Art Deco Vintage Ring customised with unheated octagon sapphire and round brilliance diamond, customised unique vintage ring look in art deco design Local Singapore Custom Jeweller in Fine Jewellery with coloured gemstone and diamond jewellery

Art Deco Ring

Spotlight on a Masterpiece: The Sapphire Art Deco Ring

Unheated Sapphire Like No Other

The centrepiece of our collection is a customised Art Deco ring, featuring a beguiling blue sapphire of unparalleled clarity and natural beauty. This gemstone, remarkable for its unheated state and near-flawless clarity, is a rare find in today’s market. Its captivating octagonal shape and meticulously cut facets radiate a brilliance that is as unique as it is enchanting.

Design That Speaks Volumes

This ring’s design harmonises the vintage allure of Art Deco with the modern sophistication of bespoke jewellery. The sapphire, set in a meticulously crafted ring, is flanked by two steps of dazzling side diamonds. This arrangement not only enhances the sapphire’s allure but also adds a layer of mesmerising complexity to the piece.

The Timeless Elegance of Art Deco Rings

Unveiling the Charm of Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco jewellery stands as a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. With its distinct geometric shapes, clean vertical lines, and a penchant for symmetry and asymmetry alike. Art Deco pieces captivate anyone’s attention and their imagination. The hallmark of this era is its bold, innovative designs that seamlessly blend luxury with meticulous craftsmanship.

The Intricacy of Art Deco Craftsmanship

At the heart of Art Deco jewellery lies an intricate craftsmanship that transforms precious metals and gemstones into breathtaking masterpieces. Filigree work, a technique characterised by delicate threads of metal intricately woven together, showcases the era’s dedication to detail and finesse. This meticulous approach ensures that each Art Deco piece is not only a jewel but a wearable piece of art.

Art Deco Design: A Legacy of Elegance

Art Deco design transcends time, continually inspiring top jewelers to create pieces that echo the opulence and style of a bygone era. The design’s emphasis on polished lines and detailed finishes results in jewelry that is both visually striking and emblematic of skilled craftsmanship. Each Art Deco piece tells a story, a nod to a period that revered the confluence of luxury and artistic expression.

The Ultimate Surprise: A Customised Anniversary Gift

Envisioning the perfect anniversary surprise gift, a gentleman chose to express his enduring love through the unique gesture of presenting a sketch of this exquisite sapphire art deco ring. As this ring took shape, crafted with care and precision by our skilled artisans in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. It became more than a piece of fine jewelry; it became a symbol of love and a cherished memory in the making.

Crafting Your Dream Art Deco Piece

In the realm of customised jewellery, the opportunity to bring your vision to life is boundless. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a milestone celebration, or simply to capture a moment in time. A uniquely custom Art Deco piece is a gift that holds infinite meaning. Let us guide you in crafting a jewel that not only stands the test of time but also tells your unique story.


Art Deco jewellery, with its distinctive style and intricate craftsmanship, continues to enchant and inspire. Whether it’s the bold lines, the meticulous detail, or the timeless elegance, each piece is a testament to an era of unparalleled creativity in jewellery design. In embracing the Art Deco tradition, we invite you to explore the beauty of bespoke, handcrafted jewellery that reflects your personal narrative and style.

Yellow Sapphire Rose Gold

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Ring

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Rings & Platinum Multi-colour Gems Band

Personalised design with both couple initial on the side of the yellow sapphire wedding ring. The unheated sapphire as part of the yellow gem to the multi-colour gemstone in the platinum wedding band. Making this unique yellow sapphire wedding ring and platinum band a perfect match.

Yellow sapphire engagement ring in yellow gold. Rose gold Yellow Sapphire & Platinum wedding Band. Wedding jewelry with sapphire gemstone and Platinum.
Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bound to become an instant favourite, this yellow sapphire ring in emerald cut shape with cut corners is simply attractive and elegant. The durability and beauty of yellow sapphire has turned them into cherished possessions. The colour yellow is associated with bright warm sunny day and represents cheerfulness. The gems used in this engagement ring design features subtle shade of yellow. Moreover it is not too pastel with no heat enhancement. 

