Tanzanite Cluster Ring with stackable wedding bands
Tanzanite Wedding Rings

This design is an exceptional engagement ring featuring a cushion Tanzanite as the main gem, customised in a cluster design with diamond, marquise pink sapphire and Paraiba Tourmaline. This unique design has been opted by a couple, where we started off from the selection of Tanzanite and cluster coloured gem to the overall design of the engagement ring, followed by the wedding bands. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The couple who had this wedding ring customised truly found beauty in the cluster of gemstones.

Customised Wedding Rings

What was challenging was that the customised design required more detailing than any other solitaire gemstone ring. The arrangement of gemstones and the ring colour combination demanded intense brainstorming sessions. The couple also opted for a wedding band which could be stacked with the engagement ring. They wanted the design to stack seamlessly rather than leaving any gap between the rings.

Customised Wedding Bands

The wedding band for the man, might not have Tanzanite similar as the ladies engagement ring, it has been designed and artistically crafted to match with the ladies band. This set features pretty, shimmering engagement ring and bands of love. The ladies band is slender and has been gently curved to be stackable with the engagement ring. It has been polished to a bright shine and is certain to be cherished. The look is unique with the milgrain pave rose gold, gives a touch of vintage feel for the modern wedding band. The wedding band for the gentleman features a simple yet sophisticated look. This elegant set chosen by the couple is an outward celebration of the loving commitment they have for each other. 

Rose Gold Customised Wedding Bands
Customised Wedding Bands

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