Modern Men's Ring with Geometric Blue Spinel Customised Wedding Rings in white gold

Modern Men’s Ring

Yellow Sapphire Modern Men's Ring
Contemporary Modern Men’s Ring

Exceptional gift with customised modern men’s ring

Make this Father’s day a special one with a personalise and contemporary custom-made modern men’s ring. This bespoke ring encased in champagne gold oozes style. With a yellow sapphire sitting neatly on the gleaming band, his finger ring is set to define one’s unique style statement. Wish to gift your man or dad an ornament of love for daily wear?

Contemporary men jewellery not only showcases personal style and confidence, but also challenges the notion that fine jewelry is exclusively for women. Bespoke for men of all ages, this unique and custom-made piece truly merits your thoughtful consideration!

Custom made Design Ring

The light tone of yellow adorns the ring-like peaking streams of sunlight at dawn. The smooth contour of the symmetrically carved out ring makes adds to its brilliance. The band’s finishing in a brush matt tone exuberates a trendy and sleek polish to the organic jewellery piece. The masculine hands achieve a dapper look when blended with champagne gold polish. Be it for any occasion, this men’s jewellery ring qualifies as a stellar choice regardless of who wears it. 

Sapphire Men’s Ring

The modern sapphire ring for men has been customised with a yellow-coloured high-grade sapphire cut in an octagonal shape. Unlike the classic cushion, this modified emerald step-cut exhibits a prominent brilliance from its rectilinear facets. While the shape of this precious crowning gem adds to the dimension of the men’s ring, the unheated sapphire glistens in its character. The non-conventional positioning of the yellow sapphire adds valour to this exclusive piece of men’s jewellery. 

Contemporary modern men’s ring that complement any outfit

Consider this modern men’s ring as a stunning accessory to gift your beloved if you are searching for gifting options. Neither too broad nor too dainty, this classy design is a perfect choice to match your man’s style and modern sense. The best part is that it can complement any outfit without making one look out of place. A ring any day makes a safer option, especially when you’re shopping for personlised jewellery for men or a customised ring yourself.

Blue Sapphire Astrology Modern Men's Ring
Sapphire Astrology Modern Men’s Ring

Astrology Men’s Ring

Personalised astrology ring boost fortune and wellness

With a focus on personal astrology and beliefs to enhance fortune and wellness. This unique modern men’s ring is custom-made to suit your preferences. The centrepiece of the design is a striking unheated vivid Royal Blue sapphire personally selected by the gentleman. Surrounded by a touch of astrology in the form of trio amethyst on each side, further complemented by round brilliant diamonds.

Modern Men's Ring Design with Imperial Topaz as wedding band
Mens Wedding Rings with Gemstone

Men’s Wedding Ring

Contemporary elegance and individuality Men’s jewellery

At the heart of this modern men’s wedding ring lies a captivating imperial topaz, symbolises strength, balance, and ambition. Encased within a horizontal bezel setting, the gemstone takes center stage, drawing admiration and envy in equal measure.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed the band with a seamless blend of artistry and innovation. It is forged in classic yellow gold with handcrafted in modern brush matt. Expertly crafted with multi geometrical facets, it certainly emanates a contemporary allure that effortlessly captures attention. Additionally, the harmonious union between the precious metal and the imperial topaz signifies the bond of love and commitment that a wedding band represents.

Unique Modern Men’s Wedding Band

To further accentuate its modern appeal, this modern mens wedding band is thoughtfully finished with a brushed matte texture. Hence adding a touch of understated refinement to the striking bright yellow. This unique textural element set it an ideal choice for the discerning groom seeking a distinctive accessory.

While designed as the perfect wedding band, this remarkable piece effortlessly transcends its role. At the same time doubling as a striking men’s jewellery item for everyday wear. Versatile and timeless, it also complements any ensemble, from casual attire to formal wear. A modern men’s ring elevating the wearer’s style with an air of sophistication.

Bespoke Gemstone Modern Men’s Ring

At GIOIA, each piece is customised to reflect the wearer’s personality and style preferences. Our bespoke service ensures that every detail, from the choice of gemstone to the design of the band, is aligned with your vision. You will be assured with our fullest attention and commitment to excellence in crafted every personalised jewellery of your own.

Ruby and Blue Sapphire ring for customised set | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

Bespoke Ruby & Sapphire Ring

Ruby and Blue Sapphire ring for customised set | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

Restyle Jewellery

Men wear beautiful rings as accessories too! The sapphire ring for the men, with its design and existing gemstone was brought to us to redesign for a couple ring. Feeling bored of your existing jewellery pieces, they can be redesigned too. It is not necessary to purchase new gemstone, as quality ones are tougher to source nowadays. Get it redesigned and add elegant waves to your attire with bespoke jewellery.

The other for the lady with a floral design on the ring, having leaves detailing and branches finishing on the bands on the ring give a natural look and easily blend in with any attire. Custom made with a oval ruby – signify love, your unwavering love for rings! If you love to add a dashing colour of red to your attire or you’re just in love with rubies, well who isn’t? Then this is totally it for you.

Ruby and Sapphire

Ruby and sapphire stones are popular options for fine jewelry, and it becomes one of the best options when set in a ring. This ruby flora ring and a sapphire men’s ring is literally one of the best exquisite options when searching for the right gemstone that befits your fingers.

When it comes to bespoke jewellery, the design can classic or versatile design for multiple wear. No standardisation to the design, and each final creation speak a unique story.

Ruby and Blue Sapphire gemstone ring for customised set ring with round brilliant diamonds and natural flow designs | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

customised emerald mens ring | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Jeweller

Customised Emerald Men’s Ring

customised emerald mens ring | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Jeweller

Unique & Modern Bespoke Men’s Ring

2.18ct Zambian Emerald, set in half bezel and round brilliant diamonds in full bezel setting, with (750) 18k gold. A fine gentlemen ring with a touch of luxury. Custom made to the wearer’s birthstone and fengshui element.

Design from sketch and handcrafted, absolutely stunning for daily wear. With our Bespoke collection, all design and idea is made possible! Share with us your inspiration and design in mind today!

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a wide range of coloured gemstones and grade A jade. Every piece of fine jewellery, tells a unique story. More details in Highlights!

Custom made men ring - Local Singapore Customised Jeweler

Custom made men’s ring

Custom made men ring - Local Singapore Customised Jeweler

Looking for a custom made men’s ring designed to your style? A unique spade shape, handcrafted in Onyx. Surrounded with brilliant round diamond, with customised pave setting.

Simple and manly men’s ring customised in 18k (750). Handcrafted in a solid design and heavy weight. Unlike the classic ring with hollow base, it is set in fully covered comfort fitting.

If you are thinking of a coloured gemstone for bespoke and customised wedding engagement ring or a ring for daily wear. Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.