Ruby Engagement Ring pigeon blood ruby gemstone customised leaves inspired design

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Engagement Ring - vivid red ruby with side trillion and round brilliance diamond customised engagement Ring
Ruby Engagement Ring – Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone

Customised Ruby Engagement Ring

A Symbol of Passion and Romance

Significance of Engagement Ring

Wedding engagement rings are are profound symbols of lifelong commitment and love. Each ring holds the promise of forever, symbolising vows of absolute trust and eternal affection. Choosing a gemstone engagement ring enhances these sentiments, especially when it features an exclusive, high-quality gemstone like this unheated “Pigeon Blood” ruby, known for its rarity and exceptionally vivid red saturation. Passionate ruby engagement ring personalised design with your partner preference and style significantly enhances the success of your marriage proposal!

Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone Ring with Halo and Twisted Diamond Ring
Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone Ring with Halo and Twisted Diamond Ring

Why Ruby Gemstone?

Luxury and Emotional Significance

Ruby gemstones are the epitome of luxury in the world of coloured gemstones, with the certified unheated “Pigeon Blood” variant standing out due to its unparalleled beauty and rarity. This extraordinary gem is not just visually stunning but also emotionally significant, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings.

The Allure of Ruby Historical Significance: Let’s delve into the rich history of this red crown jewel gemstone. Ruby gemstones have been coveted by royalty for centuries, treasured as symbols of passion, protection, and prosperity. Fast forward to modern world with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and modern world, precious gemstone such as ruby is still irreplaceable. Due to the wide global demand for fine quality unheated rubies, prices has skyrocket over the past few years.

Desirable Qualities: Rubies are a favoured choice for fine jewelry, and gemstone collectors, particularly engagement rings. Their deep red colour is often associated with love and emotion, making them a perfect emblem for a union and everlasting love.

Ruby Engagement Rings Design and Craftsmanship: At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we offer customised bespoke designs that showcase our exceptional craftsmanship. Our custom settings, including the secure four-prong design and micro-set diamonds, are tailored to enhance the magnificence of the central ruby, making each ruby engagement ring a masterpiece.

Styles that Highlight Ruby: Explore various ring styles such as solitaire, halo, and vintage designs that especially highlight the ruby’s visual appeal. Ensuring that each design uniquely celebrates the stone’s beauty. At the same time understand your partner’s preference and style of design, from timeless classic, modern geometric or natural floral inspired. An Art Deco or vintage ruby engagement ring with filigree detailing will undoubtedly endure as a timeless heirloom piece.

Choosing the Right Ruby Gemstone: It’s crucial to consider factors like colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight when selecting a ruby. Whether is it heated or unheated, for quality assurance most of our fine quality rubies are internationally certified. Rest assured we will guide you through the selection of the perfect ruby gemstone for your engagement ring, emphasising the importance on these factors.

Ruby Engagement Ring with Personalisation Process: At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we collaborate closely with our master craftsman, transforming our client ideas into a beautifully realised vision. Micro manage each procedure starting from the hand drawn design, professional computer rendering to end production.

Expert Guidance: Emphasise on quality control and smooth workflow process in each project, ensuring every customised jewellery piece not only meets but exceeds expectations in both design and symbolism.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring - Fine Jewelry Ruby - Singapore Customised Ruby Engagement Ring with bespoke design
Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring – Fine Jewelry Ruby

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A customised ruby engagement ring is an exquisite and meaningful choice, symbolising deep emotional significance and breathtaking beauty. Which is why at GIOIA, we do not sell the ruby gemstone in ready made pieces unlike other common retailer. Reason as each coloured gemstone especially fine quality unheated ruby pigeon blood is extremely rare. Whether is it oval ruby engagement ring or simple just a timeless ruby side stone engagement ring. You have to like the particular ruby gemstone, before we move on into discussion on design inspiration.

Contact us at GIOIA Fine Jewellery for a personalised design experience, ensuring their gemstone engagement ring is as timeless as your love today!

