Alexandrite Flora Leaves with Halo Diamond Ring

Alexandrite Gem

Alexandrite gem appears green under daylight and reddish-purple under incandescent light, colour change phenomenon. Customised flora ring with halo diamonds set around the alexandrite, resemble a flower design. Customised Jewellery with colour change alexandrite jewellery in Singapore
Alexandrite Gem – Colour Change

Alexandrite Colour Change

Alexandrite gem is immensely popular for its colour changing phenomenon. The gem changes its colours under different lighting. It appears green under fluorescent light and reddish-purple under incandescent light. Hence it is popular as Emerald by day & Ruby by night. You may not find the stone attractive at first sight. However, it is treasured and appraised by gem collectors and jewellers. If you have a thing for precious rare gem, or a unique proposal ring customised. Then you will certainly fall in love with this colour change Alexandrite!

Alexandrite gem appears green under daylight and reddish-purple under incandescent light, colour change phenomenon. Customised flora ring with halo diamonds set around the alexandrite, resemble a flower design. Customised Jewellery with colour change alexandrite jewellery in Singapore
Alexandrite Gem – Green to Reddish Violet

Alexandrite displays a myriad of colours under ambient and natural daylight lighting. The colour range varies between green and reddish-purple. The Alexandrite that we featured is one of the most sought-after gems owing to its rarity and qualities. Alexandrite is the most valuable Chrysoberyl gemstone that is sourced from Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. The per-carat price of fine quality Alexandrite is comparable to or even higher than emeralds and rubies. This is because such precious gems are extremely rare and usually available in only small carat sizes.

Birthstone for the month of June

Like all natural gemstones, Alexandrite comes with natural inclusions too. This helps gemologists distinguish between a synthetic and natural gem. Not all alexandrite stones are transparent. Most of them are cloudy or opaque, due to their inclusion. Alexandrite gem is the birthstone for the month of June along with moonstone and pearl. In comparison to the rest of the birthstones, Alexandrite gem generally have a much superior durability in hardness which recommended for daily wear.

Due to its rarity, acquiring a natural real alexandrite gem with authentication certification is as important. When browsing through online, you can see prices of alexandrite gem can be sold in extremely low price as there are many lab grown alexandrite.

Alexandrite Gemstone Necklace with personalised initial, design with partner's initial and birthstone. Together, there is also an additional around brilliance blue sapphire of the gentlemen.
Alexandrite Gem Necklace

Colour Changing & Shape

Not all Alexandrite gem exhibit a distinct change in colour. There is a variation from green to reddish-purple. It is quite tough to find quality alexandrite gems these days, especially the ones that change their colour from green to red distinctly. In order to retain their rarity, most of such rare gems are not cut proportionally for retaining the maximum carat weight. With a poorly cut alexandrite gem it generally affect the brilliance and colour changing effort too.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a variety of cuts and shapes in our collection. You can choose from the oval, round or even heart-shape. These stones are difficult to source and usually demand additional cutting work to achieve a well-balanced brilliance.

Alexandrite Gem Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with the ladies birthstone has become popular. Although there are pearl and moonstone, alexandrite gem is a better option as it has a hardness of 8.5 (Mohs hardness scale). Crafted in rose gold, designed with art-deco inspired marquise and round bezel vintage milgrain band. The colour change in the gem and overall vintage look, make this engagement ring unique and one of a kind.

It does not necessarily be the mainstream diamond solitaire ring for your proposal. Having a colour changing gems engagement ring can be different and certainly make your proposal unique!

Alexandrite colour change gem engagement ring
Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Flora Milgrain Ring

This alluring flora milgrain ring features round spinel gemstones on either side of Alexandrite. The greenish teal spinel represents the Alexandrite under fluorescent light and reddish-purple spinel under incandescent light. The central Alexandrite has halo diamonds set around it so as to resemble a flower. In the process of customised design, we added fine milgrain detailing like floral vines on the sidebands to render a natural theme to the overall design. The round brilliance of diamonds is going to stun everyone along with the perfect amalgamation of Alexandrite and spinel.   

From a design perspective, the incorporation of milgrain detailing elevates these jewellery into timeless piece of vintage art deco style. Milgrain, a technique with a long history, involves creating tiny bead-like details along the edges of the jewellery, adding texture and depth. This intricate detail not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also pays homage to classic jewellery craftsmanship. The floral milgrain design on the sidebands mirrors the organic elegance of nature, seamlessly blending with the central theme of the ring. This thoughtful addition highlights the bespoke nature of the piece, making it a perfect embodiment of both history and modern artistry.

