Red Garnet and imperial Topaz - Unique Wedding Ring | Local Singapore customised jeweler for wedding engagement ring

Congratulation to both Kenneth and his Fiancee! Congratulation and wishing you both a lifetime happiness and blissful marriage.

Propose to her with an engagement ring studded with both your birthstone?

Featuring a pair of red garnet and imperial topaz, customised engagement ring from our bespoke collection. Handcrafted in (750) 18k natural white gold, set with round brilliance diamond. The artistically crafted engagement ring tells the tale of both heartfelt love story. The combination of birthstones give a memorable meaning, that holds significance in your life.

The red garnet gemstone signifies the love, purity, and courage that are considered essential in marital life. Imperial topaz prevents the negativity from entering the life. So, the potent combination of birthstones will make your married life filled with love and positivity. The unique wedding ring, is exclusive as the design is custom-made just for both.


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