Tanzanite Cluster Ring with stackable wedding bands

Tanzanite Wedding Rings

Tanzanite Wedding Rings
Tanzanite Wedding Rings

Tanzanite Wedding Rings with Cluster Gemstones

This design is an exceptional engagement ring featuring a cushion Tanzanite as the main gem, customised in a cluster design with diamond, marquise pink sapphire and Paraiba Tourmaline. The couple has opted for this unique design, where we began by selecting Tanzanite and cluster coloured gems, and then proceeded with designing the engagement ring, followed by the wedding bands. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The couple who had these Tanzanite wedding rings customised truly found beauty in the cluster of gemstones.

Customised Wedding Rings

What was challenging was that the customised design required more detailing than any other solitaire gemstone ring. The arrangement of gemstones and the ring colour combination demanded intense brainstorming sessions. The couple also chose a wedding band design that could stack with the engagement ring seamlessly. They wanted the design to stack seamlessly rather than leaving any gap between the rings.

Customised Wedding Bands

The wedding band for the man, might not have Tanzanite similar as the ladies engagement ring. However it has been designed and artistically crafted to match with the ladies band. This set features pretty, shimmering engagement ring and bands of love. The ladies band is slender and has been gently curved to be stackable with the engagement ring. It has been polished to a bright shine and is certain to be cherished for a lifetime.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed unique milgrain pave rose gold, gives a touch of vintage feel for the modern wedding band. The wedding band for the gentleman features a simple yet sophisticated look. This elegant set chosen by the couple is an outward celebration of the loving commitment they have for each other. 

Customised Wedding Bands
Customised Wedding Bands
Tanzanite gemstone Halo Zig-zag Ring - Fun cocktail ring to wear? set in unique halo diamond ring | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweller


Tanzanite gemstone Halo Zig-zag Ring - Fun cocktail ring to wear? set in unique halo diamond ring | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweller
Blue Tanzanite Ring

At first glance, this gemstone captivates everyone’s attention with its vibrant blue hues. Interspersed with hints of violet that shimmer differently depending on the viewing angle. At various impressive sizes and with its near-flawless clarity, one might easily mistake it for a vivid blue sapphire. However, a closer inspection reveals its true identity: it is, in fact, a tanzanite gemstone.

Tanzanite is renowned not only for its unique colour spectrum but also for its rarity and the fascinating story behind its origin. This gem continues to intrigue collectors and jewellery enthusiasts alike, making it a coveted choice for those seeking something truly special in their jewellery pieces.

Tanzanite Jewellery

Unheated Tanzanite jewelry studded with round brilliant diamonds in 18k (750) white gold. The diamonds invites focus on the intriguing colour of the gemstone that garner attention and appreciation from everyone. From our bespoke collection; featuring a cushion unheated 4.39ct Tanzanite, custom set with halo round diamonds and heartbeat zig zag bands. A unique fine jewelry ring that make you heart beat fast.

Blue Violet Gemstone

The blue, violet variety of the mineral Zoisite was discovered in Tanzania in 1967 by Manual D’souza. Named as Tanzanite by the Tiffany & Co, an alluring gemstone that has mesmerised people with its visual appeal.

Carat – The rough of Tanzanite crystals are usually larger in size. You see them from 1.0 to 2.0 carat size for rings, earring, 4.0 to 5.0 carat and above for pendant.

Colour – A world of difference in colour shade, between heated and unheated Tanzanite. Like all other gemstones, tanzanite prices and value are determined by its colour. Intense vivid blue shade of a heated is usually more premium, close to blue sapphire Nevertheless unique unheated violet blue is becoming as popular.

Cut – See them in different variety of cut shapes, trilliant, heart, cushion, emerald, round and etc. Different cuts does not restrict them from sparkle and brilliance well.

Clarity – Inclusion in the gemstone is inevitable, Tanzanite gem stones are usually less included. It is common to find them in loupe clean or even flawless clarity!

The December birthstone symbolises new life, positivity, and energy. It is a rare gemstone that is created by tectonic plate activity along with intense heat. It has relatively low hardness score, the perfect cleavage makes it susceptible to damages. So, handle with care to maintain its beauty and appeal.

It is an amazing gemstone that is believed to channel the higher spiritual energies to establish a deep connection. It will truly align the heart and mind for a successful relationship that will last forever. Tanzanite offers attractive brilliance and make beautiful engagement ring for wedding proposal.

Unheated Treatment 

Violet grey to olive green coloured gemstone, a mysterious stone that exhibits trichroic colours. Purple and blue reflection from the gemstone, a mixed colour shade when looking from different directions. Doubly refractive characteristic in the gem, which give them this unique colour hue.

As comparing to Ruby and Sapphire, where unheated usually at a premium price. Unheated Tanzanite, indeed rare as there are usually heated ones in the market. However, unheated does not necessary be priced at a premium.

Heated Treatment 

Heat treatment, which is a common method of enhancement to deepen colour intensity and minimise inclusion in the gem. Heating might occur during the growth in underground mine. Tanzanite from mines have varies colour shade, they can be brownish blue which are less attractive.

