Highlights - Customised jewellery bespoke diamond gemstone jadeite in The New Paper Customised Jewellery Boutique shop in SingaporeSingapore based customised boutique jeweller.

Exceptional Jewellery with Exquisite Craftsmanship

Looking for some dazzling diamond to surprise your partner with?

GIOIA Fine Jewellery might just be the right place to buy that special something.

Ms Cheryl Woon, a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, has been making jewellery since 2010. She opened GIOIA Fine Jewellery in 2016 and has been dedicating all her time and effort into creating beautiful bespoke jewellery.


Ms Woon handpicks rare gemstones from all over the world, ensuring that they are only top quality selections.

She then follows the entire production process from start to finish. Every design is first sketched and then handcrafted. Customers can be assured that anything purchased will be of great quality.

Despite the amount of effort, the bespoke jewellery pieces offered by GIOIA Fine Jewellery are still priced very affordably.


It is very common for people to design their jewellery these days. Whether you are looking to design a one-of-a-kind customised engagement ring or unique customised wedding bands. Re-design existing jewellery, or change loose gemstones on your vintage pieces. GIOIA Fine Jewellery will be able to offer you a wide range of options.

Step into our boutique store and get advise on natural coloured gemstones, Akoya pearls and even traditional grade A jades.

Looking to get a unique high-quality gem? Try looking at the spinel gemstones. These beautiful stones are some of the most rare, fine and durable stones. They are commonly mistaken for rubies because of their vibrant red colour, similarity in chemical composition and are found in the same area.

Other than red, spinel comes in various colours like pink, blue, violet, purple and lavender.

Head on down to GIOIA Fine Jewellery and start creating your very own luxury unique piece.

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