Cornflower Blue Sapphire Round Brilliant Blue Sapphire Ring

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower Blue Sapphire at GIOIA Fine Jewellery

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we appreciate the distinctive shade of cornflower blue sapphires, reminiscent of the vivid blue and slight violet tinge of Estonia’s national flower. This enchanting shade defines the cornflower blue sapphire—a gemstone revered for its soft, velvety texture and delightful medium to medium-strong blue saturation. Beyond the lush valleys of Kashmir, the legacy of cornflower blue spans over the world, from the mines of Madagascar to the shores of Sri Lanka, each location offering sapphire that capture this amazing hue in their own unique way.

Customised Engagement Ring with Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Uniquely design customised engagement ring, meticulously crafted from natural champagne gold. Following with a round brilliance diamond band that elegantly twists to embrace a stunning unheated cornflower blue sapphire. The vivid hue of the gemstone enhances the overall design, turning every glance into a moment of awe and admire look. This gemstone engagement ring was further elevated with fancy aquamarine gem to complete the design. Personalised design ring that symbol of your journey together, igniting cherished memories with every shimmering reflection.

Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring vivid blue with surrounding halo diamond ring.
Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Cornflower Blue Sapphire vs. Royal Blue Sapphire

Cornflower Blue Sapphire: These sapphires dazzle with a lighter blue hue, exhibit a brilliance and sparkle that captures the heart. The lighter shade not only enhances their inherent luminosity but also showcases the unique silky inclusions that give the stones a neon-like bluish-violet glow. Preferred for their soothing visual appeal, cornflower blue sapphires are often chosen for their calming influence and are less intense than their deeper-hued counterparts.

Royal Blue Sapphire: In stark contrast, Royal Blue sapphire exhibit a deeper, more profound blue, significantly influenced by their geographical origins. Sapphires from Sri Lanka may present a vivid yet slightly lighter blue, whereas those from Madagascar usually in a deeper and more intense hue. These darker tones may seems to have less sparkle due to its intensity. However it showcase a play of intense deep, vivid blues with their hints of purple a majestic choice known in the jewellery industry as Royal Blue.

Wide Spectrum of Blue at GIOIA

Our collection spans the entire spectrum of blue sapphires—from the effervescent pastel blue shade to the captivating depths of vivid blue. Whether you are drawn to the unique shades of bluish-green teal sapphires or the rare sunrise to sunset hues of padparadscha sapphires, selecting the perfect colour is crucial for creating your ideal engagement ring. At GIOIA, every piece of jewellery tells a unique love story, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Misconceptions: True Cornflower Blue

It’s essential to distinguish the true cornflower blue from commonly mistaken pastel blue shades in the market. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, our collection of unheated, internationally certified blue sapphires ranges from authentic cornflower to royal blue. Ensuring you receive not only the genuine colour but also the unmatched quality that comes with expert certification.

Bespoke Jewellery

Opting for a cornflower blue sapphire is not just about selecting a colour, it’s also about choosing a legacy of light and brilliance. These sapphires are favoured for their ability to radiate beauty under any light, making them ideal for both gemstone engagement rings and high jewelry pieces. Cornflower blue or royal blue may be the sought-after shade all over the world however, it might not be your colour. Rest assured that we will walk you through the selection of coloured gemstone, allow you to better understand your own preference.

When you choose a cornflower blue sapphire at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, you are assured with quality and authentication. This truly exclusive bespoke jewellery experience from the gemstone selection to the final creation. Is an investing in an heirloom that will continue to tell your unique love story for generations to come.

Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment on the gemstone - Customised for the couple for an eternity love, perfect gemstone with a vivid colour, high clarity, and magnificent luminosity. Singapore Customised Jeweller in Engagement Ring and Wedding Jewellery with Sapphire Gemstone.

Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Unheat - Customised Engagement Ring Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment - Singapore Custom Jeweler in Engagement Ring & Sapphire
Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring – Sought-after Vivid Blue Shade

A specific type of sapphire gemstone, known for its deep, rich blue colour, is royal blue sapphire. The term “royal blue” typically refers to a vivid and intense shade of blue, often likened to the colour of the sky on a clear day. Its striking and captivating hue, sets it apart from other shades of blue sapphires whether is it pastel or intense.

