Not everybody opts for a solitaire or halo pave diamond rings as their engagement ring these days. The urge to go for unique designs and standout has triggered a trend and hence there are numerous different variations of engagement rings customised these days. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we breathe life into the imagination of our customers to design a gemstone cluster ring that speaks of their journey with their loved one. If your darling is not the one who would settle for a plain design or fond of the classic solitaire diamond ring, you can ask us to design a unique customised ring apt for her personality.  

Customised Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring was customised for a lady who has a taste for everything fine and unique. This alluring ring has a bluish teal spinel and was set in a bezel claw design. The regular classic bezel setting has a potential risk of damaging the central gem during the process of setting and removal. The bezel claws used in this design exudes a modern, clean look and has the least impact on the gemstone. This uniquely crafted cluster ring has an array of coloured gemstones. It has all the modern stones that a woman secretly dreams of owing these days: Brazil Paraiba tourmalines, Blue Sapphires and Diamonds. The amalgamation of these exquisite gemstones imparts an overall balance to the unique design. This customised engagement ring is an epitome of modern fine luxury look that every bride dreams of flaunting.    

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