Engagement ring features an unheat vivid red ruby rare gemstone. With a liking for flora design, we customised this engagement ring with marquise diamond with flora leaves and petals in rose gold surrounding the ruby gemstone | Local Singapore Jeweller in engagement ring and wedding jewellery.

Engagement Ring Ruby

Engagement ring Ruby features an unheat vivid red ruby rare gemstone. Flora leaves in marquise diamonds and petals in rose gold surrounding the ruby Ring
Customised Engagement Ring – Ruby

Customised Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Ruby Flora Inspired Design

Embark on a journey into the extraordinary with this regal and radiant engagement ring ruby. Dedicatedly customised by a discerning gentleman for his beloved fiancée. At the heart of this statement jewellery lies a fascination with the rare and the unique design. Blending the allure of flora-inspired design with the exquisite charm of an unheated ruby.

At the beginning, the design journey unfolded as the client shared his fiancée’s penchant for flora motifs and an appreciation for understated elegance. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we embraced this vision, crafting an unparalleled design that intertwines marquise diamonds resembling delicate flora leaves. Subsequently crafting it with rose gold petals enveloping the captivating unheated ruby at the center. The result is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring ruby that breathes life into simplicity.

Vivid Red Ruby

The ruby gemstone, a true marvel, steals the spotlight with its unheated, vivid red hue that sets it apart in the realm of gemstones. This captivating gem exhibits a saturation and vibrancy that defy conventional expectations, creating a visual symphony that is simply unparalleled. The rarity of an unheated ruby of this caliber elevates its desirability, making it a treasured gem for discerning collectors.

A Symbol of Enduring Beauty

Choosing a vivid red ruby is more than an aesthetic decision; it’s an investment in a piece of the earth’s enduring beauty. This gemstone’s rich colour and natural warmth make it an ideal centerpiece for jewellery that speaks of deep, enduring bonds and timeless elegance.

Crafting Legacy with Vivid Red Ruby

When set into a piece of fine jewellery, the vivid red ruby transforms the item into a legacy, a testament to the enduring appeal of natural beauty unmarred by time. Each glance at the gem’s deep red is a reminder of the forces that shaped it, offering not just a piece of jewellery but a slice of the earth’s magnificent tapestry.

Ruby Gemstone

The value of the ruby gemstone transcends mere monetary considerations; it is a symbol of enduring passion and sophistication. As one of the most sought-after gems globally, the unheated nature of this ruby further elevates its prestige among gem collectors. In a world where beauty is often sought after, this engagement ring ruby stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the ruby—capturing hearts and transcending trends with its inherent brilliance, hardness, and captivating colour. Truly, a gem beyond compare.

Custom Engagement Ring Ruby

This engagement ring, meticulously handcrafted in rose gold, serves as the perfect canvas to enhance the ruby’s natural brilliance and shade. The band’s graceful flow adds a touch of liveliness, harmonising with the organic theme of the flora-inspired design. This bespoke creation symbolises love and commitment in the couple. Lastly and most importantly it stands as a testament to the rarity and timeless allure of unheated rubies.

Heartshape Ruby Pigeonblood skilfully cut in well symmetry and polish to give an exceptional brilliance in the ruby. Crafted from sketch to a unique wedding engagement ruby ring | Customised Engagement by local Singapore customised jewellery in wedding jewellery.
Engagement Ring Ruby Heart-Shape
Ruby Sapphire Ring Ribbon Inspired Fine Jewellery

Ruby Sapphire Ring

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Ring Stackable Heirloom

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring

Discover the enchantment of signature rings featuring the mesmerising dance of ruby and sapphire. Imagine the beauty of a stellar piece of jewellery gracing your fingers, a plush ruby sapphire ring that whispers tales of romance and luxury. Each piece, a heart-melting gift, embodies a unique blend of these cherished gems, offering variants for every heirloom collection.

Embrace the Majesty : Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Featuring royal blue sapphire the most sought-after colour shade in blue sapphire. The intense blue colour of the sapphire ring adds a royal touch to the intricate design. Strings of sparkling diamonds arranged in loops over the unheated solitaire sapphire gem complement it in the form of a bow. A quaint tiny pink spinel sitting prettily on one side of the ring breaks the monotony of this stunning bespoke blue sapphire and diamond ring.

