High Jewelry Emerald With Pear Halo Diamond Ring

High Jewelry Emerald

High Jewelry – Emerald Ring

Regal and exceptional, this luxury high jewelry has been crafted from the rarest form of none oil emerald. The magnificent beauty of 3.77 carats exudes class in every possible way. The elegance of this exquisite ring and rich emerald green is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Emerald Ring

Handcrafted with unparalleled sophistication, securing the extraordinary emerald gem is the double sharp crawls, design in yellow gold bringing the masterpiece to new heights.

The overall look of this bespoke design is truly enthralling and a new frontier of artistry with the centre emerald gem surrounded by pear shape diamonds in one direction, unique spiral effect brings all attention to the breath-taking vivid green emerald. Pave of taped diamonds band on each side, give a stunning finishing touch.

Customised Fine Jewellery

This fine jewellery emerald ring has been meticulously designed with an eye for detail and perfection. It features a high jewellery look and has been beautifully crafted to be worn as a wearable work of art and a legacy heirloom jewellery. This exceptional design has breath-taking fancy detailing with diamonds skillfully matched in proportion for crafting a perfect design.

It takes multiple weeks to finalise the jewellery design to perfection right from the moment of the initial inspiration. High-level of coordination between our designer and master craftsman during the customised process to the final creation of this magnificent jewel.

None Oil Emerald Ring
Minor Oil from Colombian customised with Pave Diamond Ring

Minor Oil Emerald

Minor Oil Emerald

This bespoke ring features one such rare and exquisite minor oil Colombian emerald. It has an exceptional bright vivid green hue. The emerald was set in 18k (750) white gold to contrasts the gem beautifully. The micro-pave diamonds set on the ring band glimmer stunningly. This emerald ring design has been chosen by a couple together. It is in fact a present from a loving husband to his dearest wife. The warm and innovative design of this gemstone ring is simply spellbinding. Celebrate everlasting emotions with this spending emerald ring. It is truly an elegant representation of the timeless bond of affection and love that bonds two people together.        

If you are planning to mark a special occasion with a bespoke jewellery that represents uniqueness and finest quality, then this exquisite emerald ring is all you need to consider. It is one of the most valuable big gems mined from South America; Colombia.

Emerald Gems

Prices of emerald vary from $600 to $10,000 per carat. The value of emerald is influenced by various parameters such as its origin, carat, colour shade, and the oil treatment it receives.

Bluish-green colour is the most sought after emerald shade. It is also popular for its vivid saturation. Oil treatment of emeralds is a common enhancement as it can have natural inclusions or fractures such as embedded crystals and veils which can result them in appearing opaque or cloudy. Emeralds are oiled for enhancing their overall appearance. Primarily, cedar wood oil is used for filling tiny fissures from the surface to internal inclusion. This process enhances the colour and clarity of the emerald significantly.        

Oil Treatment

Usually, high-pressure oil is forced into the emerald based on the degree of filling. Getting quality emeralds that have not undergone any treatment is simply next to impossible. About 95% and above of emeralds available in the market are oil-treated. Small percentage of emeralds are insignificant to minor oil as they have less surface-reaching fissures and natural inclusion. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we source the finest emeralds available in the world that have undergone minor to no oil treatment.

Emerald Ring – Minor Oil
Emerald Proposal Engagement Ring, custom made with minor oil emerald gemstone, customised engagement ring for wedding proposal | Local bespoke Singapore private jeweller

Emerald Proposal Ring

Customised Emerald Proposal Ring

Congratulation to Philippe & Melin! Thank you for having us to custom made this beautiful proposal ring. Wishing both a wonderful journey in your new life together.

This rich green-hued proposal ring features a minor oil emerald at its core. Being the most prominent aspect of a gem, the colour is intensely eye-catching. A vivid, radiant appearance of this gemstone roots from its magnificent quality. This emerald is regarded for its high transparency and evenly distributed shade of its colour. The gem also represents the traditional symbol for the last month of spring across various cultures. The gemstone is placed in a four-double-prong setting, such that the grand emerald remains sound in its space.

The ring is customised by the gentleman for his charming lady in 18k(750) yellow gold. The naturally occurring surface of the gold provides a shimmering illumination. The ring is also embellished with two diamonds on either side of the center gemstone, making a glorious and a profound gleam. The final creation of the proposal engagement ring is a effortless design discussion between Philippe and our designer. The customised design ring, parallel alignment the three stones manifests a graceful look. This timeless proposal ring is bound to keep your relationship aligned through its splendour.

