Alexandrite Flora Leaves with Halo Diamond Ring
Alexandrite Colour Change Gem

Alexandrite is immensely popular for its colour changing phenomenon. The gem changes its colours under different lighting. It appears green under fluorescent light and reddish-purple under incandescent light. Hence it is popular as Emerald by day & Ruby by night. You may not find the stone attractive at first sight. However, it is treasured and appraised by several gem collectors. If you have a thing for rare things, or a unique proposal ring customised with colour change Alexandrite, then you will certainly fall in love with this precious gem.

Alexandrite Flora Ring under yellow light Red shade
Alexandrite – Green to Reddish Violet

Alexandrite displays a myriad of colours under ambient and natural daylight lighting. The colour range varies between green and reddish-purple. The Alexandrite that we featured is one of the most sought after gem owing to its rarity and qualities. Alexandrite is the most valuable Chrysoberyl gemstone that is sourced from Brazil, Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka. The per carat price of fine quality Alexandrite is comparable or even higher than emeralds and rubies. This is because such precious gems are extremely rare and usually available in only small carat size.

Alexandrite – Colour Change

Not all Alexandrite gems exhibit a distinct change in colour. There is a variation from green to reddish-purple. It is quite tough to find quality alexandrite gems these days especially the ones than change their colour from green to red distinctly. In order to retain the rarity, most of such rare gems are not cut proportionally for retaining the maximum carat weight. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a variety of cuts and shapes in our collection, you can choose from oval, cushion. These stones are difficult to source and usually demand additional cutting work to achieve a well-balanced brilliance.

Like all natural gemstones, Alexandrite come with natural inclusions too. This helps gemologists’ to distinguish between a synthetic and natural gem. Not all alexandrite stones are transparent. Most of them are cloudy or opaque, due to its inclusion. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June along with moonstone and pearl.  

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with the ladies birthstone has becoming popular. Although there are pearl and moonstone, alexandrite is a better option as it has hardness of 8.5 (Mohs hardness scale). Crafted in rose gold, design with art deco inspired marquise and round bezel vintage milgrain band. The colour change in the gem and overall vintage look, make this engagement ring unique and one of a kind.

It does not necessary be the mainstream diamond solitaire ring, coloured gems engagement ring can be of different birthstone or you favourite colour shade.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Flora Milgrain Ring

This alluring flora milgrain ring features round spinel gemstones on either side of Alexandrite. The greenish teal spinel represents the Alexandrite under fluorescent light and reddish-purple spinel under incandescent light. The central Alexandrite has halo diamonds set around it so as to resemble a flower. In the process of customised design, we added fine milgrain detailing like floral vines on the sidebands to render a natural theme to the overall designing. The round brilliance of diamonds is going to stun everyone along with the perfect amalgamation of Alexandrite and spinel.   

Alexandrite Flora Halo Diamond ring - side detailing
Alexandrite Flora Milgrain Ring
Alexandrite Colour Change Art Deco Ring
Alexandrite Art Deco Fine Jewelry

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