Cluster ring with spinel in orange pink shade instead of the classic solitaire for their wedding engagement, crafted in natural white gold band | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in Wedding and Engagement ring with coloured gemstones.
Cluster Engagement Ring

This nature inspired delight was chosen to mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship. This customised design boasts of structural magnificence featuring a dazzling orange-pink spinel occupying the prime spot. The unique shade of this spinel resemble the rarest of all sapphire, Padparadscha sapphire which is known for its subtle shade of orange and pink. The couple who opted for this customised ring had a penchant for something extraordinary. They decided on a cluster ring instead of the classic solitaire for their wedding engagement.

Customised Cluster Ring

With thorough understanding of their request and our creativity in customised jewellery, we clustered the design with round brilliance diamond, marques shaped blue sapphire and pink sapphire which brings an air of artisanal elegance to this flora design ring. Bursting with enchanting design, this splendid ring was crafted in natural white gold band with a faint yellow shade to impart a warm feel. Radiant with exquisite gemstones, this engagement ring exudes a charming style in every sense. The glamorous setting creates an effect of magical shimmer.    

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