Red Princess cut Spinel Wedding Proposal Ring, unique customised engagement ring for proposal | Local Singapore bespoke Jeweller

unique Spinel Proposal Ring

Red Princess cut Spinel Wedding Proposal Ring, unique customised engagement ring for proposal | Local Singapore bespoke Jeweller

You want a proposal ring that will surely please your future half! A rose in the language of flowers is proof of true and tender love. Indeed, this colour is the fruit of the combination of white and red. On the one hand, there is the purity and innocence of the perfect colour and, on the other side, the sensuality and passionate love of red. This proposal ring with pinkish red spinel is an expression of pure love and tender. Added to the fact that the pinkish red is the symbol stone of sincerity and fidelity and the rose is the emblem of romanticism and happiness. This is what describes the beauty of this precious gemstone elegantly.

Our heartiest congratulations to the newly engaged couple Yueming and Zhuyuni! May every day be happy and beautiful for the lovely couple. We are so glad to be part of your wedding proposal!

Customised Proposal Ring

Featuring a proposal ring with a rare princess cut pinkish red spinel gemstone, custom set with round brilliant and unique marquise shaped diamonds. Intricately designed to meet the couple expectations, the ring has such a charming appeal that whoever look at the ring will jump off with excitement. At GIOIA, you can get the ring customised in any shape by coordinating with the choice of your favourite metal and coloured gemstone. This customised design was created from sketch and handcrafted to the final creation for the couple.

Red Princess cut Spinel Wedding Proposal Ring, unique customised engagement ring for proposal | Local Singapore bespoke Jeweller

Tanzanite proposal Ring customised with tanzanite coloured gemstone for wedding proposal | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery

Tanzanite Proposal Ring

Tanzanite proposal Ring customised with tanzanite coloured gemstone for wedding proposal | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery

The ever-lasting vibrancy of a gem holds the potential to become an heirloom for the coming generations. Only a glorious jewel like a tanzanite can heighten the echoing magnificence of a wedding ring. A wedding proposal ring does justice to this gemstone, enhancing the delicacy of your marriage. Reminiscing of the couple’s trip to Tanzania, this tanzanite comes with a tint of violet making the proposal ring more promising for a heartfelt marriage. Made through a customisation, the oceanic hued gemstone not only embellishes the overall beauty of the bride but also provides a glamour to the event. With brilliant shades and properties, the gem excels and sparkle in the colour of blue gems.

Our heartiest congratulation and best wishes to Noel & Charissa! May the years to come be filled with blessings, love and happiness.

Customised Proposal Ring

Adorning this proposal ring, our dedicated craftsmen skilfully set the round brilliance diamonds on the side of the ring bands. The customised ring features a four-prong setting for the tanzanite gem to remain in one position. Apart from the usual 18k gold, this ring is customised in platinum gold for its durable characteristic. The ring gives an all-embracing elegant appearance when stacked with the bride’s wedding band. This proposal ring glimmers as though it has been just put together, and worn in a wedding!

Unheated Tanzanite trilliant Gemstone custom set with diamond band Engagement Ring - Customised wedding proposal ring at GIOIA Fine Jewellery - Custom made designer Jeweller in Singapore with online boutique shop

Unheated Trilliant Tanzanite Ring

Trilliant Tanzanite

Congratulation to Dennis and Miki on the engagement! Wishing you both a wonderful journey filled with love and happiness.

The proposal ring features an exceptionally built, unheated tanzanite. It offers a trilliant cut shape, providing three sides of love-faith, commitment and loyalty. The cut is a rare composition for wedding rings, however the couple went out of their way to produce such an appealing symbol of marriage. The unique trilliant shape in the tanzanite, bring out the brilliance in the gemstone, exhibit a mixed of violet and blue within the facets. The three prong setting of the ring magnifies security for both the trilliant gemstone as well as the couple’s relationship.

Customised Proposal Ring

Having the prospects to uplift an envisioned future of your relationship, this proposal ring presents a lovely and graceful design. The ring endeavours to make the bride the centre of all praise and applaud. One of a kind customised proposal ring, with a modest appearance yet aesthetically pleasing to look upon. Exquisite for its form, GIOIA puts forth a winning piece of accessory.

Heightening the overall look of the ring, diamonds are set on the band to illuminate the wedding ceremony. The round brilliant diamonds brighten the relationship of the couple through it ever-glowing shine spread throughout the event. Although the ring reveals simplicity in its show, it enhances the grace altogether. Creation of your ideal proposal ring begin at GIOIA.

Padparadscha Sapphire Wedding Proposal Ring - customised engagement ring with rare orange pink sapphire gemstone | Local Bespoke Designer Boutique Jeweller

Padparadscha Proposal Ring

Padparadscha Sapphire

This wedding proposal ring is customised with a padparadscha sapphire. Padparadscha sapphires might not be prominent to an ordinary man, but gem hoarders know that these must be treasured. These rare type of sapphires are uniquely pretty, having charming and pleasing colours. Padparadscha is a word that originates from Sinhalese word for “aquatic lotus blossom”. This gemstone has a magnificent colour that ranges from salmon with a pinkish hue to an orange colour. Padparadscha have an inconsistent hue, having colour zones with light hints of pink and orange around their salmon colour.

Customised Proposal Ring

The proposal ring offers a set of brilliant diamonds on the sides of the gemstone. The gentleman’s efforts to custom made the ring into perfection, reflects the love and affection it holds. Having a four prong setting, the ring locks the padparadscha into the most secure place. The design is both unique and breathtaking.


Heart-shape diamond - brilliant diamond unique wedding proposal ring or valentine's gift | local Singapore Custom made jewellery

Heart-shaped Diamond

Heart-shape diamond - brilliant diamond | Custom made jewellery

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you looking for a romantic gift or a surprise engagement proposal?

Heart-shaped diamond, a classic symbol of romance and love. Heart diamond has been around for a long time, they are one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts and engagement ring. Although it might not be trendy as traditional round brilliant, they are bold and distinctive choice.

Heart-Shaped Cut 

One of the most difficult cut and require extremely dedicated skill on the shape proportion. Unlike round cut diamonds, which provide a detail grading system of cut, polish and symmetry in GIA report. Heart shaped diamonds are fancy cut diamond, which provide only on polish and symmetry. Cut grading information is not provided, as the priority is on the overall proportion. They could be too narrow cut or fat which are undesirable.

An optimum proportion heart-shaped diamond, display a balanced scintillation pattern and reflect great brilliance.

Customised Ring Setting

Heart-shaped diamonds are not constraint to just classic solitaire or halo diamond design. With customised ring setting, we can even have minimum of 3 prongs on the main stone, with one side of the prong on the vulnerable tip for security and protection.

Prong Setting

The size of the diamond matters a lot when it comes to ring setting. When the diamond is smaller in size, 3 prong setting is recommended as it does not cover too much of the diamond which might be overwhelming to it.

Twisting on the ring bands, known as “infinity knots”. With alternate row of diamonds or full diamond setting.

Side Stone Setting

Matching the heart-shaped with a pair of coloured gemstones? They could be sweet pinkish sapphire or neon greenish blue paraiba tourmaline, give a unique and stunning look to the brilliant heart.

Customised Jewellery

There are just too many options available with customised jewellery, and we believe that the jewellery should personalised and couture to your style. Each precious  gemstones and design is unique and one-of-a-kind. More of our latest update in the Highlights!