Pink Spinel with Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Proposal Ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in bespoke wedding ring with pink spinel and coloured gemstone for Wedding Jewellery and Wedding Ring

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring | Customised Gemstone Proposal Ring | Bespoke wedding ring pink spinel & coloured gemstone for Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore.
Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Customised Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Vibrant Hot Pink Spinel Accompanying with Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Gems

This enchanting ring demonstrates a wonderful vintage charm. This pink spinel wedding ring features a vibrant spinel as the main gemstone. The neon bluish-green shade Brazil Paraiba tourmalines used in the sides makes a perfect match for the feminine pink spinel. The colour combination in this wedding ring is beyond perfect.

This gorgeous pink spinel ring has brilliant cut accents staggered on either side of the central gemstone. Bespoke design ring thereby enhancing the striking magnificence of the centre stone. This delicate two-tone masterpiece has a vivid colour combination. The white gold band adds a touch of wonderful detail to this utterly breath-taking design.     

Bespoke Wedding Ring

Spectacularly crafted, this bespoke designed ring was chosen as a wedding ring signifying the loving bond shared by the couple. Exquisite and modern design ring customised to be unique from the commercial rings available in retail stores. The brilliant colour combination along with the exceptional sparkle makes this design truly stand out. Shine bright with this elegant beauty.

The soothing colour of this delicate beauty is certainly going to capture the attention of those around you. This stunning and unique design is all you need to create an eye-catching statement no matter where you go.  

Not sure whether a pink spinel wedding ring is the right coloured shade for you? The cool coloured tone is available in spinel too! We have customised the engagement rings with other shades of spinel such as bluish grey.

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring | Customised Gemstone Proposal Ring | Bespoke wedding ring pink spinel & coloured gemstone for Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore.
Spinel Paraiba Wedding Ring
Bluish Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring with wedding bands - customised with coloured gemstone | Local Bespoke Jeweller in customised jewellery

Tourmaline Engagement Ring

The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. However, if the beauty is as exquisite as these wedding rings, it is natural to be struck with wonder. The 5 prong setting reveals the distinctive and unique nature of the engagement ring. Carefully selected for her delicate hands, the pear-shaped tourmaline gemstone in the ring portray the subtlety of both the couples’ relationship. The elegant sky shade of blue embarks your bond to elevate. Its lightweight represents gentle yet heartfelt emotions.

Customised Wedding Bands

The wedding bands are custom made by both the couple who picked the engagement ring. The custom designs for both men and ladies symbolise their charm. A simplicity rests in the plain design of men’s ring and an intricacy resides in the twisted women’s wedding band.

The engagement ring and the wedding bands align their rose-gold theme, 18k (750). Both have an ordinary appearance, however, their sound construction is clearly reflected, making your marriage eventful.



Solitaire Diamond - customised in four prong ring setting for wedding proposal | Local customised jeweller

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Four Prongs Setting

Featuring a center brilliant cut round diamond, 1.30ct ideal cut, on a solid band, set with four prongs.  Design and crafted to stand out the solitaire diamond. Classic wedding engagement ring for daily wear, simple yet elegant diamond ring.

Shape of the main stone plays an important part on which prongs setting. Take sapphire and emerald for example, they are usually cushion or emerald cut shape. The four prongs setting which spread evenly apart, fits nicely to the edges of those shapes.

Four & Six Prongs

With 2 lesser prongs holding on the diamond, you have more visibility of it which in turn allow more light to enter the diamond. This prong setting, exhibit the most brilliance of the diamond. Unlike the six prong setting, it required additional link between the four prongs for better security. Four prongs setting is recommended when you are working on a smaller size main stone, as the prong does not overwhelm the main stone.

Unsure of what customised ring setting suit you the most? It can be a headache when it comes to ring setting. Worry not, as we walk you through the range of engagement ring. Do not restrict to just four or six prong setting. You can explore into bezel or other non-traditional prong setting in our bespoke series. More of our bespoke collection, click on “Highlights“!