Sapphire Wedding Ring

This customised wedding ring elevates every attire you can flaunt, not just for its rarity, the overall design of the ring is one of a kind. The unheated sapphire has a prominence of its own being a rare offering. The crossover of pave round diamond plated in white gold with yellow gold band on the side packs a massive visual punch. Classic simplicity defines this setting as we designed it in a mixed of yellow gold and white gold showcases the enchanting refinement of this elegant design.

Creating Your Love at GIOIA

A glamorous complement to her classic aesthetic, this yellow sapphire and diamond ring is all about sophistication. Created in yellow gold, this resplendent design exudes a timeless style with the polished shine of the central gemstone and the magnificent diamonds used in the designing. This sapphire engagement ring is more than what your beloved can imagine. Fashioned in enchanting style, this exquisite ring would celebrate every chapter of your incredible love story. Celebrate love with this unique design which is as unique as your love at GIOIA Fine Jewellery.

Personalized Engagement ring with sapphire cut to an elegant and unique heartshape, this deep blue sapphire ring appears magnificent in its form. This bespoke engagement ring speaks a unique story | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller in Personalized Engagement ring and Wedding Jewellery.

Personalized Engagement Ring

Personalized Engagement Ring Design

Selecting an engagement ring is a meaningful journey that represents the deep bond and promise between partners. Although many choices are available in stores, nothing matches the special feeling of a personalized engagement ring. The journey of creating this unique piece involves selecting each detail carefully. Starting from the precious gemstone to the overall design, creating a unique and treasured symbol of love. This process makes the ring not just a piece of wedding jewelry, but a special, one-of-a-kind token of affection.

The Gemstone: Centre of attraction

The journey of designing a personalized engagement ring begins with the selection of a gemstone. This choice extends beyond the traditional diamond, allowing couples to explore a variety of options. Consider the bride’s favourite gemstone, her birthstone, or a gemstone that holds a special significance in the relationship. The gemstone becomes a personalized emblem, reflecting the couple’s unique connection.

Personalized Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire

Design Choices: From Timeless to Personalized Engagement Ring

The design of the engagement ring is where personalization truly shines. Couples can choose from timeless, modern, geometric, art-deco vintage, natural floral, or filigree miligree intricate designs. For a truly unique and personalized design, we integrate details that reflect the bride’s individual tastes. Such as her beloved symbols or characters near the central stone or along the band. This personalized approach ensures the engagement ring resonates deeply with her personal style and memories.

Personalization Beyond Initials

Take personalization a step further by crafting initials into the engagement ring design. Options range from a single initial on each side of the ring to a combination of both partners’ initials. This not only adds a unique touch but also creates a meaningful connection between the couple for a lifetime.

Dazzling Details: Diamonds and Coloured Accent Stones

Elevate your personalized engagement ring charm by including micro-pave diamonds or fancy-shaped ones. If classic diamonds don’t appeal to you, opt for colourful accent stones. They enhance your ring with vibrant energy and a personal touch. These side gems adding colour and deeper meaning to your ring such as each other’s birthstone.

Texture and Engravings: Crafting a Story

Simple solitaire designs can be transformed by incorporating textured work on the surface of the ring. Handcrafted techniques, from rustic hammer marks to vintage filigree curves, lend a vintage or modern feel. Deeply personal engravings, whether initials, special dates, or a meaningful message, add an extra layer of sentimentality. These engravings can be placed on the inside or outside of the band, creating a hidden treasure of personal significance.

This personalized engagement ring was customised for a lady who is in love with rabbit pets. It features dedicatedly crafted rabbit in champagne gold position on the side of the paraiba tourmaline ring.

Personalized Engagement Ring – Pet’s Paw a Reversed Heart Shape

In summary, the end of our customised design journey brings about a unique engagement ring. Take, for instance, this personalized engagement ring featured a vivid blue sapphire in a unique reversed heart shape. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we aim to create personalised ring that reflect individual stories. Knowing her deep affection for her pet dog, we designed a unique engagement ring.

Instead of the usual heart design, we drew inspiration from her beloved pet’s paw. This bespoke ring symbolises the special bond she shares with her furry friend. Hence showcasing our commitment to crafting personalized and meaningful fine jewelry. She would appreciate his effort for sure and certainly not get tired of showing off this thoughtful ring to her family and friends. This engagement ring speaks a unique story and also bound to grab the attention of the onlookers.

