Paraiba Tourmaline Earring Dangles | custom made paraiba with round brilliant diamond | custom jeweler

Paraiba Tourmaline Dangle

Paraiba Tourmaline Earring Dangles | customized paraiba with round brilliant diamond | custom jeweler

Customized dangling earring with Paraiba Tourmaline, exude style as it combines with round brilliant diamonds. The gemstone at the center surrounded by diamonds makes the design lively and exquisite.

Paraiba Tourmaline

In GIOIA, we bring a sensual twist to the gemstone with stunning designs that flatter the look of the wearer. This unique gem can easily identify with its amazing neon look. The high-quality diamond (min E/F colour, VS clarity grade), enhances the appeal of the Paraiba Tourmaline, as the movement makes it attractive.

Dangle Earring

Dangling style earring is a perfect gift for your loved one, or own jewellery collection. They look stunning and different from others, especially with rare precious gemstone like the paraiba tourmaline. The perfect fine jewelry, look visually appealing as the gemstone highlight the features in an alluring manner.

The beautiful earring that exudes class, and elegance is an investment that suits the taste and aesthetics of every woman. Every design is customizable in GIOIA Fine Jewellery, an engagement ring or collectable jewellery, they are exquisite and personalised.

Customized Jewellery

Customized jewellery can be an affordable luxury, share with us on the design you have in mind or idea for us to give your a non-obligated quote. In GIOIA, we believe that the process of custom made jewellery should be enjoyable and memorable experience.


Bluish Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bluish Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bluish Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

3.06 Carat Bluish-Green Cushion Cut Sapphire

Break away from the traditional engagement ring. Unlike the classic diamond proposal ring, this beautiful gemstone display a unique blue and green colour shade. A combination of capability and beauty on the wearer.

Memorable and one-of-a-kind bespoke wedding ring, created by both Alfred and Vivian. Every detail of the ring, strike a certain memory of the design process that was shared by the couple. Hand sketch design and handcrafted in 18k (750), natural white gold. Look forward to the customised wedding bands design soon!

Congratulation and wishes both a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for having us to custom made this unique engagement ring.


Black Diamond Setting - Customised jewellery

Black Diamond Jewellery

Black Diamond Setting - Customised jewellery

Colourless Diamonds, Champagne Brown Diamonds and Black Diamonds

Should you consider your engagement ring with colourless diamond, or the nonconventional coloured diamond; Black or Champagne Brown diamond? Choose the ring that best suit your taste and style, doesn’t matter what the choice may be. Bespoke a statement jewellery, with our collection of unique diamonds.

Natural black diamond, known as “Carbonado”, origin from Brazil and Africa. Appear in black, as they are form by the inclusion of graphite during the crystallisation, which make them unique from colourless diamond. Black diamond, are much more affordable as compared to colourless diamonds.

In fact, black diamond are rarer than colourless diamond. They are either form naturally during the crystallisation and are enhanced (burned) to obtain the black. Somehow similar to coloured gemstone, where heat enhancement is common.

Natural black diamond, might not sparkle like how colourless diamond does. They are completely different from any other fancy coloured diamonds. The striking appeal of black diamond is commonly use in both ladies and men’s jewellery. Customised wedding bands, engagement ring to custom made men’s cufflinks and fine jewellery.




Custom made Gemstone and pearl Earring | Customised Jewellery in Singapore

Custom made Gemstone & Pearl Earring

Custom made Gemstone and pearl Earring | Customised Jewellery in Singapore

Combining different set of jewellery gift, from friends to love ones. A pair of Topaz and Peridot dangle earring, pair of Pearl and Diamond earring stud.

Custom made in 18K(750) gold, and option to attach with other dangle earring, a fine piece of unique jewellery.

Bespoke jewellery, does not necessary require you to purchase new coloured gemstone or diamond. We can re-style your existing jewellery, customised to your design and style. It can be a casual piece for daily wear, or red carpet jewellery for night events. More of our latest update in Highlights!