Vivid Allure : Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring

Finest quality and eye-catching vivid red pigeon blood ruby. The fiery red ruby sits as the crown in the centre of this ruby and diamond ring and has a miniature sapphire crafted beside it. Both these timeless gem-studded rings can be passed on for generations to come. You can swear by the cut, colour and clarity of every gemstone used in crafting this heirloom ring. Symmetrical and practical, these fine quality ring with diamond and individual rare gem exuberant style and elegance.

The white gold base gives each of these jewellery pieces a robust appearance, boasting a shape that smoothly glides into your finger. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we do not just design these exquisitely designed ruby sapphire rings as usual fine jewelry. They are timeless heirloom masterpiece jewelry which symbols of love, luxury, and legacy. Whether worn individually or stacked to create a jeweled band, they make an indelible statement.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Ruby Sapphire Ring for Generations to Come

These heirloom statement ruby sapphire ring were designed by a lady to create one-of-a-kind jewellery for both her daughters. The jewellery piece can be nothing less than the finest quality of ruby and sapphire. Bespoke design a pair of sentimental jewellery that will never go out of style.

Uniquely Crafted Anniversary Gift

Surprise your beloved wife on your wedding anniversary or gift it to your soul sister or your beloved mother to make her birthday special. This bespoke ruby sapphire ring can make a cherished ornament for gifting anyone on any occasion.

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Stackable Fine Jewellery
Vivid Red Ruby Gemstone Ring - Ruby gemstone source directly from Mozambique to Burma, known for its quality and high saturated colour. Singapore Customised Jeweller in heated and unheated ruby gemstone jewellery and ring for wedding jewellery and engagement ring

Vivid Red Ruby Ring

Red Ruby Ring - Customised Gemstone Engagement Ring with vivid red ruby gemstone. Singapore Custom jeweller in finest quality ruby gemstone
Red Ruby Ring with Halo Diamond

Elegant Ruby Ring with Sparkling Diamonds

Discover the stunning beauty of this vivid red ruby ring, featuring a bright, vivid red ruby at its heart. This masterpiece is encircled by the brilliant shimmer of diamonds, creating a spectacular display of elegance. Crafted on a rose gold band, this ruby ring offers an additional layer of warmth and radiance. The unique setting of diamonds, resembling blooming flowers. Perfectly complements the central red ruby, and also enhancing its vibrant colour and allure.

Ruby Gemstone: A Symbol of Passion

Generally ruby, known for its deep and passionate red hue, is a gemstone that captures attention. Its bold colour is a symbol of love and vitality. Hence making it a popular choice for fine jewelry that makes a statement. The ruby gemstone in this ring is especially captivating, with its rich and saturated vivid red colour. At the same time stands out against the sparkle of diamonds.

Quality is paramount in our selection of rubies at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. We source our ruby gemstones directly from reputable mines in Tanzania, Mozambique and Burma. Importantly, making sure each ruby meets our high standards for colour, clarity, and overall quality. The unique beauty of a ruby gemstone comes from its colour, which can vary from fiery orange-red to a deep purplish red. This variation is due to the amount of chromium present in the stone.

Vivid Red vs. Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

The ruby gemstone featured in this ruby ring boasts a vivid red hue, known for its brightness and strong saturation. Vivid red rubies are treasured for their lively and intense colour, which lights up any piece of jewelry. On the other hand, pigeon blood red rubies are famous for their slightly intense shade. In addition, without purplish or orange undertone that adds depth and intensity to the stone’s appearance. Pigeon blood rubies often have a strong fluorescence, especially in Burma origin. Hence making them glow warmly from within and appear exceptionally bright under any light.

Both vivid red and pigeon blood red rubies are highly valued, but each offers a distinct look. Vivid red rubies are sought after for their pure and strong red colour, making them stand out remarkably.

Pigeon blood rubies are highly prized for their deep colour and vivid saturation. Glowing warmth shade, marking them as prestigious in the gem world. Whether attracted to the vivid red ruby’s bright allure or the deep, enchanting pigeon blood red. Above all, each shade of red adds unique charm to the customised jewellery.

Customised Vivid Red Ruby Ring Design

When combined with the precision-cut diamonds and the elegant rose gold setting, the ruby’s beauty is amplified. Resulting in a vivid red ruby ring that is both luxurious and enchanting. Experience the luxury and charm of this exquisite piece, and let its beauty shine for years to come. This ruby ring promises not only a testament to timeless design, but also a celebration of the unique qualities. Which is also why, that make rubies one of the most coveted coloured gemstones in the world.

Vivid Red Ruby Gemstone Ring - Ruby gemstone source directly from Mozambique to Burma, known for its quality and high saturated colour. Singapore Customised Jeweller in heated and unheated ruby gemstone jewellery and ring for wedding jewellery and engagement ring
Vivid Red Ruby Ring
unheated ruby gemstone custom set for wedding engagement ring, and stackable with wedding bands ring | Local Singapore customised Jeweller in Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Wedding Ring

unheated ruby gemstone custom set for wedding engagement ring, and stackable with wedding bands ring | Local Singapore customised Jeweller in Wedding Jewellery
Ruby Wedding Ring Set

Ruby Wedding Ring: A Symphony of Love & Elegance

Rubies, with their deep red hues, are more than just gemstones; they are timeless symbols of love and passion. Certainly making them an impeccable choice for unique ruby wedding rings. The vibrant allure of rubies is not just about their breathtaking beauty that attract everyones attention. But also about their enduring nature, standing almost as resilient as diamonds. This remarkable durability makes ruby gemstone an ideal candidate for the center-piece of wedding jewellery, where each piece is a testament to a couple’s everlasting bond.

The Personal Touch of Rubies

Choosing a ruby for your wedding ring brings a deeply personal touch, especially if your significant other celebrates their birthday in July. As the birthstone of July, a ruby wedding ring can be a heartfelt nod to your partner’s individuality, making your once a lifetime proposal a highly success one. And also a token of personal significance.

The Unheated Ruby: A Radiant Heart

Consider the exquisite charm of an unheated ruby, known for its pure and vibrant pinkish-red shade. This particular kind of ruby retains its natural colour and clarity, free from any treatments, making it a rare and genuine expression of love. The feminine charisma exuded by the ruby, with its spectrum ranging from delicate pink to the deep, pigeon blood red, adds an unmatched elegance to the wearer. Renowned as a cardinal gem, the ruby’s shade is a critical hallmark of its quality and brilliance. At the same time, each hue telling a story of depth, passion, and tradition.

A Toast to Love: Celebrating Josiah and Geraldine

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, as we celebrate the engagement of Josiah and Geraldine, their choice of customised ruby wedding rings stands as a beacon of their love and commitment. These bespoke wedding ring, crafted with finesse and expertise, reflect the couple’s unique story and aspirations. The intricate design, featuring diamonds set in graduated sizes leading up to the majestic ruby, encapsulates the essence of their journey together.

Craftsmanship & Customisation: A Union of Artistry & Love

The bespoke wedding bands, envisioned by Josiah and Geraldine, are a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The precision and care taken in their creation are evident in the elegant alignment and the seamless integration of the diamonds. Set in rose gold, these bands symbolise the warmth and enduring nature of their love, with each band mirroring the other, signifying the unity and harmony of their lives together. The choice of rose gold not only adds a modern twist but also enhances the ruby’s rich colour, making the rings a perfect emblem of their bond.

Epilogue: A Journey Embarked Together

As these customised ruby wedding rings find their place on Josiah and Geraldine’s fingers, they become more than just customised jewellery; they become a symbol of their shared journey, filled with love, challenges, and triumphs. The ruby, with its deep red essence, will forever remind them of the passion and love that brought them together. Moving forwards it also guide them through the adventures that lie ahead of your marriage.

In the realm of wedding jewellery, the ruby stands out not just for its stunning beauty but for the depth of meaning it carries. It’s a choice that transcends the ordinary, offering a piece that is as unique and enduring as the love it symbolises.

unheated ruby gemstone custom set for wedding engagement ring, and stackable with wedding bands ring | Local Singapore customised Jeweller in Wedding Jewellery
Ruby Wedding Rings
Modified rose-cut shape Ruby and Diamond, customised to a cluster ring with round brilliant halo diamond | Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke customised fine jewellery - Designer Jewellery with unique personal style

Ruby Diamond Rose Cut

Modified rose-cut shape Ruby and Diamond, customised to a cluster ring with round brilliant halo diamond | Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke customised fine jewellery - Designer Jewellery with unique personal style

Diamond speaks volumes of different emotions, they are priceless. Ruby is the queen in the world of gems, the exquisite vivid red is fiery and captivating. This unique rose cut diamond set with ruby gemstone can speak the entire volumes of priceless on your finger. Thinking of getting something sophisticated yet simple elegant and with a dash of brilliant colours, well here we have a cluster gemstone ring customised with halo round brilliant diamond, black plated gold that gives an outline to the ring.

Customised Fine Jewellery

Unique modified rose cut and marquise shape diamonds, set with a cluster array of ruby gemstones and a halo diamond ring. The ruby and diamond are all set inverted, to showcase the facet cuts. For the love of diamonds and rubies, bring out the hidden glitter in your attire and sets your finger ablaze with eyes which can’t help but look at the radiance emanating from you. Customised jewellery can be simple and elegant or elaborate design depending on individual style.

Ruby and Blue Sapphire ring for customised set | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

Bespoke Ruby & Sapphire Ring

Ruby and Blue Sapphire ring for customised set | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

Restyle Jewellery

Men wear beautiful rings as accessories too! The sapphire ring for the men, with its design and existing gemstone was brought to us to redesign for a couple ring. Feeling bored of your existing jewellery pieces, they can be redesigned too. It is not necessary to purchase new gemstone, as quality ones are tougher to source nowadays. Get it redesigned and add elegant waves to your attire with bespoke jewellery.

The other for the lady with a floral design on the ring, having leaves detailing and branches finishing on the bands on the ring give a natural look and easily blend in with any attire. Custom made with a oval ruby – signify love, your unwavering love for rings! If you love to add a dashing colour of red to your attire or you’re just in love with rubies, well who isn’t? Then this is totally it for you.

Ruby and Sapphire

Ruby and sapphire stones are popular options for fine jewelry, and it becomes one of the best options when set in a ring. This ruby flora ring and a sapphire men’s ring is literally one of the best exquisite options when searching for the right gemstone that befits your fingers.

When it comes to bespoke jewellery, the design can classic or versatile design for multiple wear. No standardisation to the design, and each final creation speak a unique story.

Ruby and Blue Sapphire gemstone ring for customised set ring with round brilliant diamonds and natural flow designs | Resetting jewellery with bespoke jewellery

Heartshape Ruby Gemstone

customised ruby gemstone

4.85 carat Natural Unheated Ruby

Heart-shaped cut ruby gemstones, are the ideal shape for those looking for romantic jewellery. The red in ruby and shape, resemble the passionate love.

Might not be loupe clean clarity nor remarkable fire. The shape and size of this rare gemstone, is never easy to source in the market without a well established network.

This gentlemen spent more than six months, walking around different gemstone jewellery stores for his desired ruby shape and size. Until he came to us, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Our coloured gemstone are source all over the world, pior to the orgin of the gemstones. With well established networking and close follow up services. We managed to present him with two heart shaped rubies, within a week time.

Natural unhearted ruby with the size of 4.0carat are rare in the market. They are usually cut in oval or cushion, due to the nature of its shape during mining. In order to retain the maximum carat weight of the gemstone, they are hardly cut into fancy shape such as heart-shaped, brilliant round or perfect square. Such shapes required more wastage, as a result in lower carat weight on the final piece.

Watch this space! Designing and customised work for this heart-shaped is in the process. Check out our latest posts at Highlights.