Personalized Jewellery Design

In conclusion crafting a personalized engagement ring goes beyond its physical design. It’s about creating a story, capturing emotions, and also creating a timeless piece that mirrors the couple’s journey. Ultimately, a customised engagement ring is an art form, celebrating the unique and lasting love of two people. Consider creating your engagement ring with GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Schedule an appointment with us to explore more on personalized jewellery today!

Teal Sapphire with art deco vintage design

Teal Sapphire Ring

Gemstone Engagement Teal Sapphire Ring

Bespoke elegant teal sapphire ring, where unique customised jewellery meets timeless sophistication. This exquisite gemstone engagement ring, crafted by the artisans at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, showcases a mesmerising bluish-green sapphire, set amidst with captivating side cluster of bluish spinel and marquise diamonds. The entire creation is elegantly framed in understated champagne gold, offering a subtle yet luxurious backdrop to the vibrant hues of the gemstones.

A Symbol of Harmonious Love and Innovative Elegance

At the core of this stunning piece is the sapphire, a gemstone renowned for its serene beauty and remarkable durability. Teal sapphires, with their harmonious blend of blue and green, evoke images of tranquil seas and lush landscapes, making them a perfect centrepiece for those seeking a connection with nature in their symbol of love.

Complementing the teal sapphire are the bluish spinels, gems cherished for their brilliance and captivating hues. These spinels, along with the elegantly cut marquise diamonds, form a side cluster that enhances the central sapphire’s glow. At the same time adding depth and dimension to this gemstone engagement ring’s overall design.

Teal Sapphire

Exceptional Beauty in Blue Green Sapphire 

1. Symbolism and Meaning: Teal sapphire, a fusion of stability and emotional balance, symbolise harmonious relationships. Perfect for gemstone engagement rings, they represent the melding of tradition with modern innovation. Their unique colour symbolises the wearer’s commitment to both enduring love and a forward-thinking outlook.

2. Unique and Captivating Hues: Renowned for their enchanting blend of blue and green, reminiscent of tropical waters, teal sapphires stand out in the gemstone world. Their distinct hue appeals to those who value individuality and sophistication in their jewellery.

3. Distinctive Beauty and Personal Expression: In an era valuing self-expression, blue green sapphires offer a canvas for couples to showcase their unique style. More affordable than traditional blue sapphires, they provide a stylish yet budget-conscious choice, without sacrificing significance or style.

4. Cut and Shape: Enhancing the Gem’s Natural Beauty The brilliance of a teal sapphire is amplified by its cut. Round or oval cuts are recommended to evenly display its blue and green hues. However, round shaped is not as common due to its massive wastage during the process of cutting and polish. Meanwhile, geometric modern and shapes in precise asscher-cut to emerald-cut are increasingly popular among gem enthusiasts.

5. Investment Potential: Each sapphire gem is unique, reflecting its own personality through colour variations. Currently more affordable than padparadscha sapphire, they offer a potential investment opportunity, especially considering their rising popularity. Especially when we are looking into unheated sapphire gemstone.

6. The Growing Popularity: Teal sapphires are gaining immense popularity for their unique beauty, and versatile design. They are an ideal choice for modern couples, blending modernity and tradition in gemstone engagement rings.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Spotlight

Exceptional Bluish Green Sapphire Ring

The natural teal sapphire, set in elegant rose gold, brings out a feminine charm. Its unique coloration, with possible zones of green or blue, adds character to the gemstone. This particular bluish green sapphire showcases a more evenly blended hue, enhanced by skilful cutting. Set on a gold band, this teal sapphire ring exemplifies brilliance and regality.

Vintage Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring

Vintage solitaire teal sapphire engagement ring feature side round brilliance diamond with thin bezel frame. Moderately thick band with sleek knife-edge finishes for elegant style and comfort. Bluish-green sapphire shade, a lush companion to the bright yellow gold band.

Teal Sapphire - Customised Jewellery Wedding Engagement Ring
Blue Green Sapphire Vintage Ring

Are Parti Sapphire Valuable?

Do not be mislead by the term of “Parti Sapphire” commonly exhibit a zoning of blue and green or even additional yellow shade. This uneven colour shade in the gemstone is common for many inferior quality gemstone. The price of such gem is generally lowered compared to a natural blue-green teal sapphire with even colour. Heat treatment not only helps to improve the colour, it minimise the unevenness in the gem.

