Bespoke Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil customised in Platinum Ring as Christmas gift, Handcrafted in a glossy polished platinum ring - Customised Christmas Jewellery Gift with an extraordinary designed bespoke ring make this Christmas a unique and one-of-a-kind with Bespoke Jewellery at GIOIA Fine Jewellery Singapore

Christmas is here early with a bespoke Paraiba ring

Platinum represents purity, unity and strength. This modern in design, subtle platinum ring encompasses a single gemstone set in the center of the ring. The mere use of platinum metal makes a solid statement about love that lasts for this Christmas. The polished metal exudes a classic look and is slightly rounded at the edges to ensure comfortable everyday wear. This brilliantly crafted ring features a unique bespoke design. This subtle design is going to appeal to men who think a large gemstone in a ring appears loud or traditional look. This customised ring bears a modern design and customised with Paraiba Tourmaline, with vivid neon colour shade is origin in Brazil. Designed with one of the rarest gemstones that cost more than a diamond, this gypsy setting ring is simply classic.  

Bespoke Ring Design

Both polished and matt finishing featured in a single ring renders a touch of magic to this elegantly designed bespoke ring. Handcrafted in a glossy polished platinum ring, this timeless ring can be worn for daily or any event. The round brilliant Paraiba gemstone surrounded by an incredible finish renders a sophisticated look to this design. The Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline, holds an irresistible charm and also blends well in the design. This refined band would make a great Christmas jewellery gift choice as well. 

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