Sapphire Heat Treatment

With all the technological advancements, heating gemstones to enhance colours have become so popular that stones lose their pure form. Using methods like reducing or oxidizing, heated gemstones lose their original state to artificiality. In the gemstone trade, people commonly heat sapphires, which estimated to be 80% to 90%, to significantly improve their overall colour shade and clarity.

With most sapphires subjected to heat treatment, finding natural, unheated sapphires which exhibit attractive colour such as royal blue shade is always an exceptionally challenging task.

Royal Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Proposal Ring Champagne Gold Perspective
Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Value in Royal Blue Sapphire

Having a long history of use in royal jewelry and as engagement ring center stones, which adds to their desirability and timeless appeal. The average price of an unheated royal blue sapphire can vary significantly depending on factors like size, quality, origin, and market demand.

Unheated royal blue sapphire price per carat from $4000 USD, with larger carat weight it increases exponentially. In general, smaller sapphires (under 1.0 carat) tend to be more affordable. While larger carat weight from 2.0 carat and above with exceptional colour and clarity command higher premium. Although prices can fluctuate over time due to market conditions and the availability of high-quality stones. Prices for fine quality unheated royal blue sapphire has multiple due to its rarity and increasing higher demand.

Sapphire Fine Jewelry

In the gemstone trade royal blue sapphire are prize for their extraordinary colour. They often associate deep, intense blue hue with nobility, luxury, and elegance, which is why given them the “royal” designation. This makes royal blue sapphire highly desirable for fine jewelry, especially in engagement ring and other high-end pieces.

Rarity in Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire

Finding high-quality royal blue sapphires in nature is relatively rare, which adds to their allure. Unheated royal blue sapphires, in particular, are even more scarce. Reason as they have not been subjected to heat treatments commonly used to enhance the colour of sapphires. Collectors and Jewellers highly seek unheated sapphires for their natural and pure colour.

High-quality, unheated royal blue sapphires are considered valuable investments. Kashmir royal blue sapphire being one of the rarest origin where you can only acquire them from existing heirloom jewellery. Over time, they have shown the potential to appreciate in value, making them attractive to collectors and investors.

Blue Sapphire Ring - Royal Blue unheated sapphire diamond ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Customised Engagement Ring

This engagement ring, features an unheated royal blue sapphire ring vivid and elated in appearance. Many favours this gemstone primarily because of the radiant shade of blue, that feels deeper than the sea. This oceanic gemstone gives a surreal experience to the onlooker. The sapphire altogether has an even colour; when you move the ring, the blue radiates with a high saturation of a hue.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we look for various aspects of the gemstone for fine quality. According to us, the perfect gemstone has a vivid colour, high clarity, and magnificent luminosity. Apart from the charismatic design, this ring manifests a rich blue hue, excellent clarity and brilliance. The elegant composition of this sapphire ring is carved on the surface. Just as eternal love exists between two lovers, this ring is custom-designed with rare treasure gems that will last an eternity. This engagement ring completes your phenomenal event through its perfection.

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Unheat - Customised Engagement Ring Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment - Singapore Custom Jeweler in Engagement Ring & Sapphire
Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Vivid Blue Cornflower vs Royal Blue Sapphire

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

As lovely and sought-after as it can be, it might not be your favourite shade in royal blue. The terms “cornflower blue” and “royal blue sapphire” describe different shades of blue in gemstones, particularly sapphires. The primary differences between the two are in their colour and the intensity of that colour.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire:

  • A specific shade of blue, known for its medium to light, bright, and vivid blue colour, is cornflower blue. It resembles the colour of a fresh cornflower, which is a type of wildflower.
  • Cornflower blue sapphires typically have a light to medium tone, often with a slight violet or lavender undertone.
  • The term “cornflower” is used to describe this colour because it closely resembles the bright blue petals of a cornflower, also known as Centaurea cyanus.
  • Cornflower blue sapphires are highly prized for their vibrant, calming, and appealing colour. 

It might not have the deep and strong saturation like royal blue shade. The light to medium tone which allows more return of lights and brilliance reflects more sparkle and fire.

