Art Deco Vintage Ring customised with unheated octagon sapphire and round brilliance diamond, customised unique vintage ring look in art deco design Local Singapore Custom Jeweller in Fine Jewellery with coloured gemstone and diamond jewellery

Art Deco Ring

Spotlight on a Masterpiece: The Sapphire Art Deco Ring

Unheated Sapphire Like No Other

The centrepiece of our collection is a customised Art Deco ring, featuring a beguiling blue sapphire of unparalleled clarity and natural beauty. This gemstone, remarkable for its unheated state and near-flawless clarity, is a rare find in today’s market. Its captivating octagonal shape and meticulously cut facets radiate a brilliance that is as unique as it is enchanting.

Design That Speaks Volumes

This ring’s design harmonises the vintage allure of Art Deco with the modern sophistication of bespoke jewellery. The sapphire, set in a meticulously crafted ring, is flanked by two steps of dazzling side diamonds. This arrangement not only enhances the sapphire’s allure but also adds a layer of mesmerising complexity to the piece.

The Timeless Elegance of Art Deco Rings

Unveiling the Charm of Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco jewellery stands as a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. With its distinct geometric shapes, clean vertical lines, and a penchant for symmetry and asymmetry alike. Art Deco pieces captivate anyone’s attention and their imagination. The hallmark of this era is its bold, innovative designs that seamlessly blend luxury with meticulous craftsmanship.

The Intricacy of Art Deco Craftsmanship

At the heart of Art Deco jewellery lies an intricate craftsmanship that transforms precious metals and gemstones into breathtaking masterpieces. Filigree work, a technique characterised by delicate threads of metal intricately woven together, showcases the era’s dedication to detail and finesse. This meticulous approach ensures that each Art Deco piece is not only a jewel but a wearable piece of art.

Art Deco Design: A Legacy of Elegance

Art Deco design transcends time, continually inspiring top jewelers to create pieces that echo the opulence and style of a bygone era. The design’s emphasis on polished lines and detailed finishes results in jewelry that is both visually striking and emblematic of skilled craftsmanship. Each Art Deco piece tells a story, a nod to a period that revered the confluence of luxury and artistic expression.

The Ultimate Surprise: A Customised Anniversary Gift

Envisioning the perfect anniversary surprise gift, a gentleman chose to express his enduring love through the unique gesture of presenting a sketch of this exquisite sapphire art deco ring. As this ring took shape, crafted with care and precision by our skilled artisans in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. It became more than a piece of fine jewelry; it became a symbol of love and a cherished memory in the making.

Crafting Your Dream Art Deco Piece

In the realm of customised jewellery, the opportunity to bring your vision to life is boundless. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a milestone celebration, or simply to capture a moment in time. A uniquely custom Art Deco piece is a gift that holds infinite meaning. Let us guide you in crafting a jewel that not only stands the test of time but also tells your unique story.


Art Deco jewellery, with its distinctive style and intricate craftsmanship, continues to enchant and inspire. Whether it’s the bold lines, the meticulous detail, or the timeless elegance, each piece is a testament to an era of unparalleled creativity in jewellery design. In embracing the Art Deco tradition, we invite you to explore the beauty of bespoke, handcrafted jewellery that reflects your personal narrative and style.

Spinel Birthstone Ring Jewellery

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring – Birthstone Spinel Tanzanite Moonstone Tsavorite Emerald

Blue Spinel Ring

Designed with Family Birthstone Ring Tsavorite, Emerald, Moonstone

If you are looking for a signature statement ring that look stunning for your loved one and family. This bespoke spinel birthstone ring is sure to add a sparkle to your family. Featuring a spectacular hue in a rare violet and blue combination, the vivid saturation of the spinel gem. Offers a mysterious façade to this elegant piece of heirloom fine jewelry.

Spinel is true to its characteristic, refracting in shades of ruby and sapphire while holding on to its unique identity. It’s an ideal addition to your fine jewelry collection, perfect for any occasion. Beyond alluring spectrum, the cushion shaped blue spinel is surrounded by a brilliance diamonds. At the same time tanzanite mounts arranged with milgrain detailed on its edges. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, this non-traditional halo design is exceptional and give a touch of vintage style in this modern world.

The cathedral frame flaunting an intricate filigree work engraved on it exhibits eternal grace. Accompanied with skilfully set round bezel moonstone between the round diamonds in marquises shape. This family birthstone ring not only shine from the top of the ring, it has many fine details and intricate design all over. While the fascinating colour play of the different birthstones establish a deep aural connection.

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Milgrain Filigree Detailing

Family Birthstone Ring

Statement Jewellery that tell a family story

Get a customised look on this stunning ring design with your family birthstone studded for a statement look. For our August born clients in particular, we have Spinel as the birthstone. You can choose a gemstone specific to your birth month and our experienced craftsmen can give it a soul with a select design. A vivid green tsavorite garnet birthstone for the month of January, Moonstone for the June birth, Emerald for the May bloomers and Tanzanite for our December stars. In addition, you can get a personalised birthstone capped with a bedazzling halo.

