Teal Sapphire with art deco vintage design

Teal Sapphire Ring

Gemstone Engagement Teal Sapphire Ring

Bespoke elegant teal sapphire ring, where unique customised jewellery meets timeless sophistication. This exquisite gemstone engagement ring, crafted by the artisans at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, showcases a mesmerising bluish-green sapphire, set amidst with captivating side cluster of bluish spinel and marquise diamonds. The entire creation is elegantly framed in understated champagne gold, offering a subtle yet luxurious backdrop to the vibrant hues of the gemstones.

A Symbol of Harmonious Love and Innovative Elegance

At the core of this stunning piece is the sapphire, a gemstone renowned for its serene beauty and remarkable durability. Teal sapphires, with their harmonious blend of blue and green, evoke images of tranquil seas and lush landscapes, making them a perfect centrepiece for those seeking a connection with nature in their symbol of love.

Complementing the teal sapphire are the bluish spinels, gems cherished for their brilliance and captivating hues. These spinels, along with the elegantly cut marquise diamonds, form a side cluster that enhances the central sapphire’s glow. At the same time adding depth and dimension to this gemstone engagement ring’s overall design.

Teal Sapphire

Exceptional Beauty in Blue Green Sapphire 

1. Symbolism and Meaning: Teal sapphire, a fusion of stability and emotional balance, symbolise harmonious relationships. Perfect for gemstone engagement rings, they represent the melding of tradition with modern innovation. Their unique colour symbolises the wearer’s commitment to both enduring love and a forward-thinking outlook.

2. Unique and Captivating Hues: Renowned for their enchanting blend of blue and green, reminiscent of tropical waters, teal sapphires stand out in the gemstone world. Their distinct hue appeals to those who value individuality and sophistication in their jewellery.

3. Distinctive Beauty and Personal Expression: In an era valuing self-expression, blue green sapphires offer a canvas for couples to showcase their unique style. More affordable than traditional blue sapphires, they provide a stylish yet budget-conscious choice, without sacrificing significance or style.

4. Cut and Shape: Enhancing the Gem’s Natural Beauty The brilliance of a teal sapphire is amplified by its cut. Round or oval cuts are recommended to evenly display its blue and green hues. However, round shaped is not as common due to its massive wastage during the process of cutting and polish. Meanwhile, geometric modern and shapes in precise asscher-cut to emerald-cut are increasingly popular among gem enthusiasts.

5. Investment Potential: Each sapphire gem is unique, reflecting its own personality through colour variations. Currently more affordable than padparadscha sapphire, they offer a potential investment opportunity, especially considering their rising popularity. Especially when we are looking into unheated sapphire gemstone.

6. The Growing Popularity: Teal sapphires are gaining immense popularity for their unique beauty, and versatile design. They are an ideal choice for modern couples, blending modernity and tradition in gemstone engagement rings.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Spotlight

Exceptional Bluish Green Sapphire Ring

The natural teal sapphire, set in elegant rose gold, brings out a feminine charm. Its unique coloration, with possible zones of green or blue, adds character to the gemstone. This particular bluish green sapphire showcases a more evenly blended hue, enhanced by skilful cutting. Set on a gold band, this teal sapphire ring exemplifies brilliance and regality.

Vintage Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring

Vintage solitaire teal sapphire engagement ring feature side round brilliance diamond with thin bezel frame. Moderately thick band with sleek knife-edge finishes for elegant style and comfort. Bluish-green sapphire shade, a lush companion to the bright yellow gold band.

Teal Sapphire - Customised Jewellery Wedding Engagement Ring
Blue Green Sapphire Vintage Ring

Are Parti Sapphire Valuable?

Do not be mislead by the term of “Parti Sapphire” or “Parti Teal Sapphire” commonly exhibit a zoning of blue and green or even additional yellow shade. This uneven colour shade in the gemstone is common for many inferior quality gemstone. The price of such gem is generally lowered compared to a natural blue-green teal sapphire with even colour. Heat treatment not only helps to improve the colour, it minimise the unevenness in the gem.

Similarly, Salt and Pepper Diamonds, characterized by their black and white inclusions, often fall into a niche market category. Traditionally, diamonds are valued for their clarity, with the least amount of visible inclusions equating to higher quality and value. Salt and Pepper Diamonds prominent with inclusions, affecting the stone’s transparency and brilliance, which are critical factors in diamond valuation.

While marketing strategies have positioned Salt and Pepper Diamonds as unique and desirable for their distinctive appearances. It is essential to approach them with a clear understanding that these inclusions are typically viewed as flaws within the industry. These diamonds generally command lower prices in comparison to high-clarity diamonds. The sales and marketing method leverages their uniqueness, similar to how Parti Sapphire are marketed, but does not change the fact that from a gemological standpoint, such features are considered detriments to the gem’s overall value.

Teal sapphires possess the degree of colour depth whether it is greenish blue or bluish green. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a selection of sapphire gemstone that will certainly be one that best suit you. Last but not least, let us share with you more in depth details on how you can choose the right sapphire gemstone today!

Custom Teal Sapphire Jewelry
Ballerina Jewellery art deco Design ring with cluster diamond

Ballerina Jewellery

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond
Ballerina Jewellery Design

Unique ballerina jewellery featuring attractive fancy marquise, baguette to round brilliant diamonds. Allow her to skirt her panache! That’s the dancing thought that this dazzling ballerina designer ring leaves you with. Crafted with a unique bluish green piece of precious teal sapphire, this is an alluring piece of ballerina jewellery you’ll instantly add to your list of prized possessions for sure.