Bi-colour tourmaline watermelon tourmaline

Bicolour Tourmaline

Bicolour tourmaline watermelon tourmaline
Bicolour Tourmaline Ring

Bicolour Watermelon Tourmaline

Bicolour Tourmaline with side tapered diamond in yellow gold band.

The usual gemstone we seen are commonly in single shade of colour. In tourmaline with two or more distinctive colour is known as “Bicolour Tourmaline“. Multi colour zone throughout the single, the term “Bicolour” is always relate to tourmaline gemstone. Some might doubt whether is it real gemstone, it is natural for tourmaline to possess such characteristic of bicolour shade.

As such, some is “Pink to Green”, “Blue to Yellow, with the “Pink to Green” resemblance the watermelon, also known as “Watermelon Tourmaline”. Bicolour Tourmaline with define vivid colour and good clarity is priced a premium. 

Not all coloured gemstone are bicolour shade 

However do not be confused by the colour zoning in sapphire term “Parti Sapphire” is commonly used. The “Yellow and Green” or “Green and Blue” are due to uneven colour in the sapphire gem. In “Teal Sapphire” there is a well mixed of bluish green, a good blend of colour instead of uneven patch of colours.  

Bicolour tourmaline cats eye ring
Bicolour Tourmaline Cat Eyes

Bespoke Natural Flora Collection

Cabochon Bicolour Tourmaline with Cat’s Eyes

Tourmaline that displays two or more distinctive colours, do come in cabochon shade. However, the cabochon is common as there is more inclusion on the tourmaline. An unusual Tourmaline gemstone with a combination of Cat’s eye effect.

Inspired by the natural flower, the ring band resembles the stalk of the flower. Hand-drawn design and handcraft in 18k(750) rose gold, custom made with round brilliant diamond, on each flower petal.

Not sure whether you prefer a customised engagement ring, design with halo set diamond, or a more complex one? Share with us the design, you came across on the web or you have in mind today! In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, from customised wedding bands to traditional jade. All design is made possible with dedicated craftsmanship!

Ethiopia Emerald | Gemstone Jewellery | Looking for emerald engagement ring or emerald jewellery

Ethiopia Emerald

Ethiopia Emerald | Gemstone Jewellery | Looking for emerald engagement ring or emerald jewellery

Ethiopia Emerald – The best of Columbia, Brazil and Zambian Emerald

In the year of 2016, quality emeralds were discovered in southern region of Ethiopia, Seba Boru. These beautiful emeralds, have similar characteristic to Columbia, Brazil and Zambian. An average of 3.0 carat or lesser in size, with ‘minty green’ and ‘glowing green’ in colour. Minimum inclusion and clarity, which required no enhancement or oiling as compared to the rest of the origin. Best of all, they do not cost a premium as compared to Colombian emeralds.

Emerald are commonly source in Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. The colour of emerald varies according to its origin. Colombian emeralds have dominated the market for decades, known for its pure green with a faint tint of blue. Zambian emeralds are fine, deep green with better clarity. Brazil emeralds are lighter in colour with yellowish tone and slight cloudiness as compared to Colombian.

Ethiopia, with a population of estimated 95 million, and a fast growing economy. Reported an impressive growth of range 8% – 12% yearly. well-known for its beautiful opals and affordable price as compared to the Australian. This unique gemstone have play-of-colour range from a colour base of clear, white, yellow, orange, or brown.

In the recent years, Ethiopia gemstone, has gain much recognition in the gemstone and jewellery market. Gem collectors and gemologists are keeping an eyes on them, and probably a matter of time for Ethiopia emerald to build its name in the market.

Customised engagement ring with emerald, for your wedding proposal? Handcraft a bespoke emerald pendant? Consider Ethiopia emerald, with vivid green at affordable price. More update on our new gemstones, and jewellery design in the Highlights!



customized pink spinel ring for engagement ring | GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Pink Spinel Ring

customized pink spinel ring for engagement ring | GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Oval-shaped Spinel Micro-set Ring

Sweet pink spinel, excellent cut and brilliant luster, with vivid fire. Set to a unique customized ring, with brilliant round diamonds and 18k(750) gold for daily wear.