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring with Filigree Details

Family Birthstone Jewellery

Say goodbye to the mundane world of conventional heirloom jewelry that lacks the vibrancy and character you crave. Indulge in the extraordinary journey of crafting your very own family birthstone jewellery. A bespoke jewellery that not only reflects your unique taste and style but also encapsulates the essence of your family’s legacy. Imagine adorning yourself with a dazzling piece of artistry, a personalized creation that resonates with your personality, making you beam with pride.

Ballerina Jewellery art deco Design ring with cluster diamond

Ballerina Jewellery

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond
Ballerina Jewellery Design

Unique ballerina jewellery featuring attractive fancy marquise, baguette to round brilliant diamonds. Allow her to skirt her panache! That’s the dancing thought that this dazzling ballerina designer ring leaves you with. Crafted with a unique bluish green piece of precious teal sapphire, this is an alluring piece of ballerina jewellery you’ll instantly add to your list of prized possessions for sure.

Ballerina Jewellery Design

Vintage Ballerina Inspired Jewellery

Inspired by beauty, this ballerina jewellery creation can make an enthralling bequest. This eye-catching vintage style ring is certainly coming back into fashion with its bold and outstanding appearance. So, if you are looking for that perfect ornament to compliment your special outfit, you can slip this Ballerina sapphire ring into your fingers with closed eyes. 

Exceptional Teal Sapphire

The unheated teal sapphire in octagonal shape symbolises a woman’s strength and balance, while the diamonds embedded around it represent the charming dancer twirling elegantly in her ‘tutu skirt’. The marquise eye-shaped diamonds in combination with the rounded splendours and long-stemmed shimmering diamonds intermittently cross paths. The fancy shapes diamonds resemblance a halo design surrounding the exceptional teal sapphire gracefully. It is the asymmetry that lends a character to the unpredictable yet steady and stylish ballerina to tip-toe in her glory.

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond, customised with baguette, marquises, round diamond. Unique vintage art deco design with Sapphire gem jewellery
Teal Sapphire Ring – Ballerina Jewellery

Vintage art deco inspiration

This timeless elegant piece of art deco jewellery is crafted to bequeath an everlasting grin on its owner’s appearance. The sparkling diamonds encircling the ring displays a mix of femininity and confidence. The rose gold band of the Ballerina design ring foils its overall appearance with a majestic glow. Be it a princess gown or a chic dress, this customised jewellery definitely makes a befitting choice to complement any attire. 

The arresting design of this exclusive jewellery piece is a rosette of beauty, from time to time you can flaunt whenever and wherever you want! Finally, get ready to embellish your free will with this sterling ballerina ring jewellery. 

Ballerina Aquamarine Pendant

This modern ballerina pendant is created with a unique lozenge diamond-shaped aquamarine, drawing inspiration from its captivating beauty. The ballerina design with marquise and tapered diamonds inspired the unique diamond-cut aquamarine. The bail of the pendant was skilfully conceal by an inverted pear shape diamond.

Aquamarine Lozenge Diamond Shape with Ballerina Inspired Marquise Baguette Pear Diamond Pendant
Lozenge Aquamarine Ballerina Pendant
Ballerina Jewellery design wedding bands

Ballerina Design Wedding Band

The tiara wedding band is a true masterpiece of elegance and grace, embodying the enchantment of a ballerina’s performance. Our designers at GIOIA Fine Jewellery have crafted this stackable wedding band to captivate and mesmerise every moment. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty and graceful movements of a ballerina.

At its center, a resplendent fancy diamond takes center stage, exuding a radiance that reflects the sheer brilliance of your love. Fancy diamond in marquise, baguette, and round shapes, meticulously arranged to create a harmonious dance of light and sparkle. Each diamond shape represents a different facet of your unique relationship, blending together to create a symphony of beauty.

Stackable Ballerina Design Wedding Band to Engagement Ring 

Crafted to harmoniously stack and complement the none oil emerald engagement ring. This unique tiara wedding ring embraces the concept of unity and togetherness. The wedding bands, both for the bride and groom, feature a design that draws inspiration from the graceful groove lines of the ladies’ tiara. These lines are intricately etched onto the surface of the band with highly-skilled master craftsmen. Creating a visual representation of the everlasting connection and shared journey of the couple.

This tiara wedding ring, with its ballerina-inspired design and exquisite diamond arrangement, symbolises the harmony and fluidity of your love story. While the matching men’s wedding band pays homage to the shared commitment and devotion of your union.

Ballerina design wedding band stackable to engagement ring
Bespoke Akoya Pearl jewellery

Customised Akoya Pearl Bracelet

customised jewellery bespoke custom made akoya pearl

One-of-a-kind Akoya Pearl Bracelet

Surprise wedding gift from the groom to his lovely bride on their wedding day. A touch of romance to a unique customised bracelet. Every pearls are chosen for its luster and colour, beautifully set with diamonds and a little vintage element. Special gift to show his appreciation to her.

Not only a surprise gift, a sentimental and meaningful bracelet that both couple can treasure for many memorable anniversaries. A limelight that stand out from all other jewelleries.

Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.