Ruby Earring – Pigeon Blood

It can be quite a challenging task to pair coloured gemstones unlike diamonds which is colourless. This can be even more daunting if the gems involved in the design are emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. We have one of the most sought-after gems in our collection which is the unheated pigeon blood ruby. It is not easy to come across this gem even a single piece due to its rarity. The process demands tedious sorting through hundreds of quality rubies. We perform thorough checks and scanning on every single ruby for its cut, clarity, and colour. The rarity is further enhanced as we consider the saturation and intensity while selecting rubies.

Matching Ruby

We have a collection of finest rare gems. However, a matching pair of ruby for earring can take up months or more. Sourcing quality gems sometimes takes almost a year. Some designs demand modification of the shape of gem for matching the other one. This would further result in sacrificing the weight of a precious gem in order to achieve a matching pair earring.

Ruby Earring – Pigeon Blood

This design features heart-shaped rubies which possess an exceptional lustre and high saturation. These heart-shaped ruby earrings is a fine piece of customised jewellery that has been custom designed with finest quality pigeon blood rubies that is unheated, without enhancement. Set in yellow gold, the prongs complement the ruby for an overall harmonious look. The marquise and round diamonds render a flora theme to this custom design. These resemble more like a stalk of rose bringing out the brilliance from the design.

Ruby unheated Pigeon Blood Earring

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