Customised Sapphire men ring - Unique bespoke men's ring | Local Singapore Customise Jeweller

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we custom made different men’s ring in 18k gold or platinum. Each design and handcrafted men’s ring is unique and a way to express the personality of the wearer. From customised wedding bands to a personal ring, they are solid, and handcrafted with dedicated craftsmanship.

Fengshui Element Ring

You might be sourcing for the best personal colour, for your energy in term of Fengshui element. From the selection of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Spinel or the rare Paraiba Tourmaline. Different colour represent the five different element, determine by your month and year of birth.

Personal Fashion Ring

With the increased enthusiasm on men’s fashion and jewellery, it no longer the case where only ladies do customised jewellery. Some might be wearing it, simply as fashionable jewellery, with the passion of particular coloured gemstones or diamonds.

Custom made a signature ring

Stay bold, and confident with your own customised signature ring. Every ring send a unique message, quality matters more than quantity, wear it to your style today!



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