Royal Blue Sapphire unheated coloured gemstone, customised an engagement ring for a once in a lifetime proposal - Custom made it with round brilliant diamond halo surrounding the blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke jewellery

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Royal Blue Sapphire

An engagement wedding ring depicts a vow for togetherness until infinity. It embarks the journey to endlessness along with your partner. This wedding ring will never let you down through the voyage, rendering as your loved one. It features a royal blue Sapphire, glorifying your relationship. The shades of this regal gemstone symbolise the ocean, deep enough to have its own universe. Acquire your universe through this majestic engagement ring and become its king with your queen. The premium pricing manifests the glorious nature of the unheated sapphire, aggrandises its worth and reflects a rarity of an authentic treasure. Cherishing the singularity, securing this engagement ring which makes your marriage itself one of a kind!

Congratulation to Jun Xiang and Yanying, may your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness!

Customised Engagement Ring

The engagement ring also put forth a glimmer of a halo diamond setting, heightening its splendour. Placed side by side, these diamonds mirror your relations truly, where you will walk alongside your partner in heat as well as rain. Holding her hand close, you take a pledge to be by her side, protecting her at all cost. Similarly, the typical four-prong setting of this customised ring ensures the protection of blue Sapphire. Through this engagement ring, empower yourself to grace your loved one.  

Halo Blue Sapphire Ring | Unique halo diamond setting with blue sapphire | Personalised jewellery - Local Customized Jeweler in Singapore

Halo Blue Sapphire Ring

Halo Blue Sapphire Ring | Unique halo diamond setting with blue sapphire | Personalised jewellery - Local Customized Jeweler in Singapore

Natural unheated blue sapphire, customized to timeless halo diamond ring

Exceptional blue and vibrant in colour, finely crafted in 18k (750) gold, with round brilliant diamonds setting. Precious unheated blue sapphire, with excellent vivid colour shade, clarity and cut.

Making an ideal choice for engagement ring or heirloom jewellery for generation and centuries. This beautiful statement ring makes one-of-a-kind, lasting impression that will always stand out in a crowd with stunning, deep intense blue.

Discover the different range of dazzling and deep royal sapphire, in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Customized and couture to your style, from vintage-inspired to modern and timeless piece.

Customized Jewellery

Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customized and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.