customised ruby gemstone

4.85 carat Natural Unheated Ruby

Heart-shaped cut ruby gemstones, are the ideal shape for those looking for romantic jewellery. The red in ruby and shape, resemble the passionate love.

Might not be loupe clean clarity nor remarkable fire. The shape and size of this rare gemstone, is never easy to source in the market without a well established network.

This gentlemen spent more than six months, walking around different gemstone jewellery stores for his desired ruby shape and size. Until he came to us, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Our coloured gemstone are source all over the world, pior to the orgin of the gemstones. With well established networking and close follow up services. We managed to present him with two heart shaped rubies, within a week time.

Natural unhearted ruby with the size of 4.0carat are rare in the market. They are usually cut in oval or cushion, due to the nature of its shape during mining. In order to retain the maximum carat weight of the gemstone, they are hardly cut into fancy shape such as heart-shaped, brilliant round or perfect square. Such shapes required more wastage, as a result in lower carat weight on the final piece.

Watch this space! Designing and customised work for this heart-shaped is in the process. Check out our latest posts at Highlights.


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