Every girl secretly dreams of a fairy tale love story that she can cherish all her life. This cinderella carriage ring breathes life into all your aspirations and hopes of your dreamy tale. This customised ring has been designed to resemble the popular pumpkin coach in the Cinderella story with all the enchantment, magic and romance. We have created this luxurious and refined design to serve as a memento of a romantic tale for a couple.    

Spinel Gemstone

This delicate modern design features a vibrant Burmese Red Spinel that is gorgeous and fascinating in colour. The vivid colour of the gemstone strikingly resembles ruby gemstone. It possesses a unique sparkle just like a diamond with a singular reflective index. This is the reason why red spinel is one of the most sought after gemstone shades. Its close resemblance to ruby and the association with luxury has made it immensely popular. Red spinel is much more affordable when compared to unheated, untreated pigeon blood ruby. However, there are certain unique shades of spinel that are quite expensive like the one featured in this design. Teal, blue and vivid red spinel are quite rare.

Cinderella Carriage

This cinderella carriage design is a classic example of timeless artistry. The delicate designing of the pumpkin coach featuring a majestic red spinel and diamond elegantly completes this modern design with a fairy tale story.   



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