unheated ruby gemstone custom set for wedding engagement ring, and stackable with wedding bands ring | Local Singapore customised Jeweller in Wedding Jewellery

This customised wedding ring that features an unheated ruby, has a vivid and radiant shade of pinkish red colour. The perfect gemstone for a woman is ruby as it has a feminine charisma to it. The shades of a ruby lie between pink to pigeon blood red ruby colour. Also known to be a cardinal gem, ruby is a traditionally acceptable and renowned coloured gemstone. The shade of ruby is a determining factor in its quality and brilliance. Distinctive in nature for being a precious stone, ruby is profoundly valued to be used in ceremonial and religious occasions.

Congratulation to Josiah and Geraldine on the engagement! Wishing you both a wonderful journey filled with love and happiness.

Customised Wedding Rings

The customised design set by both the couple, their request in the rings are met by proficiency and finesse. The crafters’ expertise is further visible in the elegance of these wedding bands. The diamonds are set in gradual sizes at an angle, where the central stone lies within the grasp of a six prong setting. This setting defines ruby as the prime gem. All the bands are custom made in rose gold, giving a parallel look creating a bond. The same colour shade of these bands also is customised to stun the entire event through its classiness. Epitomising a perfectly aligned relation, these wedding band will carry your love with your partner through thick and thin.

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