Untreated No Oil Emerald Gemstone Pendant Customised with Halo Round Diamonds - Customised Fine Jewellery at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, with quality vivid no oil (non treated) emerald gemstone | Local Singapore Private Jewellery in bespoke customised Jewellery

No Oil Emerald Pendant

Untreated No Oil Emerald Gemstone Pendant Customised with Halo Round Diamonds - Customised Fine Jewellery at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, with quality vivid no oil (non treated) emerald gemstone | Local Singapore Private Jewellery in bespoke customised Jewellery

No Oil Emerald

Ceaselessly glimmering during the daylight, this pendant features a rich vivid green emerald. This intense shade of green casts a faint-bluish colour, the most desirable colour in emerald. Customised with a halo setting of diamonds, the pendant’s flare is immensely radiant. The brilliance of the colour is also reflected in its quality. This gem is renowned for being exceedingly premium and invariably lush.

The gemstone assures of being magnificent in contrast to a modest design. Design of this pendant is simple classic however, when you know that the gemstone is exceptionally adored, an ostentatious design is not required. A modesty in the design brings out the perfection of the emerald’s tincture.

Customised Pendant 

This gem is also recognised for being the rarest of rare emeralds, certified with no oil, probably the top 5% of emerald across the whole continent. They are extremely rare and valuable. 

Fine quality grade emeralds are rare to come by, fracture and fissures inclusions are commonly found in emerald during crystallisation growth. Almost all emeralds are treated with filler substances like resin and oil to enhance its colour and clarity. The intensity of treatment is categorised to different levels of enhancement, insignificant, minor, moderate.  Un-treated emeralds are more in worth than the treated ones, making this customised pendant exemplary.

Certified with no-oil treatments, this precious gem turns out to be almost flawless, fine jewel for generations to come. If you are looking for such rare no-oil or minor oil emerald which usually priced at a premium, it is recommended to request for a renowned third party – GRS or GIA certification.   

No oil emerald gemstone - customised with yellow and white gold ring | Vivid green Emerald origin from Zambian, range of unique and rare vivid green emeralds from Zambian, Colombian, Ethiopian; no oil, minor oil and insignificant oil | local Singapore trusted Designer Jeweller

Emerald Ring

No oil emerald gemstone - customised with yellow and white gold ring | local Singapore trusted Jeweller

No oil emerald

As rare as it is beautiful, the emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones. Rarer still is the no-oil emerald that has not been treated to enhance the colour of the gem or to hide any flaws. This ring features a perfect, pure, no-oil emerald in all its green glory.

Emerald Ring

In GIOIA, believe that such beautiful creations of nature should be treated with extreme care and used only in the finest of the jewellery creations. A surprise birthday gift, 2.34 carat emerald in emerald step cut, set with beautiful trimming of double prong setting in gold to create this high-end, luxury emerald ring. The white band gold offers the perfect contrast, and the design allows a 360-degree view of the flawless rock from all the angles.

The fancy cut diamonds embedded on the sides perfectly cushion the emerald in the middle and bring out the vivacious green colour of the precious gem. This ring strikes all the right chords of à la mode with its magnificent style, dazzling gemstones, and excellent craftsmanship. The design of the ring brings the sparkling diamonds and the stunning green stone together in a harmonious creation. The result is a clean, contemporary ring with a vintage touch!

Wedding Bands customised with emerald gemstone - Unique wedding bands with own birthstone - 20th Wedding Anniversary | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweler

Emerald Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands customised with emerald gemstone - Unique wedding bands with own birthstone - 20th Wedding Anniversary | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweler

Happy wedding anniversary to a marriage of 20 years. Wishing Sam and Phylicia a beautiful journey together and an everlasting love!

At GIOIA, the jewellery designs are a treasured blend of craftsmanship, originality, and, above all, the timeless celebration of love. The classic design of these wedding anniversary bands symbolises the purest form of eternal love. Featuring a beautiful round-cut emerald, these everlasting rings are just the right gift to celebrate the life-long journey. Custom made in 18k (750) natural white gold, which compliment the emerald green.