Some may prefer cornflower blue for its bright and cheerful charm, while others may be drawn to the deep and regal allure of royal blue sapphires. Both shades of blue sapphires have their unique beauty, and the choice ultimately depends on personal taste and personality.


In Conclusion

Note that ‘royal blue’ is not considered for all dark blue sapphires, and ‘cornflower blue’ is not considered for all pastel blue sapphires. The colour may vary from one stone to another. Gemologists and jewelry experts often use various grading criteria to assess the quality of a sapphire’s colour. Stringent checks including factors like hue, tone, saturation and stabilisation in colour. However some might not have experience nor stringent standard in the grading of the true royal blue shade.

When purchasing a royal blue sapphire or any sapphire, it’s advisable to consult with a reputable gemologist or local jeweller. This ensure that you are getting the desired quality and value for your investment.

Blue Sapphire Ring with halo Diamond
Featuring a vivid blue sapphire gem with cluster blue spinel and marquise shaped diamond design. Exceptional Sapphire engagement ring customised unique design.

Vivid Blue Sapphire

Featuring a vivid blue sapphire gem with cluster blue spinel and marquise shaped diamond design. Exceptional Sapphire engagement ring customised unique design.
Blue Sapphire with Cluster Spinel & Marquise Diamond

Vivid Blue Sapphire With Cluster Spinel And Marquises Diamond

Captivating Charm of the Vivid Blue Sapphire

Embark on a journey of elegance with this vivid blue sapphire ring, adorned with cluster spinel and marquises diamond. This personalized proposal ring is a statement of imperial legacy, mirroring the regal history of sapphires. Imagine a captivating cluster design, delicately crafted to grace your fingers, centred by an oval sapphire radiating a deep, saturated blue. This sapphire isn’t just blue; it’s a story of passion and glory, a symbol of regal poise, shimmering with vivid blue hues that dance with the light.

The Allure of Vivid Blue

The essence of this ring lies in the unique quality of the vivid blue sapphire. As a discerning buyer, you’ll notice the distinct difference – we do not categorise the general blue. “Vivid blue” speaks of a deep, rich, and vibrant hue, a captivating allure for the eyes. But beware, not every dark blue sapphire qualifies as vivid blue. It’s the harmonious blend of the blue hue with its natural lustre that sets this gem apart, marking it as a true treasure.

Royal Blue vs. Vivid Blue: A World of Difference

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves on our exquisite collection of blue sapphires, each with its unique charm and character. The distinction between royal blue and vivid blue sapphires is one that connoisseurs and enthusiasts cherish. While both hues are captivating, they each tell a different story through their tones.

Royal Blue Sapphire – The Classic Elegance

The royal blue sapphire is a symbol of timeless elegance. Its deep, velvety blue hue is reminiscent of the night sky, offering a serene and sophisticated appeal. This shade of sapphire has been revered for centuries, often associated with royalty and nobility. Its classic allure makes it a perfect choice for those who appreciate traditional elegance and a touch of historical grandeur.

Vivid Blue Sapphire – The Modern Brilliance

In contrast, the vivid blue sapphire is all about vibrant energy and modern brilliance. This shade is brighter and more intense, catching the eye with its lively sparkle. The vivid blue is less traditional yet equally luxurious, making it ideal for contemporary designs and those who seek a ring that makes a bold statement.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

The brilliance of the vivid blue sapphire isn’t just in its colour. It’s the natural lustre and vibrance that mark its quality. An inferior stone might mimic the colour but lacks the sheen and magnificence of a genuine vivid blue gem. It’s this distinction that elevates the sapphire from merely beautiful to truly extraordinary.

The Design: A Symphony of Gems

The sapphire ring’s design is a masterful symphony of gems, where each element complements the other. Clustered round bluish spinel and marquise diamonds encircle the central sapphire, creating a harmonious balance. This ring is more than a piece of fine jewelry; it’s a heartfelt gift, perfect for expressing love and commitment. The diamonds, in tune with the sapphire’s tone, bring a sense of completeness to the design. Adorning the band, these diamonds are set in white gold with a floral motif, adding to the ring’s enchanting appeal. The finishing touch? A rose gold band, subtly shimmering, rounding off this exquisite piece.

Why Choose This Sapphire Ring?

