Cluster Spinel Ring orange-pink shade instead of solitaire for their wedding engagement in Champagne gold | Singapore Customised Jeweller in Wedding Jewelry.
Cluster Spinel Engagement Ring

Cluster Spinel Ring with Sapphire Gemstone

Engagement Ring Jewellery with Cluster Multi-Coloured Gemstones

This cluster spinel ring with sapphire gemstones is a testament to bespoke elegance and personal storytelling in jewellery design. Crafted for a couple with a love for the extraordinary, this engagement ring diverges from traditional solitaire styles. Embracing a cluster of multi-coloured gemstones that symbolise their unique and everlasting love.

Orange-pink Spinel Gemstone

Central to this nature-inspired creation is an alluring orange-pink spinel. Its unique hue echoes the rare beauty of the Padparadscha sapphire gemstone. One of a kind renowned gem for its delicate interplay of orange and pink shades. This spinel’s placement in the design is strategic, ensuring it captures attention as the ring’s focal point.

Cluster Gemstone Design

Asymmetrical positioned spinel, this cluster spinel ring features a harmonious assembly of gemstones. At the same time, each contributing to the piece’s overall artisanal charm. Round brilliant diamonds, marquise-shaped blue sapphires, and pink sapphires are meticulously arranged, creating a vibrant flora-inspired motif. This choice of gems adds not only colour and sparkle but also a layer of meaning to the ring’s narrative.

The band itself is crafted in champagne gold, with a subtle yellow tint that imparts a warm, inviting glow. This choice of metal complements the gemstones’ radiance, enhancing the ring’s overall aesthetic.

In this cluster spinel ring, every aspect — from the choice of gemstones to the design and the colour of the band — harmonises to create a piece that is both enchanting and expressive.

Personalized Engagement Ring

This uniquely crafted personalized engagement ring stands as a symbol of the couple’s journey and commitment. In fact, with bespoke design at GIOIA, we can have cluster birthstone of the couple to add a touch of personalization. It certainly radiating a magical shimmer that reflects the charm and style of their relationship.

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