring will fulfil your hobby to hoard and add on to your jewelry collection. The numerous features that the ring displays are salient in nature. This ring proves to be fitting for a casual street style wear.



Emerald-cut diamond Proposal Ring for wedding engagement | Customised wedding proposal ring with round brilliant, cushion, emerald cut diamond at GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Emerald-cut Diamond Proposal Ring

Emerald-cut diamond Proposal Ring | Customised wedding proposal ring at GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Heartfelt congratulation to both Neil and Pauline! May every day be happy and beautiful for the lovely couple. We are so glad to be part of your wedding proposal!

The Proposal Ring 

A frame of sparkling pavé stones surrounds the single, luminous emerald-cut diamond. The nearly impeccable, magnificent jewel was chosen by the couple for its clear shine, just like on a cloudless day. The step-cut diamond brings out the flawless beauty of this brilliant 1.20 carat diamond. Set in a perfectly shaped shank adorned with pavé diamonds to enhance the diffusion of light, this diamond engagement ring is an ideal way to say I love you.

The design of this ring is an eternal favourite, the unique customised setting and quality of the ring has a definite GIOIA touch. It is an exceptional piece of jewellery featuring the iconic, glamorously timeless splendour of the micropavé band. The delicate design of this ring is tantalizingly feminine. At GIOIA, we takes pride in the selection of the right jewel and a perfect setting, where each ring is meticulously handcrafted to ensure that the graceful elegance of the diamond is preserved.

Capturing the strength of an intense, vivid love, this stunning proposal ring is perfect for stacking with the wedding band. Embodying the delicate beauty of classic designs, the diamond ring is fit for the queen of your heart!