Choosing this vivid blue sapphire ring means embracing a piece of art that stands out. It’s not just about the deep, mesmerising blue of the sapphire or the intricate design. It’s about wearing a piece that tells a story, one of royal legacy and timeless beauty. This wedding ring is for those who seek something beyond the ordinary, a jewel that’s as unique as their love story.

vivid Blue Sapphire with cluster spinel and marquise micro twisted diamond ring side view
Vivid Blue Sapphire with Cluster Spinel & Marquise Diamond
Royal Blue Sapphire with halfmoon and halo diamond ring

Sapphire Halo Diamond

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with Half Moon, one of best vivid blue shade and highly saturation in the sapphire gemstone, yellow gold | Customised Blue Sapphire.
Sapphire with Half-moon Diamond Halo Ring

Halo Diamond with Half Moon Diamond

Sapphire halo diamond ring with highly saturated vivid royal blue sapphire engagement ring. The amalgamation of vivid blue sapphire and half-moon side diamond with halo diamond results in an extraordinary art deco design. The overall design is just breath-taking and has slight touches of vintage-inspired detailing. Significant contrast between the yellow and white by crafted in warm yellow gold and plated in white gold on the diamond.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires have for long been favoured for being precious and incredible. These special gemstones are a symbol of loyalty and honesty. These are available in vivid shades of which royal blue is the favourite. If you are fond of classics, then this bold and beguiling design would certainly appeal to you. There is nothing wrong with opting for super-sparkly designs with glittering side stones and dazzling accents. If flaunting bold designs is your thing, then this is the customised ring you need to settle for. It is truly a masterpiece with a glittering side half-moon creating a dazzling halo.

Customised Jewellery

If you do not want sapphires to be the centre stone in your engagement ring, then you can simply opt for any coloured gemstone as the centre gem with sapphire accents or fancy shape diamonds like the half-moons. We are sure that with the variety of coloured gemstone there will definitely be one shade that win your heart! Our personalised designs will help you create a unique masterpiece that is one of a kind.

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with Half Moon, one of best vivid blue shade and highly saturation in the sapphire gemstone, yellow gold | Customised Blue Sapphire.
Vivid Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Blue sapphire does sparkle well and glow with its unique blue saturation. Timeless design with round brilliance diamond accent encircle the centre sapphire, popular style for the modern bride. Halo diamond focus attention on the vivid blue sapphire and gives the already big centre gem larger look. Instead of yellow gold which bring out the antique feel, white gold gives an elegant and classy look.

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with vivid royal blue to cornflower sapphire engagement ring | Modern, vintage art deco, timeless halo diamond ring
Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Different Sapphire halo diamond

Halo diamond setting, particularly when surrounding a stunning centre gemstone like a blue sapphire, offers an array of exquisite and varied looks. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in crafting unique designs that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring each piece is as individual as the wearer.

Halo Diamond in Alternate Sizes of Diamond

This design adds an intriguing twist to the classic halo setting. By placing diamonds alternately around the sapphire, the ring gains a rhythmic, dynamic appeal. The contrast between the deep blue of the sapphire and the sparkle of the diamonds creates a captivating visual effect. At the Same time, making it a sophisticated choice for those who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation.

Halo Diamond in Pave Setting

A pave halo setting involves setting small diamonds close together around the sapphire. This technique results in a dazzling, continuous sparkle that magnifies the sapphire’s radiance. The pave setting is ideal for those who love a luxurious, glittering effect, as it enhances the overall brilliance of the ring.

Prong Variations (Three, Four, or Five Prongs)

The number of prongs used in securing the sapphire can significantly alter the ring’s look. A three-prong setting offers a minimalistic and modern appearance, while a four-prong setting is more traditional and provides a balanced look. A five-prong setting adds extra security and a unique style, ideal for those who seek a distinctive design.

Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Bespoke Sapphire Halo Diamond

At GIOIA, we understand the importance of personalisation and uniqueness in customised jewellery. Our commitment is to craft pieces that not only showcase exceptional craftsmanship and quality. But also resonate with the personal style and preferences of our discerning clientele. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary design, our bespoke services ensure that your blue sapphire halo diamond ring is as unique as your own story.