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Ruby Pendant – Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Wedding Jewellery Customised Pendant Jewellery

This vividly designed ruby wedding jewellery is a perfect wedding gift with a sentimental meaning contained in the design. It features a unique pigeon blood ruby in a jewellery pendant customised by the sisters of the bride. The design carries their warm wishes and blessings for their beloved sister entering into wedlock. The sisters of the bride were looking for a precious ruby gem that could signify the special role of a sister. The design not just features an elegant pendant but is packed with emotion and unconditional love the sisters have for each other.

Customised Ruby Pendant

This customised pendant has been designed with the most elusive marquise shape diamond to add a touch of brilliance to the vivid red ruby. It exhibits an air of elegance chic for the modern bride. It truly makes a grand gesture and is truly a stunner. The captivating design makes it a perfect present for the bride of the decade. Crafted in a sleek design, this pendant would remind the bridge of the precious moments that she has shared with her sisters.

This elegant and timeless design is complete with pigeon blood ruby that is truly unique and sparkling. This custom design pendant will never go out of style and would be a long-lasting piece of jewellery that can be passed down as heirloom jewellery for the next generation. This dazzling and richly hued design is a true reminder of the pure bond and love between siblings.      

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