Customised Wedding Bands

We designed these customised bands for the loving couple who is celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. The romance lives on as the couple chose Emerald, the lady’s birthstone as the feature gemstone for the rings. The timeless elegance and serene beauty of the green emerald are as enchanting as the beautiful life they have lived together. These dainty natural white gold rings are simple but luxurious. The ladies’ ring set with pave diamonds surrounding the intense emerald is an artfully crafted masterpiece. The clean lines and exquisite detailing capture the emotion of lifelong pledge of love and care. The style of these bands is contemporary yet very classic, a fine tribute to the lasting love!

Rare No Oil Emerald, without colour or clarity enhance treatment Gemstone - Local Singapore custom made Jeweller

No Oil Emerald

Rare No Oil Green Emerald, without colour or clarity enhance treatment - Unique coloured Gemstone - Local Singapore custom made Jeweller for Fine Jewellery

Featuring a 2.34 carat, step-cut no oil emerald with GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) certification, origin Zambian

None – No indication of resin, coat or dyeing presence in the emerald.

Emerald with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, it has durability issue. The dynamic forces in emerald formation underground, frequently results in inclusion and fissures. Small pockets of fluid or other minerals are “trapped” within the emerald as it grows. In fact inclusion can be easily pick up by naked-eye, without microscopic assistance.

It is treated with processes to eliminate the natural inclusions to transform the strength of the gemstone. It enhances the appearance and makes it more durable to use in jewellery. Cedar oil or synthetic oils like “opticon” with the similar refractive index is used to treat the emerald to enhance its clarity. 95% of emerald in the market undergo additional treatment.

This unique oil with heat treatment, allow resin or other materials to fill up the internal gap to make them less obvious. Enhancement to emerald range from “None”, “insignificant”, “minor”, “Minor to Moderate”, “Moderate” and “Significant”.

With no oil and minor emerald, as the rarest of rare.

The Natural of Emerald

Emerald is the precious gemstone that is a part of the beryl family. It is green in colour due to vanadium and chromium presence. The Persian word meaning green gem is one the oldest gemstones discovered. The gemstone embraced by several civilizations like Aztecs, Incas, Romans, etc. allow love to flow freely.

Green Emerald

For a green gemstone to be called as emerald, it must possess a distinct green colour hue that falls into the bluish green or yellowish green colour category. It must also deeply possess a rich emerald colour. A gemstone that possesses light tones or weak saturation should never be called as an emerald but a green beryl. Intense vivid green jade are usually associate with emerald green hue. There are range of different gemstone in green shade, it can be Tsavorite (green garnet), green Tourmaline, or even Paraiba Tourmaline!

If you are looking for a unique gemstone or rare no oil emerald, custom made to heirloom jewellery. Book an appointment with us in GIOIA Fine Jewellery, to understand more about the range of green coloured gemstone, and bespoke jewellery.


customised emerald mens ring | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Jeweller

Customised Emerald Men’s Ring

customised emerald mens ring | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Jeweller

Unique & Modern Bespoke Men’s Ring

2.18ct Zambian Emerald, set in half bezel and round brilliant diamonds in full bezel setting, with (750) 18k gold. A fine gentlemen ring with a touch of luxury. Custom made to the wearer’s birthstone and fengshui element.

Design from sketch and handcrafted, absolutely stunning for daily wear. With our Bespoke collection, all design and idea is made possible! Share with us your inspiration and design in mind today!

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a wide range of coloured gemstones and grade A jade. Every piece of fine jewellery, tells a unique story. More details in Highlights!

Custom made Emerald Earring - Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Custom made Emerald Bracelet & Earring

Custom made Emerald Earring - Local Singapore Customised JewellerStunning custom made emerald earring with a glamour look. Custom set with brilliant pear shape diamonds, and prong set with yellow gold to enhance the gemstone.Custom made Emerald Bracelet - Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Timeless and unique, custom made emerald bracelet with round brilliant diamonds, truly a showstopper jewellery.

Fine set of emerald jewellery for special occasion and events. Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.

Customised emerald bracelet and earring

Emerald Bracelet and Earring

Customised emerald bracelet and earring

Custom made a set of bracelet and earring, with vibrant green emerald and brilliant pear shaped diamonds. Handcrafted in 18k(750) white gold and crawl setting in yellow gold.

In   GIOIA  Fine Jewellery, all design and ideas are made possible, to reality.   Share  with us your inspiration and ideas to customised a truly   unique jewellery  that last for many years to come! Most update on our design and coloured gemstone at the   Highlights !