Paraiba Tourmaline

Originally known to be the finest tourmaline gem that was ever found, this engagement ring offers a Paraiba tourmaline. Although diamonds are considered to be the most exquisite crystal ever due to its naturally occurring state, there are many gemstones, one being the Paraiba tourmaline, that stands out as the rare treasures of this universe. The diamonds are also reviewed to be more valuable, however the unique shades of a Paraiba tourmaline distinct itself away from any opulent natural gemstones.

Congratulation to David and Kaylynn!

Best wishes on your engagement. Wishing you both a wonderful journey in your new life together.

Every last shade of tourmaline can be discovered on the mines around the world, however, not one gem can manifest a shine so vibrant as that of a Paraiba tourmaline. This gem is a result of the element of copper and manganese, ranging from astonishing turquoise to regal cyan colours. There is a subtle shade of neon to attract you from far away. This bespoke ring also features diamonds set in tapered size from small to big. The halo setting of the diamonds abruptly sparkles to illuminate your day. A regular four-prong setting enables a protection from typical mishaps. The luminous gleam coming in sight from within to brighten the Paraiba gemstone makes this engagement ring so spectacular.

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