Similarly, Salt and Pepper Diamonds, characterized by their black and white inclusions, often fall into a niche market category. Traditionally, diamonds are valued for their clarity, with the least amount of visible inclusions equating to higher quality and value. Salt and Pepper Diamonds prominent with inclusions, affecting the stone’s transparency and brilliance, which are critical factors in diamond valuation.

While marketing strategies have positioned Salt and Pepper Diamonds as unique and desirable for their distinctive appearances. It is essential to approach them with a clear understanding that these inclusions are typically viewed as flaws within the industry. These diamonds generally command lower prices in comparison to high-clarity diamonds. The sales and marketing method leverages their uniqueness, similar to how Parti Sapphire are marketed, but does not change the fact that from a gemological standpoint, such features are considered detriments to the gem’s overall value.

Teal sapphires possess the degree of colour depth whether it is greenish blue or bluish green. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a selection of sapphire gemstone that will certainly be one that best suit you. Last but not least, let us share with you more in depth details on how you can choose the right sapphire gemstone today!

Colour Change Sapphire Engagement Ring, Changes colour from violet to blue unheat sapphire gemstone. Customised with round brilliance diamond | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised and bespoke jewellery with sapphire gemstone

Colour Change Sapphire Ring

Colour Change Sapphire Engagement Ring, Changes colour from violet to blue unheat sapphire gemstone. Designed with round brilliance diamond | sapphire gemstone
Colour Change Sapphire Ring

Captivating Colour Change Sapphire

This exquisitely personalized engagement ring emerged as a complete astonishment. A beautiful result of several creative design discussion. Shannon’s choice of gemstone was driven by its unique colour-changing qualities, selecting a rare, unheated colour change sapphire for Michelle.

This extraordinary gemstone exhibits a mesmerising change, firstly appear as a serene bluish hue under white fluorescent light. In the warm glow of yellow light, it shifts to a captivating purplish shade, while under natural daylight. It reveals a dazzling display of mixed brilliance, creating a visually striking and certainly conversation-sparking piece.

Elegant Customisation in Design

Our creative designer designed the colour change sapphire ring with a fusion of simplicity and elegance. Adding a personal touch by engraving the couple’s initials on the sides. Skilfully infusing this masterpiece with additional sentimental value. This customised ring represents a timeless yet contemporary choice. Where the majestic sapphire is the center-piece, nestled among micro-set diamond bands.

This subtle shade of sapphire is the design’s crowning glory. Meticulous arrangement of the diamonds enhances and complements the central sapphire’s splendour. Exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the design, refined with elegance and precision.

A Statement of Unparalleled Choice

Owning this colour change sapphire ring ensures a flurry of compliments for its distinguished selection. Featuring an intricate and unique design, this customised ring stands out as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The choice of a colour change sapphire distinguishes this design from conventional options. The customisation aspect adds a layer of exclusivity, setting it apart from typical engagement ring found in retail stores.

At GIOIA, we do not just create this personalized colour change sapphire ring. Crafting it with a symbol of love, a conversation piece, and a testament to individuality in the realm of fine jewelry.

Colour Change Sapphire Engagement Ring, Changes colour from violet to blue unheat sapphire gemstone. Designed with round brilliance diamond | sapphire gemstone
Colour Change Sapphire Personalised S Initial
Colour Change Sapphire Engagement Ring, Changes colour from violet to blue unheat sapphire gemstone. Designed with round brilliance diamond | sapphire gemstone
Colour Change Sapphire Personalised M Initial
Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone, rare deep royal blue sapphire gemstone unheated without heat treatment - bespoke Gemstone Jewellery custom set in white gold in half bezel setting | Local Singapore bespoke jewellery in Natural Coloured Gemstone Jewellery

Burma Blue Sapphire Ring

Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone, rare deep royal blue sapphire gemstone unheated without heat treatment - bespoke Gemstone Jewellery custom set in white gold in half bezel setting | Local Singapore bespoke jewellery in Natural Coloured Gemstone Jewellery
Burma Blue Sapphire Ring

Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The Enchanting World of Burmese Sapphires: A Gemstone Like No Other

In the realm of coloured gemstones, Burma sapphires stand out for their extraordinary colour and clarity. Which setting them apart from their global counterparts such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar and African. These finest gemstone, hailing from the valleys of Myanmar, are also symbols of unrivaled beauty and rarity.

