Solitaire four prong Diamond

Four Prongs Setting

Featuring a center brilliant cut round diamond, 1.30ct ideal cut, on a solid band, set with four prongs.  Design and crafted to stand out the solitaire diamond. Classic wedding engagement ring for daily wear, simple yet elegant diamond ring.

Shape of the main stone plays an important part on which prongs setting. Take sapphire and emerald for example, they are usually cushion or emerald cut shape. The four prongs setting which spread evenly apart, fits nicely to the edges of those shapes.

Four & Six Prongs

With 2 lesser prongs holding on the diamond, you have more visibility of it which in turn allow more light to enter the diamond. This prong setting, exhibit the most brilliance of the diamond. Unlike the six prong setting, it required additional link between the four prongs for better security. Four prongs setting is recommended when you are working on a smaller size main stone, as the prong does not overwhelm the main stone.

Unsure of what customised ring setting suit you the most? It can be a headache when it comes to ring setting. Worry not, as we walk you through the range of engagement ring. Do not restrict to just four or six prong setting. You can explore into bezel or other non-traditional prong setting in our bespoke series. More of our bespoke collection, click on “Highlights“!

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