Coloured Gemstones

Featuring a gemstone wedding band, custom made for Ian and Isabelle to suit their couture. The ladies band offer three pink spinel gems, complimenting their ruby engagement ring. At their request, this charming set of wedding bands finally became the outcome. The men’s band shows modesty and simplicity. The surface of the band is crafted with matt polishing and black plating internally. Customised to resemble the ladies engagement and wedding ring.

Milgrain Finishing

The ladies wedding band provides a milgrain finishing touch. This embellishment is generally seen on vintage fine jewellery, although it is becoming more typical in contemporary designs. The actual translation for the French word milgrain is ‘a thousand grains’. It is usually crafted in a ring, and refers to a jewellery design technique on the sides of the surface. Milgrain detailing is a closely organised queue of small metal stones, used as a boundary.

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