Spinel comes in many colour shade of colour, all over the world. From light pastel lavender, to vivid red(ruby like) and even black. Rare and beautiful colour ones are tough to source. The most desirable ones are ruby-like red and follow by hot pink and blue.

An excellent durable gemstone, with a hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale. They are usually unheated or without any enhancement. Fine Quality spinel are comparable with ruby and sapphire.

Due to the increasing demand for spinel gemstone, watch out for synthetic spinel. Make sure you are getting the right natural gemstone, with third party gemology laboratory certification.

Consider a customised engagement ring with coloured spinel? You will be amazed by the different colour hue and brilliant in them. There are even spinel in padparadscha colour! Most details on GIOIA Fine Jewellery, coloured gemstone and bespoke jewellery, click on the Highlights!


diamond clarity chart custom made diamond ring

Diamond Clarity

diamond clarity chart custom made diamond ring

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are natural minerals from the ground. Over the years under the extreme heat and pressure. They have tiny imperfection in them, known as inclusions or on the surface known as blemishes. Clarity of a diamond define as the absence of such inclusions and blemishes.

FL – IF (Flawless – Internally Flawless)

Flawless referring to no inclusions or blemishes in the diamond under a 10x magnification. Extremely rare, prices for Flawless is the highest as it is < 1% of the diamond in the market.

Internally Flawless referring to no inclusion, but only blemishes are detectable under 10x magnification. Comparing with Flawless, they are almost identical, < 3% of the diamond in the market.

VVS1 – VVS2 (Very Very Slight Inclusion)

Inclusion are very difficult to detect under 10x magnification even with a skilled grader. VVS1 inclusion are normally on the pavilion, whereas VVS2 inclusion are on the crown and not the table.

VS1 – VS2 (Very Slight Inclusion)

Inclusions are not visible under naked eyes, easily detect under 10x magnification. Inclusion are normally on the table of the diamond and some VS2 grade might have black dot.

SI1 – SI2 (Slight Inclusion)

SI1 inclusion or black dot are noticeable and able to detect under naked eyes, without magnification.

SI2 inclusion or black dot on the crown and table are noticeable under naked eyes.

I1 – I3 (Imperfection)

Heavily included, which may affect the transparency and brilliance of the diamond. These grades are not advisable for diamond jewelleries.

Right Diamond Clarity for Proposal Ring

Select the right clarity, for the best value for money diamond. Might not need to be flawless, but at least one that is eye-clean. One look on the diamond you are not able to detect any inclusion with your naked eyes! I believe no one will bring a 10x magnification loupe on the street.

The clarity grade of VS1 and VS2, are usually eye-clean. As the inclusion are tiny and crystal or feather in the diamonds, therefore is it quite negligible. SI1 and SI2 or below quality, inclusion are quite noticeable especially the black dots. Due to the obvious inclusions and impurities, they might affect the light reflecting of the diamond in general.

Customized engagement ring, begin from the selection of the ring diamond. Natural inclusion in the diamond or coloured gemstone is inevitable. In fact, inclusion in the stone is a way to detect the origin and whether is there any heat enhancement. Diamond with flawless, is very rare in the market, prices of such diamond are a premium compared to the rest.


customized pink spinel earring | GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Customized Spinel Earring

custom made pink spinel earring | GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Bespoke Feather Collection – Pink Spinel Feather Earring

Custom made and handcrafted, in 18k(750) white gold, set with round brilliant diamonds. In line with the series of feather collection. Customized with pear shaped, pink spinel gemstone, dangle earring.

Every piece of precious gemstone, is personally handpicked by us, to ensure the most desirable colour and clarity you deserve. Whether you are sourcing for any particular gemstone, or already have existing gemstone, that might want to set into something unusual and unique. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in ensuring each piece of jewellery is perfectly crafted. Check out our latest jewellery design in the Highlights!