Ballerina Jewellery Design

Vintage Ballerina Inspired Jewellery

Inspired by beauty, this ballerina jewellery creation can make an enthralling bequest. This eye-catching vintage style ring is certainly coming back into fashion with its bold and outstanding appearance. So, if you are looking for that perfect ornament to compliment your special outfit, you can slip this Ballerina sapphire ring into your fingers with closed eyes. 

Exceptional Teal Sapphire

The unheated teal sapphire in octagonal shape symbolises a woman’s strength and balance, while the diamonds embedded around it represent the charming dancer twirling elegantly in her ‘tutu skirt’. The marquise eye-shaped diamonds in combination with the rounded splendours and long-stemmed shimmering diamonds intermittently cross paths. The fancy shapes diamonds resemblance a halo design surrounding the exceptional teal sapphire gracefully. It is the asymmetry that lends a character to the unpredictable yet steady and stylish ballerina to tip-toe in her glory.

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond, customised with baguette, marquises, round diamond. Unique vintage art deco design with Sapphire gem jewellery
Teal Sapphire Ring – Ballerina Jewellery

Vintage art deco inspiration

This timeless elegant piece of art deco jewellery is crafted to bequeath an everlasting grin on its owner’s appearance. The sparkling diamonds encircling the ring displays a mix of femininity and confidence. The rose gold band of the Ballerina design ring foils its overall appearance with a majestic glow. Be it a princess gown or a chic dress, this customised jewellery definitely makes a befitting choice to complement any attire. 

The arresting design of this exclusive jewellery piece is a rosette of beauty, from time to time you can flaunt whenever and wherever you want! Finally, get ready to embellish your free will with this sterling ballerina ring jewellery. 

Ballerina Aquamarine Pendant

This modern ballerina pendant is created with a unique lozenge diamond-shaped aquamarine, drawing inspiration from its captivating beauty. The ballerina design with marquise and tapered diamonds inspired the unique diamond-cut aquamarine. The bail of the pendant was skilfully conceal by an inverted pear shape diamond.

Aquamarine Lozenge Diamond Shape with Ballerina Inspired Marquise Baguette Pear Diamond Pendant
Lozenge Aquamarine Ballerina Pendant
Ballerina Jewellery design wedding bands

Ballerina Design Wedding Band

The tiara wedding band is a true masterpiece of elegance and grace, embodying the enchantment of a ballerina’s performance. Our designers at GIOIA Fine Jewellery have crafted this stackable wedding band to captivate and mesmerise every moment. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty and graceful movements of a ballerina.

At its center, a resplendent fancy diamond takes center stage, exuding a radiance that reflects the sheer brilliance of your love. Fancy diamond in marquise, baguette, and round shapes, meticulously arranged to create a harmonious dance of light and sparkle. Each diamond shape represents a different facet of your unique relationship, blending together to create a symphony of beauty.

Stackable Ballerina Design Wedding Band to Engagement Ring 

Crafted to harmoniously stack and complement the none oil emerald engagement ring. This unique tiara wedding ring embraces the concept of unity and togetherness. The wedding bands, both for the bride and groom, feature a design that draws inspiration from the graceful groove lines of the ladies’ tiara. These lines are intricately etched onto the surface of the band with highly-skilled master craftsmen. Creating a visual representation of the everlasting connection and shared journey of the couple.

This tiara wedding ring, with its ballerina-inspired design and exquisite diamond arrangement, symbolises the harmony and fluidity of your love story. While the matching men’s wedding band pays homage to the shared commitment and devotion of your union.

Ballerina design wedding band stackable to engagement ring
Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings, Blue green sapphire colour shade sapphire gemstone customised with halo diamond. Wedding bands is crafted in platinum gold and rose gold diamond bands | Local Singapore Custom made Jeweller in unheated sapphire gemstone and wedding jewellery

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings – Platinum & Rose Gold

Dive into the world of enchantment with our extraordinary teal sapphire wedding rings. A celestial union of Platinum and Rose Gold that transcends traditional boundaries. This mesmerising set is not just a testament to love and also individual style. At the same time showcasing a teal sapphire that is as unique as the bond it represents.

Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bespoke Design Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

The teal sapphire engagement ring is a symphony of elegance and non-conformity. The unheated teal-coloured sapphire takes center stage. Revealing a captivating teal green hue under indoor lighting, while basking in the daylight reveals its magical bluish-green undertones. This distinctive gem is precision-cut into an octagon shape, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds set in rose gold. The result is a non-traditional masterpiece jewellery that captures the essence of uniqueness.

Customised Wedding Bands

Step into the realm of personalised luxury with our custom-designed wedding bands. The ladies’ band is a dazzling display of ¾ micro-set diamonds, at the same time promising flexibility with future resizing. Its shimmering diamond accents create an illusion of a full eternity. In addition making it a truly captivating piece tailored to perfection for individual preferences.    

On the other hand, the men’s wedding band is a fusion of platinum, showcasing a contemporary design that stands apart from the conventional. The tapered ends meet at a central groove, creating a classic yet modern look. The brushed matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, giving the band a one-of-a-kind allure rarely found in commercial designs. This bespoke creation symbolises the acceptance of differences in styles and choices within the couple, a harmonious blend of individuality and unity.

Unique Wedding Rings with Unique Love Story

These teal sapphire wedding rings are not just everyday jewellery accessories. They are also a visual representation of a unique love story. Every detail, from the teal sapphire’s distinct hues to the custom-designed wedding bands, speaks volumes about the couple’s journey together. Embrace the extraordinary, celebrate individuality, and embark on a lifelong adventure. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, each unique wedding rings are created with a symbol as rare and exceptional as your love.