Mogok Blue Sapphire: A Gem Beyond Compare

While Mogok, a region steeped in gemstone history, is renowned for its finest rubies, it’s the diversity of its gemstones that truly astonishes. Among these, the sapphire is a star, with Burmese origins being a mark of unmatched quality. The Mogok sapphire, with its deep, intense blue hue, often tinged with a subtle violet, is a testament to nature’s artistry. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the variability in quality. Many Burmese sapphires exhibit a bluish-green to grey body colour, and clarity can be a challenge, with many stones showing inclusions. Despite this, the allure of a rare, unheated royal blue Burmese sapphire remains undiminished, making it a treasure gem for collectors and enthusiasts.

Mining with Tradition: The Burma Sapphire Journey

The mining of these precious stones in Burma is a testament to tradition and perseverance. Employing manual labor and simple tools, this method not only speaks to the gemstone’s authenticity but also adds to its rarity and value. This labor of love, set against a backdrop of Burma’s unique geography and complex socio-political landscape, makes each stone a piece of history.

Exquisite Customised Burma Blue Sapphire Ring: A Royal Blue Rarity

Discover luxury and uniqueness with a customised ring featuring the illustrious Burma sapphire. Celebrated for its vibrant royal blue shade, this gemstone’s charm is amplified by its scarcity. This rarity, born from Burma’s distinct conditions, elevates the Burma sapphire to a pinnacle position in the fine jewelry market.

Elegance and Majesty Combined

This Burma blue sapphire ring is more than any accessory; it’s a statement of sophistication and royal splendour. Crafted with an unheated, rich royal blue unheated sapphire set in an exquisite 18K base, it represents the zenith of modern fine jewelry preferences. Wearing this ring is about embracing luxury and elegance; the deep blue sapphire lends an air of majesty, making it a glamorous and distinctive choice.

The Personal Touch of Customised Jewellery

What sets customised jewellery apart is the freedom it offers in selecting and personalising gemstones, reflecting individual style and preference. This specific ring was designed for a connoisseur with a penchant for the mesmerising royal blue sapphire. The Burma origin of the sapphire adds layers of exclusivity and historical significance to the piece, making it not just a ring but a treasure.

Crafted from an original sketch, the sapphire is elegantly set in a half-bezel, marrying modern aesthetics with traditional charm. Customised jewellery transcends trends; it’s a celebration of individuality and personal expression. This approach allows for the creation of unique pieces that are not just worn but cherished – reflections of personal taste and personality.

GIOIA Fine Jewellery: Curators of Burmese Treasures

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, our passion for exceptional gemstones is matched only by our commitment to sourcing the finest quality rubies and sapphires from Burma. We understand that each gemstone has a story, a journey from the heart of the earth to the heart of our esteemed clientele. Our selection of Burmese rubies and sapphires is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Burmese Ruby: The Heart of Luxury

The Burmese ruby, a gemstone synonymous with love and passion, is celebrated for its vibrant, pigeon-blood red hue. At GIOIA, we select rubies that epitomise this legendary colour, ensuring that each piece reflects the depth and intensity that these stones are known for. Our rubies are more than gemstones; they are symbols of enduring love and timeless elegance.

Sapphire: A Symphony in Blue

Alongside our exquisite rubies, GIOIA’s collection of Burma sapphires is unparalleled. We meticulously choose sapphires that showcase the quintessential rich, royal blue, embodying both tranquility and depth. Each sapphire in our collection is handpicked for its unique beauty, ensuring that our customers receive a gemstone that is not only rare but also resonates with their personal style.

Crafting Bespoke Experiences

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we believe in crafting experiences as unique as our gemstones. Our bespoke jewellery service allows clients to be a part of the creative process, from the initial concept to the final creation. Whether it’s a statement piece featuring a magnificent ruby or a subtle yet elegant Burma blue sapphire ring, our experience artisans work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

The GIOIA Promise: Quality, Ethical, and Elegance

Our promise is rooted in quality, ethical, and elegance. Every gemstone at GIOIA undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure that it meets our high standards. We also provide detailed international certification, giving our clients the confidence that they are investing in natural, fine quality Burmese gemstones.