Alexandrite gem appears green under daylight and reddish-purple under incandescent light, colour change phenomenon. Customised flora ring with halo diamonds set around the alexandrite, resemble a flower design. Customised Jewellery with colour change alexandrite jewellery in Singapore
Alexandrite Flora Milgrain Ring
Alexandrite Colour Change Art Deco Ring unique handcrafted art deco design in fine jewelry
Alexandrite Gem Art Deco Fine Jewelry
Mandarin Garnet customised to flora jewellery - Customised Flora Bee Ring, also known as Spessartite garnet gemstone. Inspired by the flora garden natural theme designed and crafted from Tsavorite Garnet (green) and sapphire gemstone. Local Singapore Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Mandarin Garnet – Flora Bee Jewellery

Mandarin Garnet Customised to Flora Bee jewellery Ring - Customised Natural Flora Bee Ring. Inspired by the flora garden natural bespoke fine jewellery.
Mandarin Garnet Flora Bee Jewellery

Natural Garden Flora Bee Jewellery: A Symphony of Nature and Artistry

Nature-inspired fine jewellery holds a special charm, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have perfected the art of bringing these natural wonders to life. Our latest creation, the Mandarin Garnet Flora Bee Ring, is a testament to this. It’s more than just a piece of fine jewelry; it’s a narrative of nature’s beauty, crafted with precision and passion.

Inspiration Drawn from Nature’s Canvas

Imagine a personalized ring that captures the very essence of spring. This is precisely what our Mandarin Garnet Flora Bee Ring embodies. As gardens awaken with vibrant hues, bees and butterflies perform a delicate dance, celebrating the rebirth of nature. Our bespoke ring mirrors this enchanting scene, symbolising the energy and joy of springtime.

Jewellery Art Piece with Story

The flora bee design isn’t just visually captivating; it’s symbolic, too. Bees, industrious and vital for our ecosystem, represent hard work, dedication, and the sweet results they bring. The floral aspect, on the other hand, symbolises beauty, growth, and renewal. Together, they form a perfect emblem of harmony and balance in nature.

A Melange of Colours and Meaning

At the heart of this natural jewellery piece is the Mandarin Garnet, a gemstone known for its vivid orange hue, reminiscent of a sunlit garden. Chosen for those born in January, it brings a sense of brightness and joy. Surrounding this central gem are Tsavorite Garnets, representing lush green leaves. This choice isn’t just for their aesthetic appeal; both Mandarin and Tsavorite Garnets belong to the same family, creating a harmonious blend of colours and meanings.

The bee, intricately crafted, features a body of yellow sapphire, symbolising the warmth and energy of the sun. Its wings, made from pink sapphire, add a touch of whimsy and playfulness, completing the picture of a lively garden scene.

A Unique Cocktail Ring

Mandarin Garnet Flora Bee Jewellery where Elegance Meets Symbolism

What sets this bespoke jewellery apart is its designation as a cocktail ring. Known for their bold and dramatic designs, cocktail rings are statement pieces meant to catch the eye and spark conversation. This Mandarin Garnet Flora Bee Ring does exactly that. Its size, colour palette, and intricate design make it not just a piece of jewellery, but a wearable piece of art. It’s perfect for those special occasions where you want to make a statement or simply for days when you need a reminder of nature’s enduring beauty.

Bespoke Statement Jewellery

In crafting mandarin garnet flora bee jewellery, we ensured that every detail speaks of quality, creativity, and a deep respect for the natural world. More than a bespoke jewellery; it’s a celebration of the joy and beauty that nature brings into our lives. Every glance at this ring is a reminder of the vibrant life that thrums in the heart of a garden, a piece of everlasting spring to carry with you.

Dedication in Fine Jewelry

Our commitment to crafting these unique masterpieces begins at the very genesis of the creative process. The journey starts with a meticulous selection of gemstones. We don’t just look for stones; we seek out gems that tell a story, each with its own character and allure. This careful selection process ensures that every piece of jewellery starts with the highest quality, most vibrant stones, setting the tone for the entire creation.

Creative Design with passion

The design phase is where our creativity truly comes to life. Here, every idea is nurtured with passion and precision. We draw inspiration from nature, art, and the stories of those who will wear our creations. Our designers work tirelessly, blending imagination with expertise to transform these inspirations into tangible designs. This process is not just about aesthetics; it’s about capturing emotions and crafting a piece that speaks to the heart.

Commitment to Excellence

The journey from design to the final creation is one of dedication and skill. Our artisans, with years of experience and a deep love for their craft, painstakingly bring each design to life. Every cut, every setting, every polish is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. This is where the magic happens, transforming sketches and stones into a stunning piece of jewellery. It’s a labor of love, where every minute spent is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The final creation in this mandarin garnet flora bee jewellery; it’s a masterpiece that carries within it the dedication, skill, and passion of everyone involved in its making. It’s a piece that tells a story as enchanting as the wearer’s own, a story of beauty, craftsmanship, and the joy of creation.

At GIOIA, we take immense pride in every single process. Each piece we craft is a celebration of the art of jewellery making, a unique treasure that embodies our dedication to excellence. We’re honoured to share these creations with you, bringing a touch of beauty and joy to your life.