Yellow diamond with round brilliant diamonds - customised proposal ring with flora design | Local Singapore custom made Jeweller

Congratulation to Jun Kai and Jane for your engagement! Wishing the both of you a world of happiness and may your love grow for each other every day.

Blossom under the companionship of your partner with this flora-designed proposal ring. The five round-shaped diamonds symbolise the petals availed in a brilliant cut. The centre features a rare vivid yellow diamond. This colour is chiefly linked to and known for the feeling of happiness, allowing you and your soulmate to bloom in a cheerful and healthy relationship. This colour of hope and sunshine will provide you warmth through out your marriage.

Customised Proposal Ring

The pave setting on the ring bands that closely holds small diamonds together leaves you to view an uninterrupted shine. The modest sight of small prongs hold the diamonds together in their place, creating an even and polished wedding band. The filigree reminds of the historical time that was an ordinary job of a jeweller. The antiquity of the filigree will always give you the feeling of being at-home.

This twisted metalwork will thus bind your marriage into a strong bond. A one-of-a-kind proposal ring, custom made with both their love story.

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