Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone

Congratulation to both Daniel and Gwen! Thank you for having us to custom made this unique engagement ring. Wishing the love couple a wonderful journey in your new life together.

Being the unorthodox way of a wedding proposal, alike the stone, Daniel proposed with the padparadscha sapphire through a temporary ring holder. This mesmerising composition was thus the outcome of miscellaneous ideas.

Padparadscha Sapphire

Being one of the rarest gemstone, this wedding engagement ring features a padparadscha sapphire. This rare gem is renowned for its colour shades of pink and orange. This rarest of the rare hue is premium in the line of sapphire colour shades. There are various pastel colours that resemble other semi-precious. The purplish shade of the gem deviates from the most compelling tones. Brownish shades are the least desirable ones for this gemstone. This shade, on the other hand, have a balance of orangish-pink providing a glassy clarity to optimise the perfect brilliance of the gemstone.

Customised Engagement Ring

This wedding engagement ring also features a ¾ diamond setting, giving a full eternity look. The diamonds are gradient sized. They shimmeringly reflect all the fine details discussed during a meet up with both the couples, after their proposal. The traditional four prongs setting assures a shelter to the sapphire gem. Customised with one of our exclusive horizontal halo diamond setting, the brilliance in diamonds sparkle at all angle on Gwen’s finger. Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour Gemstone

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