Customised Elephant Earring with Blue Sapphire unheat, Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel gemstone, round diamond | Customised Fine Jewellery in unique natural animals and precious gemstone - Local Singapore Bespoke Customised Jewellery in Fine Jewellery

Elephant Earring Jewellery

Customised Elephant Earring with Blue Sapphire unheat, Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel gemstone, round diamond | Customised Fine Jewellery in unique natural animals and precious gemstone - Local Singapore Bespoke Customised Jewellery in Fine Jewellery

Exquisite Fine Jewelry

Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury with our exquisite elephant earring jewellery, a masterful fusion of elegance and opulence. Crafted from the finest 18k (750) white gold, this bespoke fine jewelry transcends the ordinary. Adorned with round diamonds and vibrant coloured gemstones in timeless arrangements. The brilliant diamonds exude a sophisticated look which is certainly going to capture the hearts of the onlookers. Everything about this pair of elephant earring jewellery is mesmerising.

Behold the captivating allure of brilliant diamonds that radiate sophistication, capturing the gaze of onlookers with an undeniable charm. The resplendent hues of carefully selected colourful gems bestow a celestial grandeur upon this elephant earring jewellery. Creating a symphony of light and colour that mesmerises all who encounter them.

This exceptional creation marries an elegant setting with stunning colours. Resulting in a harmonious display of brilliance that reflects the wearer’s unique style. More than just jewelry, it becomes an embodiment of individuality and personal expression. A testament to the wearer’s true spirit, this design transcends the commonplace. Offering a bespoke experience tailored to celebrate individuality and beliefs.

Elephant Earring Design

Elephants, those majestic beings symbolizing determination, loyalty, and sensitivity, take center stage in this custom-designed masterpiece. Beyond their physical representation, these elephants embody honor, stability, strength, and tenacity, drawing inspiration from their rich history in Burma. A nod to royal symbolism, the pair features playful elephants adorned with diamond accents and a rare pair of unheated Burma (Myanmar) blue sapphires. Echoing the country’s reverence for the white elephant as a symbol of status and royalty.

The eye-catching design incorporates a Red Spinel for the eye, while Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline gems and red spinel stones grace the base. Each element has been meticulously selected to narrate a story that goes beyond aesthetics—personal and meaningful. The entire design, conceived from sketch to reality, was a collaborative effort with Matthew, who sought to surprise his beloved wife with a unique and timeless expression of love.

Customised Jewellery

This perfectly crafted pair of elephant earring jewellery is more than an accessory. Certainly a bespoke statement jewellery worth flaunting every day. The superior craftsmanship behind the design elevates it to a level of artistry that speaks volumes. Express your deepest emotions through this stunning pair of customised earrings—a flawless gift for anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays. Whether celebrating a unique and memorable date or simply expressing love. At GIOIA, our gorgeously designed and crafted customised jewellery ensures an everlasting impression.

Elephant unheated Burma Blue Sapphire Fine Jewellery with Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Earring
unheat blue sapphire wedding ring - customised wedding engagement ring with rare unheated blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller

Unheat Sapphire Ring

Congratulation to Kien Hoe and Jasmine! May your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness.

The cut of this sapphire engagement ring is especially unique, as the ring has a different look exhibited. A multiple faceted design is out of the ordinary. With a four prong setting, the claws maintain the gemstone in its place and help to hold it properly. Prominently custom designed, the multiple faceted makes a pattern on the side of the ring that is spectacular. In its composition, the customised ring has an elegant appearance, a graceful stone, and a splendid setting that will elevate the beauty of the bride.

Unheat Blue Sapphire

Customisation being a specialisation of GIOIA, this wedding ring is a unique customised design. With an unheat blue sapphire, the gemstone reveals a regal charm in its form. The glistening sapphire is in an octagon step cut giving the ring rare and profound characteristics. The gemstone may not show a hue of a cornflower or a royal blue, but the manifestation of a violet-blue shade has its own distinct colour. Both unusual and attractive in nature, this violet-blue sapphire has an allure that is impossible to find in other gemstones.

unheat blue sapphire wedding ring - customised wedding engagement ring with rare unheated blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller