custom made a personalised pendant in 18k gold with necklace chain | local Singapore custom made jeweller

Personalised Pendant

Custom made a personalised pendant with diamond in 18k gold with necklace chain - with coloured gemstones or round diamonds and pearls | local Singapore custom made jeweller

Timeless and memorable Personalised Jewellery

Looking for a personalised gift with sentimental value in them? A personal touch to a gift for a memorable or special moment, and a gift for your own too! Jewellery does not necessary be something brilliant and sparkly, can be unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

A diamond ring might be too overwhelming, or perhaps a gift for man? Consider a customised ring or bangle with his/her birthstone, or name initial. Something unusual that you don’t commonly purchase off the shelf?

Personalised pendant, custom set in 18k(750) rose gold and attached link chain. Handcrafted in a symbol of both love and number “36”, with brilliant round diamond.

Personalised Jewellery

Personalised gift does not restricted to pendant, it can be customised bracelet or any jewellery you can think of. With a personal touch and sentimental value, a jewellery which speak a thousand words.

Our bespoke collection, range from unique wedding ring to timeless heirloom jewellery. Custom set with precious coloured gemstones to brilliance diamond. Be spoilt with a wide range of choices available when it comes to custom made jewellery.

Flora Pearl Diamond Bracelet/Brooch - Akoya Pearl custom made with natural white gold - Unique Pearl Jewellery | GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring for wedding proposal | Local Singapore custom made Jeweller

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Congratulation to both Farhan and Jessica! Congratulation and wishing you both a lifetime happiness and blissful marriage.

Featuring a cornflower blue sapphire, in 18k (750) white gold. The brilliant hue of the gemstone accentuate the beauty of the ring that catches everyone’s eye. Custom set with twisting band and round brilliant diamonds.

Customised engagement ring, start the journey of togetherness as the sweet memory fuel more cherished moments in the future.

Cornflower Blue Colour

Blue cornflower, a national flower of Estonia, they are commonly intense blue with a thin violet shade. This particular colour is used to describe one of the most desired colour in blue sapphires. The vivid blue and highly saturated colour is found in Sri Lanka, as compared to Australia and Thailand, which are usually less dull and blackish in colour.

Cornflower blue is usually one shade lighter than Royal Blue colour. Same as all sapphires, they are commonly heat treated. Colour is one of the most important shade when it comes to coloured gemstones. Looking at the selection of sapphire, we have a range of pastel to deep vivid blue tone.

Customised Engagement Ring

Which colour shade is your preferred colour tone? We have unique bluish green sapphire, to rarest padparadscha sapphire. Getting the right gemstone and colour is a big step to an ideal engagement ring. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, all design is possible with dedicated craftsmanship, every jewellery tell a unique story.

Personalised white gold wedding bands with diamond | Local Customised Wedding Bands

Personalised Wedding Bands

Personalised white gold wedding bands with diamond | Local Customised Wedding Bands

Handcrafted with round brilliant diamonds, and custom set in 18k (750) white gold.

Start your story here

Design your wedding rings with a personal touch. Show your unconditional love, with an exclusive wedding bands.

With no standardisation in our customised wedding bands, discover the beauty of bespoke jewellery. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we offer plenty of brilliant inspiration to different wedding bands. From 18k (750) gold, to platinum, let us walk you through different range of design and material that best suit you!

A love memoirs

Symbol of two hearts united, whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth, you will always remember how the pair of wedding bands is designed and reflects your timeless bond.


One-of-a-kind custom made Halo Spinel Ring | Local Customised Spinel Ring

Halo Spinel Ring

One-of-a-kind custom made Halo Spinel Ring | Local Customised Spinel Ring

Love the brilliant and beauty of halo setting with diamonds? Encirle the centre precious stone, from cushion, round, to pear shapes. With an options of pave or micro setting.

Personalised Halo Ring

Perhaps the classic halo engagement ring seems too common. Purplish grey spinel in emerald cut, halo set with round brilliance diamonds. Zig zag shape on the ring bands, custom made in 18k(750) rose gold, with white gold plated on the diamond side. The best way to stand out is to be yourself, custom made a personalise halo ring, that designed to your style.

Bespoke Jewellery

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have options of classic halos, double halos, and halos with floral details. We create bespoke jewellery out of your ideas and design! It is not as complicated as you used to think. Simply share with use the design you have in mind or came across anywhere. Could be some mixture of raw designs, you want to achieve. We will create a professional sketch, on different perspective view based on your ideas.

The entire process, required close coordination and teamwork with our master craftsman. Rest assured that the final creation surpass your expectation with fine finishing and quality. More of our new designs in “Highlights“!