Different from Ruby and Sapphire, where light pastel colour rough are significantly enhanced to deep vivid red or cornflower blue. The additional heat treatment, dissolve the brown shade, result to a vibrant vivid blue and purple hue, with the colour shade leaning towards blue as valuable.

Tanzanite Gemstone Singapore customised jewellery
Vivid Blue Tanzanite Gemstone

Bespoke Jewellery

In recent years, the supply of Tanzanite has drop drastically, as government of Tanzania has taken stringent steps to tighten the outflow of rough. To bring in revenue and job opportunities in the country, prices has rises as quality ones are hard to source.

With a limited reserve of the gemstone, it is a rare gem that will flatter your loved one’s appearance. With proper care will make a valuable addition to the cherished jewellery collection for a long time. A valuable investment, make it a family heirloom jewellery to pass it on to the next generation.

Heated Tanzanite and Diamond Studded Pendant in White Gold | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweller
Tanzanite Pendant Jewellery

The diamond-studded pendant in 18k (750) white gold, has a round Tanzanite to give a striking look to the design. The customised tanzanite necklace pendant exude class and elegance as the round brilliant diamond surrounding the gemstone shine through. The design is perfect for contemporary women to show her fashion sense beyond the conventional methods.

It makes the jewellery look striking as the vivid colour makes it an excellent choice to enhance the visual appeal. The pendant is a great addition to the fine jewelry collection, as the high-grade violet purple tanzanite makes it an exquisite piece that everyone will love to possess.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Custom made an alternative engagement with coloured gemstone? Consider Tanzanite for its unique colour in both unheated or heated, and affordability. A ring where you can wear for daily work, and does not necessary be in classic diamond. Customised jewellery allow you to be involved in the process of jewellery design, it contour to your style and character.

Visit our GIOIA Fine Jewellery boutique in International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar), on how you can customised a perfect wedding ring, with a love story in it.

Tanzanite Cluster Ring with stackable wedding bands
Tanzanite Colors Gemstone Wedding Rings
Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Unheated Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Unheated Engagement Ring - Custom Proposal Ring designed with Round diamonds. Bespoke Wedding Engagement Ring with Tanzanite Gemstone in Singapore.
Tanzanite unheated Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Unheated with unique violet shade – Engagement Ring

This engagement ring features a dazzling tanzanite gemstone that has been customised for the couple. Tanzanite is one of the most unique gems available today, featuring a one-of-a-kind greyish and violet shade. The gem in this tanzanite engagement ring is unheated without heat treatment. This stunning engagement ring is sure to make jaws drop with its mixture of colour shade and brilliance. The attractive and unique gemstone was crafted in rose gold which imparts warmth to the overall design.

Heat Treatment in Tanzanite

Tanzania produces tanzanite, a one-of-a-kind unique gemstone renowned for its vibrant blue-violet hue. A fine quality tanzanite resemblance a vivid blue sapphire shade. This gemstone undergoes a heat treatment process, a standard practice in the gemstone industry, to enhance its colour. Nonetheless, gem enthusiasts highly value unheated tanzanite, referred to as “natural” or “untreated” tanzanite, for its rarity and distinct characteristics

It might not have the vivd vibrant blue-violet similar to the heated tanzanite. This particular coloration is somewhat rare and offers distinct aesthetics that set it apart from the more common blue and violet tanzanite varieties.

Unique Subtle Elegance in unheated Tanzanite

The greyish undertones in this type of tanzanite lend it a sense of understated elegance. It’s a more subdued and sophisticated colour compared to the intense and vibrant blues and violets commonly associated with tanzanite.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed of this engagement ring consists of side diamonds set beside the main Tanzanite. The couple who opted for this customised design spent time discussing the fine details of their once in a lifetime and memorable event of their life. The gentleman tweaked the design a bit to have additional diamonds set on the sideband underneath the Tanzanite. This stunning colourful Tanzanite unheated engagement ring is both classically elegant and eye-catching. Lively in colour, this tanzanite ring is surely going to attract a lot of curious onlookers.  

Tanzanite Unheated Engagement Ring - Custom Proposal Ring designed with Round diamonds. Bespoke Wedding Engagement Ring with Tanzanite Gemstone in Singapore.
Tanzanite Engagement Ring
Tanzanite Gemstone Jewellery

Heartshape Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite Gemstone Jewellery

Violet blue Tanzanite, second most popular blue gemstone after sapphire.

Rare Heart Shape Tanzanite, that melt your heart. Known as the second most popular blue gemstone after sapphire. Natural Tanzanite comes in a wide range of colours, violet, blue, green, grey, brown and colourless.

As compared to Ruby and Sapphire, Tanzanite is treated in a low temperature, in a duration of days or weeks. Nearly all Tanzanite is heat enhanced, to obtain the vivid blue shade. Untreated tanzanite, are highly appreciated by gemstone collectors and jewellery buyers. They come in natural mixed of unique colour, such as violet-blueish or greyish-green colour shade.

The deep violet blue of Tanzanite, is an eye-catcher, commonly used in bespoke jewellery, or customised engagement ring. Simple design set with brilliant round diamonds, to enhance the deep blue colour gem. They are much affordable, as compared to sapphire, widely use to set in grand luxury fine pendant and earrings.